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Some pertinent comments here about the foolish and cruel economy:


Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of vampires.


From The Nation article:

"In fact, easy credit became the American substitute for decent wages."

Seems to me household debt has done the job of keeping wage inflation low (not just in America) - at the expense of the employees and for the profit of lending institutions.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

So long as everyone thought they would get rich via flipping houses or tapping equity on houses, they didn't worry about wages. In a cash economy, this will be at the forefront again. I have said this in the past.


Stop using their money. Buy Liberty Dollars, backed by gold, silver, and the Constitution.

Federal Reserve notes are unconstitutional per Article 1, Section 10



Till date I was in a confusion whether to invest in a paper wealth or in gold , but after going through this post my confusion has been cleared. Thanks for your valuable post.


Everyone thought that making money is easy by flipping the houses and tapping them, But it is better to invest in gold than in paper.

Andrew Reynolds

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