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D. F. Facti

Oh, God. A Maserati. Caution: Opinion follows. Lousy cars. But expensive.

This gets worse and worse.

I see that JP Morgan, etc. used the discount window - - - very bad. So we can mention Countrywide and Morgan in the same breath ... I'm really afraid this might be it. Momentum and all ...

Alex Kotlowitz wrote a book about the Henry Horner Homes in Chicago called "There Are No Children Here."

I think the title to this book will be, "There Are No Grown-Ups Here." Seriously. The madmen working the levers absolutely know better - but the chance to ruin absolutely everything was too juicy to pass up.

Had to outplace anyone with a conscience or sense of restraint - - - and hire Gen Y quislings.

Will Chris Dodd convene a hearing of the Senate Banking Committee to investigate what the hell is going on?


Speaking of forgetting, you posted your address again Elaine. Unless of course you don't care anymore?

Blunt Force Trauma

Could I get a spanking....with heels ON?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I send out my address all over the net. I don't worry about it all that much. The government knows where I live. So do upteen lawyers.

Blunt Force, my horse will tell you, a spanking from me is not to be taken lightly. But I can't wear my high heels right now due to the knee injury. So I might just toss a cat on your lap.


I came across this article because i was looking for SPQR. What a useless waste of space this page is. If you've ever worked as hard as this chap, you'll realise that some things are more important and fair play to him if he has enough cash to not care about his car. If you're such a legend, maybe you should work a little harder at something more productive than this humorless page. Jealous idiot


I detect a bit of jealousy from the guy who's slating Bertrand.If I were you,i'd work a bit harder to focus on your job and things that really matter.Bertrand is a true example the material things are not always important.At least he's good at his job.And by the way all your years of working will never amount to what he spent to buy his car.So get a life!


Your absolutely right about Des Pallieres, the guy is a total moron; last time I heard him speak his utterance was just one long stream of garbled financial jargon which he obviously didn't understand, strung out in a meaningless bout of verbal diarrhea. how do you say moron in French?? what a freak. He's investing his own money, so far no one has be dumb enough to give him any but undoubtedly that will come - from some ex trader who is just as stupid about confusing luck with skill. Feel sorry for the rest of the bunch at SPQR, they're good people - at least they can take his money and retire...


I believe that the real stupid is you! You weren't even able to find a picture of Brtrand: the one you enclosed in this idiot page is of another man!!!!!!!!!!!


Je croi que tt ceux qui pensent ca ne le connaissent pas!!!!! moi je le connait et ce n est pas un clown mais quelqun de bien de genereux et d intelligent !!!! alors je pense que c est vraiment facile de critiquer mais pour ca attendait de le connaitre!!! et c est vraiment et ca a toujours était quelqun de très très occupé!!!

girl next door

you have time to waste, its either this guy means so much to you or you wouldnt dedicate a whole webpage on him.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks for the pure insanity, guys. Gads. Hahaha.

kaiser soze

I would be interested to know what SPQR are buying and the performanc of their fund. Any ideas?


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