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native american

So what is your time frame for the coming collapse?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

All bank hysterias happen in August and all major stock market crashes come in October. The elves working the presses for Santa Clauses in the Bank of Europe and the Federal Reserve will try the 'let's print lots and lots of money and lend it at a rate way below inflation!' first.

This will last about 1 year.


I think it is time we had a serious discussion about our present financial system and whether or not our forefathers (and foremothers) made the correct decision in implementing it many decades ago. I personally would favor a financial system where people would borrow money from savers, and not from a fiat money financial system which allows money to be created out of thin air, and injected into our economy as debt. When our predecessors created our present financial system, I do not think a major factor in their decision was whether or not it was sustainable over the long term. I think all they were concerned about, was, what is good for us right here and right now. It kind of reminds me of our current situation, where generally speaking, in the decisons we are making not enough thought is given to how these decisons will affect future generations (ie massive expansion of the money supply (and skyrocketing debt levels) and environmental concerns.
You have a great blog going here with lots of information about our financial system.


At this point in time, if you were a person who had no debt, did not own property or a home, lived in a progressive rural area, and had a decent amount of cash in CD's and online banks, what would you do to protect the purchasing value of the cash against massive inflation on one hand, and possible deflation (through a depression) on the other?

Do you agree it could go either way?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I have no debt and lots of land. But whatever one has, governments can take away. They have thousands of excuses and lots of tools. They can even rouse mob anger and steal everything like Hitler did to the Jews in Germany.

When a government inflates or deflates, the best thing to be is not in debt! This is harsh but it is also reality. And in times of inflation, hoarding is best, in times of deflation, holding cash is best. We still don't know which way our government will go.

Europe is going the depression route. So if you are in Europe, cash is king. Here in America, except for a few times, long ago, we are pure inflation plus. So I expect inflation here and am hoarding as best I can.

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