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Betty Old

the world's biggest woodpecker - yup - that sounds like all govts everywhere all right!!

and the bear sounds like the advantage takers.

no adults left?

well they/we will have to clean up - at some point.

i too am mad about no reward for saving - and then the media points at us and says - where are the savers - well duh??

love your blog. just love it!! bettyo



China just called and that want to thank you for the financial advice....


After they make their money both ways in late September could you see to it that they send a couple of boxes of Ben Franklins my way?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Hi, Betty, and thanks for the links, Patience. I followed the link and it went to a dead end as far as information is concerned. It was someone quoting an unknown web site so I put that down as pure rumor until there is hard information.

In banking collapses, holding cash is king. In depressions, cash is also king. In inflation times, hoarding hard goods is king. Gold might not rise in value like various other things but this is due to governments selling gold. The US sold off another $4.5 billion of Fort Knox just this last quarter, for example. Europe has sold literally TONS of gold.


Wow!! Love the blog and will be watching for more. I will be writing you to cite some of your clames and get your sources for some research

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