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This business of banks making borrowers pay all interest first, then principle, is monstrous. It would seem to imply (assert, really) that the borrowers have no equity in the property until all interest is paid! It looks to me that it also implies that the banks are betting on the actual failure of the loans.

It's fairly clear to me that the laws should mandate at least that each payment should be apportioned between the principle and the interest in direct reflection of their relative proportions.

A nation based on devious petty scams should expect big troubles, eventually.


Well, the law we need YESTERDAY is one which mandates that banks apply deposits to accountrs FIRST, then withdrawls. As it is, they do the opposite, so as yo gank folks out of as many NSF charges as possible.

Sadly, our fascist gub'mint will neber even consider such a law.

The time for revolution is upon us. The story of the trucker in this post makes that all too obvious.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Drug laws are all about confiscations. They don't even need the slightest proof of drug dealing, if you have money, they take it! Isn't that amazing.


Elaine, you were referring to this, I assume:


I wish you would give more links to you references.


“This is pure silliness. Aside from the stupidity of writing 30 year mortgages on properties that will be totally uninhabitable in 30 years much less”

Don’t forget the expensive baubles like recreational vehicles, loans are being let for these items that are all but mortgages in name. A sister in law who works at an RV store was gushing this weekend about an RV they just sold which was on their lot. The price, $939,000 cdn.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Blues, I have only one computer screen. I try to include many things but can't include them all because I am one person with a small screen to boot. So as I write, if I remember stuff, I toss it in simply because it is very time consuming as it is with my present template.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, the rec vehicles are silly. Only if you are a performer who needs to haul tons of equipment, do you need these. Indeed, what are hotels for, anyway? So you don't have to cook or make your bed! I LOVE hotels for this!

Of course, I camped for 10 years so this is understandable. Twice, I stayed in hotels during those years. I loved it.

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You've hit the nail on the head. These things you're listing are PRECISELY the reasons that I have trouble working for people and why I've been working so hard at building my own freelance business. And I'm only 22. I graduated the top of my university class at the age of 20 and am already highly sought after in my field. And yet, I HATE every company that I even consider working for. I left one job because I was the work horse while other people did whatever they wanted-- the day I was out with food...

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The Government apparently wants to evaluate the effectiveness of filters by evaluating "searches as they are actually performed by present day users of the Internet" against a database of available URLs. . . . Set aside that such a theoretical comparison could be done without regard to any of Google's data, the query data requested by the Government has no easily computed correlation to how Google would generate a search result based on that same data. This is because when a user enters a search, Google runs...

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In fact, hiring big is Slide’ s plan, and not the first time for its executives— PayPal veterans like Rabois, co- founder Max Levchin, and others. PayPal was able to hire plenty of top engineers in 2000 and 2001: People who were out of work after the dot- com bubble burst. It could afford to do this because it had raised more than 225 million in previous years, including a 100 million round that closed just days before technology stocks began taking a nose- dive in April of 2000. Even though PayPal continued...

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Just to confirm, my wife asked the price of the shoes. The clerk scanned them with a hand scanner and informed us they were 39. 99. Yikes! We showed her the spot where we'd taken the original shoe when we'd asked for it in my son's size-- and the price there was 24. 99. She looked it over and gave us a couple excuses as to why the price was wrong-- the wrong shoe had been placed there and that was for a youth shoe anyway (turns out my son is now an "adult" since he's above a size six.) But before we could...

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Sounds like the job is much like many jobs, with or without the herb, a series of of heartsearching conversations which you suddenly realise when walking away were about the guage of a paperclip or the protocol for stuffing envelopes. Says more about the world of work than the workers me thinks. Programming at school just continues in to work.... its not about making money or spreading a message those are just side affects it's about control and what better way of controlling than deadening thought with analysis of a paper clip.

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I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

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