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"Note how Canada is now going to supervise the Bank of Montreal! In jail, of course"

Don't hold your breath, of all the Bay Steet players these "Four pillars of the banking community" have the most power, they've each been marking record profits for nigh on 10 years now. Whether unwinding in a sub-prime cesspool or fooling around trying to short/corner a commodity these guys will be the last to have to bend their knees to pick up a bar of soap. The federal government will be sure to tell the RCMP to chase other more consumable prey.


I find hints that Dubai - Saudi - Kuwaiti Sovereign Funds have been following Chinese investment leadership for some time. If this is so the much larger "private" petrodollar holdings have been also. This might explain the unexpectedly (but unsurprising) dramatic recent credit market events.

I don't think the "Big Boys" expected to be "ganged up" upon so effectively.

A major war is shaping up. Still possible to abort this monster but time is against it.

The picture of your land is beautiful.


Satraps! Could not wait to read through the end, I find this hillarious. Your blog is rreally fun to read, and you certainly have a point, in fact more than one. Yours truly!


You probably want to read this. I think it is very important.


Tom Decraen

Just wondering: why do you think in terms of a deflation? Isn't China going to export his inflation to Europe and US?
Thanks for info
Tom from Flanders

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