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Literally screaming for a fed rate cut.


Elaine Meinel Supkis

WOW. Thanks, David. I have no TV so I can't watch stuff unless I am visiting someone. I will post this video and make a commentary about it all. What a baby Cramer is! What an infant.

Give the lad a lollipop.


I don't have TV either, but I download quite a few shows that have good word of mouth.

I gather that Cramer gets attention by being easily excitable, but this is over the top even for him and it illustrates perfectly the selfish immaturity there is in some circles of Manhattan.


Cramer and Lampert started the same day...at goldman Sachs.

Cramer has said this. Many times. He also told everyone Lampert would wind up being the next Buffet, right after Lampert took the helm at Sears.

It's all the same thread, running through...

Elaine Meinel Supkis

They all end up sleeping in the same bed. And we always get stuck with cleaning the sheets when they pee or poop in it.

David: I used your You Tube in the latest story. Thanks for sharing it with us!


Cramer is manipulative, but unlikely he's performing for the opposite effect this time. His histrionics are over-the-top and deliberately staged for top billing and aimed at the loyal audience he believes is largely behind him, their guru, with hatchets and pitchforks. Save our portfolios – or else! He does know there are a lot of backs against the wall and the rigged, hyper-reality of these markets can disappear very quickly. He and others like him at the hedge funds need a series of rate cuts to buy time and unload more inventory. His is the rant that will go down in history as the wise words uttered, but never heeded. He got to call the top. What a melodramatic opportunist. Still waiting for the fat lady? She just sang.

Remember Herbert Hoover’s famous expression after the 1929 crash declaring the nation’s economy to be fundamentally sound? I believe Hoover was generally correct given the economy back then really did still serve the real, basic needs at the core of it. Look what happened anyway. Today, financial products are for the most part a fraud and so much of the rest of what we consume are trivial, non-essentials. The death of novelty is as much a symptom of what’s happening as the failure of markets.

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