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D. F. Facti

Golly, I thought that the mega mergers were all about "synergy."

CitiBank Travelers Salomon Smith Barney

Margan Stanley Chase Manhattan Dean Witter (and Sears, the hedge fund)

Bank Of America NCNB, etc

The deceit is epic

Take a look at the history of the 4 banks that, as you commented, used the discount window just because

like a star athlete serving meals at the soup kitchen because he is supposed to be, you know, a role model

It is stunning

overheard this am a group of middle aged republicans (apparently)

"The economy has NEVER BEEN BETTER Because there actually is money flowing INTO the Treasury - a net inflow - - - "

Surreal. Another of the group commented that this administration will go down in history as one of the absolut worst and reminded the group of the record deficits

So someone is paying attention at least

But so many people need to be deluded and the fed and the co-conspirators are only too willing to oblige

This will dwarf 1929

What in hell are we going to do?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The reason I fear another Great Depression is because it comes with a Great War as part of the package. Therefore, I am dead set against it.

When Congress, out of the blue, suddenly passed that stupid bankruptcy law, I knew that they and the banks knew we were going into a major bankruptcy episode and the fools thought they could circumvent this by forcing bankrupt people to pay even when they could not pay at all. This wasn't for the money but for the FICTION that money would still come in.

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