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The investors who still remain alive in the Bear Stearns Thunderdome main event are nervously awaiting the next act, which is Tina Turner (maker of the law) flying in screeching like a Banshee and pointing her finger at the horrified investors:

"Bust a deal, face the wheel!"


Haven't heard a peep from the $500 trillion derivative book that just sits there like a elephant in our living room. Funny how all is well with that goliath. The stuff that's tanking 'on the books' is peanuts compared to derivatives exposure. Scott Thill (in Alternet.org) wrote an interesting piece on the hyper-reality of American finance. As an empire, we simply redefined the laws of physics and dared skeptics to face the consequences. Russ Winter described the label a non-believer earns in his blog this morning as a "conspiracy crackpot at worst, or a low IQ guy with a bad attitude who won’t play by the rules at best."

Check out the swings on the 10 year rate swaps. Another game the big shots play. They claim they didn't see the tsunami coming. They did. And a forecast of more.


Elaine Meinel Supkis

They are too busy running towards the ocean, picking up fish to see any tsunamis.


“This is why I harp on the stupid American plan to hyper-arm everyone from the Middle East to the Far East as well as Eastern Europe and everywhere”

Interestingly just about every western arms system beyond small arms has GPS embedded. What do you think is the likelihood of these systems being operational in the event of conflict with US/NATO forces? Keep production/sales/technical reliance up, switch off as necessary.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

China will zap all our lovely GPS systems with lasers in the first hours of WWIII. We will begin with nukes and end with spears as it has been famously said.


Sure Elaine but as a premise to get rid of the useless eaters under conditions less than WWIII it’s ideal. Provide advanced weaponry to certain religious sects/governments let them use said on each other and if they’re ever aimed at you just shut them off or have them squawk their own location to provide targeting data. Very NWO.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

only our own Pentagon has shown on 9/11 it is totally inept when it comes to protecting the USA.


Yeah, the "useless eaters" will end up being residents in a large US city, given the Pentagon's reputations for snafu's.

However, it would not surprise me at all of Canuck's premise were correct. It would only surprise me if it actually worked with no blowback -- something the Pentagon is not known for.

I stand by my original opinion: that the elites of the world have nothing to gain from nuclear war, but very much to gain from endless conventional wars, famines, and epidemics far from their homes and estates. They must also keep their own peasants alive, or they will have to clean their own toilets.

It is strange, but when I worked in the coal mines, I often heard my co-workers say: "Ahh, let's just nuk'em." But, when I was working close to the rich and powerful oil barons, I never heard any of them say that. Instead, they spent many hours drinking and scheming in the lounges of expensive hotels and restaurants.


to get out of this bloody mess the very secret « Working Group on Financial Markets » created by the Executive Order 12631 under Reagan in Mars 1988, alias « Plunge Protection Team » according to the Washington Post, plan to attack Iran in the last week of august. See LEAP/E2020 on the web
in other words the virtual "blood bath" on the market is changing in a real blood bath, as if irak is not enough ! Dick Cheney and his dirty gang strike again !

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Only while their tricks are coming home to roost like so many hungry vultures, do we see and understand this plethora of goofy schemes.


Hi everyone. You have to have funny faces and words, you can't just have words. It is a powerful thing, and I think that's why it's hard for people to imagine that women can do that, be that powerful.
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Only while their tricks are coming home to roost like so many hungry vultures, do we see and understand this plethora of goofy schemes.

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He is using homo's to destroy America because he hates America. He doesn't hide this fact. Look on his web sites he even admits it, how does it feel to be used?


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