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(I think you missed a closing 'blockquote' tag, right after the PrisonPlanet bit.)

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, John. Sorry about that. When I move stuff around sometimes pieces of the template get deleted.


Oh, I wasn't complaining. It was more so you could pop back in and fix it. Heh; I can't help it, I'm a proofreading/formatting 'neat freak.'


Actually, Clinton didn't balance the budget according to GAAP(generally accepted accounting principles). They used Social Security surplus funds to perform this feat. Do governments and big corps ever repay stolen loot?


Coming from a former American colony (Philippines), it is easy to understand the dissonance between rich and "disappearing fast" middle America. My country is a poor facsimile of the U.S., a country that 90% of the population want to be. The difference is in the percentage of literacy and intelligence. Your government would have a cakewalk running things here.

Our system is a thinly veiled feudal system disguised as a democracy, while yours is the same, but well disguised. Every 6 years we have a Presidential election. It is during the four month election period that the elite "give back" to the masses. It is a "fiesta" of throwing money by the elite at the public, to get them to vote for the elite sanctioned candidates. Keeping the majority poor guarantees that their selection is "democratically elected" to continue and carry on with their agenda.

It would seem that in the case of America, the elite have forgotten how to "give back" to the sheeple they milk for a living, who pay for their wars and profits, keeping them in business. They want it all. They make the rules and are the first to break them. Because they can.

Maybe it's time for middle America to take back what they so trustingly gave away; their freedom, dignity, and the right to choose.


Hey Randal. Speaking of Social Security, remember the best new idea to come out of DC a few years ago was to allow the Masters of the Universe crowd to manage the Trust Fund? Think of the thrill watching your retirement go the way of the ABX-HE index. But, we stupidly turned down that privilege. Who knows? Maybe ‘the decider’ did it anyway. I can’t wait to see the look on everyone’s face.


"Speaking of Social Security, remember the best new idea to come out of DC a few years ago was to allow the Masters of the Universe crowd to manage the Trust Fund?"

Before all the leftists start, ummm, gratifying each other, remember that there have been SEVERAL attempts to change the public's crappy SocSecurity/Medicare system over to the FUNCTIONAL, SOLVENT system currently enjoyed by the Federal Employees Union.

Guess who stops it every goddamned time? Shitbag Teddy Kennedy, that's who. I'm counting the days until that bloated sack of monkey shit drops dead.

Yeah, the current crop of GOPers are a bunch of unrepentant, worthless fascists, and the entire Bush family ought to all be taken out back and shot. But anyone who thinks the Democrats are one whit better ain't dealing with reality.

SocSecurity as currently implemented is utter bullshit. And there is a better way that doesn't involve serving up the populace up to the hell hounds on a silver platter. But that doesn't create the serfs that the Bushies and Kennedys crave so ardently. The scum in charge don't want a solution; they want to be able to campaign on the problem. Forever.

If you've less than a nine-figure net worth, but aren't on welfare, neither side gives a crap about you, except to the extent they think they can drink your blood...straight out of your neck. And "that's the fact, Jack."


Jack, I agree there must be a number of better ways to manage and preserve the Social Security trust fund. Politicians do use it to curry favor and strike fear in the hearts of seniors. Three-Card Monte dealers on both sides of the aisle. What is needed first and foremost is an ethical basis for money management equal to the fiduciary care the very best trust managers provide - not the ‘wide stance’ Wall Street insists upon.

The point I wished to make was that had personal accounts been privatized they no doubt would have been pirate-ized and loaded-up with mortgage-backed securities, CDOs, high yield bonds, etc. My point may be moot because that ‘Jin-job’ may have already happened.


Yes, on this we can agree: the system BushCo was pushing would have ruined millions. Although they were only talking about 3% of FICA to begin with, it would have grown, as the bratty billionares needed more bagholders.

But now more than ever, we have to be vigilent against the "one side good, one side bad" mentality that has become so pervasive and accepted. Both sides are rotten to the core. Both sides are bought and paid for by the monitary elite. Both sides are full of sociopathic power-mongers who wish to feast upon the masses.

So by all means, criticize the GOP; they deserve every bit of it. But please try to always remember to mention the equally crappy Democrats when you do. (And vice versa, natch.) We-who-can-think have a responsibility to try to break this accepted good/bad worldview, and start spreading the meme that they're all rotten to the core, and all need to be dragged from the halls of power by their short-hairs.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Social Security can't be a system run via 'investments' simply because this is impossible. It will always be an intergenerational issue. To keep it solvent, laughably easy: balance the damn budget, strengthen the FOREX reserves and keep up EMPLOYMENT!!!! Don't ship jobs to Asia!

The 'savings' set up by the REAGANITES were FAKE. Every penny of this went to red ink in our government. It doubled taxes on the working class. There WERE NO SAVINGS. And both parties have allowed this and this is why everyone in power hated Al Gore to death for talking about 'locked boxes' concerning SS money.

Seriously, I thought he would be assassinated over this and we would be handed over to Lieberman or Bush. We got Bush anyway.


Jack, you’re right about the proposed modest start to the privatization plan. But the Street thought they had plenty of time and in time they would see a torrent. Now the gauge is on empty and they really need the gas money.

The 'lock box' concept is the obvious solution, Elaine. Who hasn't wished they could just get back what they put in? A lot like the piggy banks you had to break open when it was full. The whole system began to go downhill around the time they put those rubber stoppers in the pig's belly.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks to our media deliberately confusing voters, they didn't understand the 'locked box' concept. This was merely a way to stop the Fed from overspending on all and sundry things. Note how we doubled the Pentagon's spending on top of everything else. This red ink this last 7 years has been very significant and nearly all of it flowed into private pockets, not public improvements at home.


"This red ink this last 7 years has been very significant and nearly all of it flowed into private pockets, not public improvements at home."

Yep. Bushie and all his shitty little creepy friends all got even filthier rich in the wake of 9/11.


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