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Great cartoon, Elaine! Hilarious!


"...Corgies around the Queen's ankles, yapping and wagging their tails."

Hello, Elaine,

I think you could spell it 'Corgiz'. It is like 'gangsta.' It is a colloquial spelling.

We Pembrokes do not have a tail any more. The Queen has Pembrokes. Also she has a sister, Margaret. We saw the movie "The Queen."


Always insightful, even if I disagree with your championing of socialism. Your grasp of history is extremely impressive, as is your ability to apply that perspective to modern times.

And yes, little is said of the long history of abuses and deceits by the British Empire. I have no problem believing that China, who has a perspective that is based upon CENTURIES, not "fiscal quarters" like the disingenuous West, cares little for the paper losses they will incur as they crash the American and European economies. Revenge will indeed be served cold, it seems, and by a very cool customer, at that.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I forgot corgis have no tails. I should have said, 'Wiggling their furry little cute rumps'.

Frankly, I think Corgis are awfully cute dogs. So my apologies to Arthur. But my cat, Fluff, still thinks queens should stick to cats.

By the way, John, I am not a 'socialist' but I recognize the need for socialist actions because this keeps the people happy and happy people means no one is going to burn my home or steal my crops, etc. Peace matters a lot to me. Also, you never know when you need socialism. Bismark, a notorious conservative, is the father of Social Security, just for example.


I know you're not "a socialist," Elaine. And I agree with you on the need, not only for peace, but also for a "safety net."

However, America is nowhere near small or homogenous enough to be able to implement much socialism without it being abused, and badly. In fact, this abuse has spawned a new term in the popular lexicon: babymomma/babydaddy.

And the unions are broken without complaint from the populace because the unions got totally out of hand, not to mention overun with scumbag gangsters. The late Frank Zappa said, "a union mentality is where too many people do too little work for too much money, and then go on strike in order to get more days off." (Zappa hated Republicans--especially Reagan--with a passion, BTW.) General Motors has had to pay thousands of people their full wage to sit home, as union rules mandate that nobody can get fired. So GM has to put them into a reserve pool, and pay them (about $40 - 50K/year!) until it has a job for them to do. The public knows this, they resent it, and so when the unions get busted, the public doesn't associate this with the monitary elites screwing the worker, they associate it with freeloading bums being removed from the cost of our new cars.

I don't really think we need all that much socialism to protect the masses. I think we need a minimal safety net, and the Chinese philosophy of executing corrupt leaders and crooked businesspeople.

Neuro Artist

[i]"However, America is nowhere near small or homogenous enough to be able to implement much socialism without it being abused, and badly." [/i]

John, I totally agree with this statement. In Sweden socialism worked quite OK as long as it was a homogenous society (of course it never worked perfectly since in the name of homogenity, small businesses and entrepreneurs were crushed with regulations and taxes). In the last decades the ethnic homogenity of sweden is gone through emigration. The idea have been that these emigrants and refugees should be homogenized, by learning swedish, the swedish society, and its culture of equality, meanwhile the state provides for them, housing (allmost universally in a ghetto together with other immigrants), and money. Meanwhile the rules of the Swedish work arena prevents them from getting a real job, as long as they are in this process. Of course the results have been disastrous, where these people have been marginalized even more when they first came, and of course they continue living on the state handouts.

At the same time there has been a growth in a financial and political elite who disregard the rules for their own benefit, and when the masses sees this they do this themselves, by abusing the systems created for their safety. For instance more than 20% of the population is on sickleave at any given time. Noone can believe that the Swedish people should be among the sickest in the world.

It seems like inherent in socialism and versions thereof is the mechanisms that will destroy and corrupt it eventually. Probably because we are not created equal. And any system attempting to make us equal is bound to fail.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

My husband belonged to a union and it saved our lives after he was injured at work, we had no social services at all, NONE. Why?

Because of ME! I am the family capitalist, through and through and I built up savings and have property! You have to lose your savings and property first! Being a capitalist, I grimly held on not for weeks or months but YEARS. I went to tremendous lengths to NOT get any social services!

I did chores for soup kitchens. I took the guns and went out stalking small as well as large game...want to know how to cook small rodents like squirrels and ground hogs? I made everything from scratch in summer with my garden. I took my young son and the sled dog and the horse into the deep woods in winter to fell trees and chop them up.

I outlasted the court system and the state...barely. I couldn't do it today. Age is causing my joints to go, lived a hard life. But I am again, free and clear and back on my life-track.

Most people give up under these circumstances. This is why having a good dose of real capitalism is great. I don't want to be smothered but while my husband was ill, we ended up taking people into our TENT complex to save them when they were homeless! People in the hospital!

These people were utterly unable to cope with things on any level, being insane.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Back to my husband's union: they got us our pension early, my husband was only 38 years old when he got injured at work. We could have sued for great damages in court but for two things: the Supreme Court ruled against our sort of case so our lawyers dropped out due to greater uncertainty of winning. Then they decided a new tactic because frankly, workmen's comp isn' enough, not at all...no increase due to inflation! Guess why I harp about inflation, heh.

We were setting up the new case when my husband went completely crazy and tried to kill himself. So I made a choice: not to sue. It was killing him so what was the point? When right wingers make fun of our courts, I get very mad. Suing is very hard work, we had 4 suits going at once at one point. Won the first three.

But it was hellishly hard, even with me, the level-headed one. The emotional toll was great on both of us. I figured, life dealt me these cards and I had to be creative. So I coped with my life and thanks to being a big time scrounger who also plans ahead, I could do things right nice. And since I can't work or my husband will be destroyed, I work out of my home, running this place. And note how I harp on inflation. Heh.

The one weapon the state can use to kill me.

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