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This gay/Iran matter is the definitive proof that will be a war with Iran.

To defend gay rights is to please the US left/liberal people. The US Gov need to do this to get support to war with Iran.

PS: I think gays should have freedom to be like they want, but I really don't like gay people.


PJSV's comments are at the least uninformed. The current US govt. does NOT defend gay rights in any country even its' own. Yesterday, General Peter Pace declared that homosexuality is immoral.
There was a lot of focus on Ahmadinejad and his country's anti-gay stance at the UN but no one ever mentions that the leader of Turkmenistan spoke right before the Iranian president. Turkmenistan bans all political organizing, jails dissenters, tortures prisoners, restricts religion, and is second to north Korea in controlling the press. But the neo-stalinist president of Turkmenistan has no problem getting his filthy face minted on a coin while male on male sexual activity is punished by 5 years in prison (and presumably raped for 5 years as well). I guess that is better than Saudi Arabia where you'll get beheaded.
PS: It's okay if you "really don't like gay people", 'cause the GLBT community doesn't really like ignorant bigots!


I too was shocked by this unusual attack on Iran by a nation that quietly approves of murdering gays and beating the shit out of them whenever the opportunity arises.

Was this attack the result of the fact that we cannot fault them for anything else other than for acting like ourselves?

I thought I had seen the low point in American diplomacy with the speedboat ride/bribe of Putin, but apparently there is no low point for us -- only infinity.


Saudi oil production is in decline, down 1.7% over the past two years. It looks like Ghawar has passed peak. There is a growing concensus among peak oil experts that we passed world peak oil production in '05 or '06.

This is really bad news, and our government is not only fiddling while the country is burning, they're out pouring gasoline on the fire.


I'm not a US citizen. I live in Europe. I only read in US Gov/MSM some worries about Iraninan gay comunity. It's ilogical because US Gov/MSM don't care about it in US. For me, this is the definitive sign that something is going on.

Eleine, reade this:

What will happen 1st ? War with Iran or a US military coup d'etat ?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

My dearest friends in high school, about 2/3rds of them figured out, painfully, trust me, it was painful for them, that they were gay. Since I loved them from the first day I met them, I loved those they love.

I also had fun fighting off people attacking them. Most of my gay friends were very peaceful, nay, shy! So I would stand up for them. I have nothing but affection for the gay community and have desired full civil rights including marriage, for all of them. After all, marriage is all about making a family and my lesbian girl friends have babies and my gay male friends are very anxious to be part of a loving family and make excellent family members!

I have trusted my children to my gay friends and never, ever had this trust broken. On the other hand, one of my dad's collegues at work who lived across the street from us raped me when I was a child and he certainly was NOT gay at all.

I feel great sorrow at the sufferings of gay people in many lands. I support their struggles for recognition and respect. I am stupified that Iran is being singled out for this considering how we abuse gays here still. The arrest of the Republican in the restroom was 'gay baiting' and totally obnoxious. How dare they.

For my readers who are uncomfortable around gay males, please reconsider this emotion. It is cultural, not natural. In ancient times, gays were often elevated into high status was priests, etc. Note that most of the priests within the Catholic Church are gay!

Jesus was probably gay and most certainly, his followers.

The gay contribution to arts, humanism, science and religion are probably more than their numbers in the population. Their contribution to civilization is huge.

I used to tell people, 'Want to see property values shoot up? Make your community gay-friendly!'

When I moved to New Jersey, I lured over gay friends and they began to see opportunity in places like South Orange which had white flight. In Park Slope, they made the place safe for others and they worked hard on beautification committees, for example.

They saved the beautiful architecture of San Francisco. They are a big element in the Victorian Revival which I am part of. I can't praise this community enough.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

About the pain: back in 1964-1970, if any teenagers went to their parents and said, 'I think I am gay'...they had a good chance of being:

1. Kicked out of the house.

2. Disowned.

3. Taken to the insane asylum and locked up.

4. Murdered.

These things happened to many gay teens I knew when I was a teenager. When I got my own house at only 17 years of age (long story), I took in lots of gay teens kicked out of the house. And protecting them from enraged parents was very dangerous.

In later years, more and more parents have come to accept their children's sexual orientation, things have definitely improved here in the US. Many of my adult gay friends get along with at least one parent. Usually, the mother.

I went to too many funerals due to the bad things that happen to gays because of discrimination. AIDS, for example, was ignored due to prejudice.


Elaine, none of my comments were directed towards you. I have nothing but respect for you and I have NEVER heard or read you utter a homophobic comment, ever. I know you are gay friendly and always have been and I thank you.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I am an old-fashioned humanist. I want humans to be happy, prosperous and frankly, how we live our lives is all up to us. I hate controllers who impose rules.


Eleine, Sin,

1. During my professional life I meet few male gays. They are very professional, frontal, trustful and honest people. I would trust them.

2. Being gay is a health problem related with mother hormones during pregnancy, recent studies show.

3. I think being gay is anti-natural is something wrong in the human development. We should't fight it, we should accept, but, i think we should also consider it wrong as we do with a phisical disability.

PS: Because of 2, I think my daughter can have risks of being gay when she became teenager.

Elaine Meinel Supkis


Homosexuality is totally natural. In all populations, about 2-5% are possibly 'gay.' In primate communities as well as human, the gay males tend to be 'the good uncles'. They spend their energy supervising and watching over their sister's children. In exogamic matriarchal societies, they are the backbone of a smooth-functioning system.

Gay females tend to be close to their mothers and again, the patriarchal system tends to discourage gay ethos because it interferes with the transmission of poperty rights through the male lines.

But in reality, families with gay members have many wonderful benefits which have been forbidden by custom and law thanks to the need of enforcing a system where the males inherit land.



The hormonal theory of sexuality holds that, just as exposure to certain hormones plays a role in fetal sex differentiation, such exposure also influences the sexual orientation that emerges later in the adult. Fetal hormones may be seen as the primary determiner of adult sexual orientation, or a co-factor with genes and/or environmental and social conditions.


For now is just a theory. But, maybe in the future, we can prevent fetal hormone inbalance gays, if we want (i would want with my kids). In my famaly there are some factors that macth with this theory.




Think about what you are saying, PJSV.

If exposure to certain hormones determines a fetal's sex, then why not experiment with those? We could have an all male society and thus plenty of soldiers for wars, or perhaps engineer things so that there are 10% women so that we can have enough natural births to keep the human species alive.

Why stop with homosexuals or the disabled?

Science knows no limits, and once we achieve the ability to determine a child's sex, arguments and rationales will be put forth to convince us that we should -- and we will.

Humans have shown over time that they will accept no limitations to using their newfound knowledge to change any and all things for, again, their own personal reasons.



I'm talking about sexual orientation related with prenatal hormone inbalance. I'm talking about the possibility of the parents prevent a gay behaviour, if they want. I don't defend any kind of eugenics or state manipulation or antigay conduct. Gay should have freedom to be what they want to be. All the others too.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Mother Nature, in her way, has set up systems that work by definition: survival of the fittest. Human societies with no gay males or gay females are weaker than ones with these parts.

This is true in mammals in general! Some mammalian populations take this to extremes like rats in southern Africa, for example. Then there are insects that utilize this concept very successfully. LIke bees or ants.

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