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H with the reindeers

Don't you ever stop blogging Elaine !
The footprints of your writing is all over the charts.



Yeah, if the collapse is here, the US army will be the only "employer" left. No draft necessary. And because there has to be a scapegoat for all that mess it will be all those who didn't help the US in Iraq, say Europe, Russia, China, Iran. WWIII? I already read a blog about some banking guy who thinks it will be save in South America.




“This means one can play currency games on a daily basis using these machines?”

Better get a handle on the transaction fees for these denominational services, they’re unlikely to any better than an airport. This will only work if the machine offers a margin against a cash transaction at retail till price. Retailers will wise to it and close the margin negating all but unawares. Kinda like airport calling card dispensers. Post transaction regret methinks.

Reminds me of standing behind an AMERICAN at a liquor store a few years ago. Huge RV with Grand Cherokee limited dingy towed behind, obviously driving to Alaska to prove his virility. He was bitching to the teller about that damn colored money he couldn’t get used to. The teller and I shared an extended rolling eye moment.

Cursing and mumbling about insensitive obtuse a__wipes back to my truck… the alcohol helped actually!

“West Germany paying Russia to remove the troops turned into a rout as Russia was forced rapidly to leave all of the Warsaw Pact nations and then Russia itself began to disintigrate and this became increasingly violent ending up with the very vicious civil war in Chechnya.”

Yes but a choice was made, USSR could still have held out for an extended period of time beggaring their population further, they didn’t. Chechnya was where they drew the line mostly for historical reasons they most certainly were not going to allow a Muslim leaning popular political with a more efficient underground (black) economy be entrenched on the back porch.


China's $200 Billion Sovereign Fund Begins Operations (Update1)

By Belinda Cao

Sept. 29 (Bloomberg) -- China Investment Corp., the nation's $200 billion sovereign wealth fund, starts operations today as the government seeks to boost returns on the world's biggest foreign-exchange reserves.


Will China buy some strategic US holdings with US debt?

Neuro Artist

I have seen these ads on many webpages, only the last month, where they attempt to get Joe sixpack to play on the forex-market fluctuations, might be a good time to avoid holding any fiat-currency, at all.

Me thinks small bags of coffee, silver, dry foods, food cans, petrol, cocoa, cigarettes, toiletpaper, livestock, will be very valuable in a close future, compared to anything that is related to fiat-papers. Also sell, flatscreen TVs, cars, and your apartment if it doesn't have access to land that can be farmed.


Canuck, when all those US tourists don't arrive, and all those manufacturing plants around Toronto close, what then? And who ya gonna call when Russia claims all the natural resources in the artic all the way to the Canadian coast, and China buys ups all your oil and wheat lands with their 1.4 trillion in forex reserves launching the loonie to looney tunes? Ghostbusters?


Let’s address this:

Tourism is a fickle industry it does not make a country, in particular it doesn’t make Canada. We are still a resource based economy despite continuous efforts and rhetoric by governments in the name of diversification. A tourism collapse is survivable. Toronto this Toronto that, oh poor Ontario manufacturing, guess what, out west that’s just a bunch of noise. You know Americans got their foothold in the Canadian energy scene because TORONTO based financial mandarins refused to participate. And why did this happen? Because they couldn’t CONTROL the resources. During the depression Albertans were in fact starving in the south of the province and in the Peace River country, Aberhart pleaded his case for interest relief on bonds from TORONTO based financiers. They retorted “We will have our interest”. Poor Toronto, poor Ontario, Boo Frickin Hoo.

Who ya gonna call:? I presume your talking about the US military. My position on the US military support for Canada is tough shit, do your duty, otherwise take off. I’ve seen the new forward operating locations in the arctic for military combat aviation support. I know these are NORAD sites not Canadian. During 9/11 American F15’s escorted a Korean airliner with a malfunctioning sqwak to land at Yellowknife, a real proud moment in cooperation I suppose. Through NORAD and NORTHCOM the US military is a hair trigger away from operations on Canadian soil. My personal perspective is no thanks. If that means that a certain amount of Canadian productive capacity is applied toward defense, so be it.

The Russians can claim all they want, actually accessing and making these arctic resources viable is altogether another matter. I’ve spent a lot of time in the arctic in fact I’m heading up on Monday. It’s an awful, brutal, hostile place. Tourists love it, I don’t. Yes the twilight of the midnight sun makes for some beautiful colors. You’ve got to contrast that with how long you’re going to be waiting for support if something goes wrong 4-5 hours flying out onto the permanent ice pack. I’ll admit it makes for great outdoor adventure TV, I’ve met many an idiot venturing up there. It has its own season, we call it the silly season, they start their logistic support efforts around March. Lets be clear, the amount of energy utilized to support Arctic operations is extreme. If there isn’t a nearby tank farm for your operation you are looking at caching fuel by drum typically flown in by twin otter. This includes all military operations as well. If a vehicle doesn’t have heated shelter the engine cannot be shut off in the High Arctic, tires can shatter from the cold. Look, I was out on the Beaufort Sea doing tech support on exploratory drilling in the late 80’s, there’s proven reserves out there. Guess what, the Mackenzie and Alaska pipelines are both on hold primarily due to costs, this isn’t even in the High Arctic and the costs are too high! High Arctic resource development is simply not economically viable. Until you hear that the Russians are initiating a new fleet of nuclear powered Polar 8 class icebreakers it’s all a bunch of bluster.


China can buy all the Canadian energy they want, fine with me. I’m afraid you don’t really know how Canadian resources are organized. In Canada individuals and corporations cannot own subsurface resources. The crown owns all. The provinces control the resources within their jurisdictions and the revenue streams associated with any development. Canadian resources are licensed out for development first by lease development allotments then upon extraction of the resource royalties are paid to the province. Taxes are paid on in place equipment. The agreements are with the crown represented by the province for the benefit of that particular provincial population. If the Chinese want to come in and bid for development against the multinationals, let’r rip.

Buying up wheat lands, nobody is doing this. Nobody is thinking of doing this. Land means nothing without productive capacity to exploit the capability of the land. Just how are the Chinese going to accomplish this under the nose of the crown? The fact is that Canadians have very little in the way property rights, if you don’t adhere to the legal construct of land ownership as dictated by the crown ownership reverts to the crown, period.


It is the same here in the US, even though everyone likes to think otherwise. All land, and everything under it, is owned primarily by the state. This is the law.

If you do not pay your annual tribute/taxes/donations/fees/whatever to the state, then your land reverts to the state. I have talked about this before.

For example, if someone dies without heirs or creditors, their land escheats to the state. Why so? Why would it not simply become free land ready to be settled by pioneers?

Because the state is the ultimate owner of all land, and if no one can be found to hold the estate in fief to the state, then it reverts directly to the state.


Also, I too am not worried about Russia's claim to the artic pole. Let them drop a rig at the bottom of the sea there. They can kiss their oil exports good-bye while they try to keep themselves alive down there in the pitch black darkness.

Same with China, Japan, and Russia going to the moon to look for resouces. Good luck with that. We were lucky enough just to get a couple of guys on the moon to hop around a bit in the dust and then back again all in one piece.

There is simply not enough oil left for intersteller space travel. We have reached Peak Oil and we blew our chance to achieve this goal, assuming it was ever possible. Any attempt now to create space travel is just sheer desperation on the part of the rich who know the earth is over populated and no longer under their complete control.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Several things here, and thanks for all the input especially from Canuck.

One: Russia doesn't want to invade Canada, they want to TRIANGULATE with Canada! They need Canada as a friend and a counterbalance to the US and CHINA. They don't want China too strong. And they don't want a strong US so this means making kissy-kissy sounds to Canada.

The conquest of the pole was aimed at the US, not Canada. Canada will negotiate with Russia, the US will fight Russia over this.

Further: Canada's farmlands are very valuble...in the future. I see a lot of Chinese immigration in the future to grow food there, it is very rich land, very rich. Right now, not needed enough for Canada to open its borders to the Chinese.

This is how we colonized the Midwest: European peasants poured in. So it will be with Canada when food becomes more valuable. It is rising in value even as I write.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Owning land: my very own ancestors had this thing about owning land and kings. Namely, they wanted to be King of their Castles as in the old times after the Norman Invasions.

So, in the Northeast, they wrote laws: you buy the land, you own ALL OF IT TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH!!!

HAHAHA! This innovation was specific to New York and a few other places. I can dig down to the center of the earth, if I wish, and it is legally all mine!

But the laws passed later prevented this. In the West, no one owns more than 6" down! If you dig a basement, the government owns the basement! GAH. I lost homes to the government in Arizona. Won't lose it here!

If someone finds mineral wealth under your house in Arizona, they can DIG IT UP right out from under! So...I am grateful my ancestors were so particular about sovereignty. I am the Queen of my Mountain. For real.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

By the way, being full of foresight, my ancestors also decreed, if you own land, you also own the air above. They didn't specify how far. So I complain when people fly too low. Seriously, I lodge complaints. This can tick me off, even.

In NY, airports have to deal with this. The government specified a certain height for complaints which is too low as far as I am concerned. Heh. Even so, twice, the military violated my airspace. Got me really riled up, too.


Canuck, your posts have always reeked of nationalism. There is a Canadian blogger formerly out of Toronto who is now in the pirates of the Caribbean area doing likewise. And if you read his posts, you'd think he was a genius because he blocks most negative posts, but if one gets thru, he attacks the blogger before deleting the post and blocking further posts. His prognostications are almost always wrong, not only about the markets, but even the weather. After declaring himself an expert meterologist, he told the people in the gulf area right before hurricane Katrina that they should stay put because it was a hoax to jack up oil prices, then never apologized or acknowledged his mistake,and went on with his act of Canadian supremacy and his omniscience. Frankly, real estate in Vancouver is in bubble territory with median price of homes at 10 times income and eastern Canada is a basket case. Have likewise heard stories from US tourists about shabby treatment by their Canadian "hosts".


Actually I’m too narrow minded to be a nationalist, I’m a regionalist. I’ve made the argument before Canada barely deserves to be a country on account of it’s historical and current method of governance. Power has been tightly held by Central Canada power brokers to the detriment of the country in total and I do mean in total. Although there is evidence of moderate sharing of this influence with the rest of the country I don’t believe that there is any constructive difference with historical governance precepts.

Canada break up, Quebec leave, Alberta separate? no tears from me. Tomorrow would be OK.

But I will admit to a chip on my shoulder. Central Canada toward Western Canada in by extension most of industrialized powerhouse nations take a patronizing attitude toward Canada. I don’t make any bones about my defiance of this. If it comes off as aggressive in this venue so be it. Frankly I’m sick of the supplication and I think Canada should stand up for itself and quit hiding behind the American skirt. That includes getting the hell out of Afganistan and concentrate on building Canada instead of making the world a better place through the barrel of a gun in some godforsaken hell hole.

I’m as conciliatory and pleasant as you like in person meeting anyone from the US or elsewhere. If your going to roll into town and act like an asshole, I’ll call you on it. Perhaps this shabby treatment you allude is the result of brushing up against too many of your arrogant brethren. I’m not going to play out the deferential Canadian script, it would seem less people are inclined to as well.

As for this Canadian blogger swine you refer to, Canada hardly has a lock on the jerk supply. If you want to color us so by extension, good for you. Have a nice day!


Actually Canuck, I, as most Americans, like the people of Canada. They are good, hard working, moral people for the most part, and I never intended, as you implied, to color them that way based on a few bastards and bitches. If ever necessary, I think the people of the US would come to the aid in any small way they could for our friends up north. However, Canada does not need Putin as a friend. He has a sour puss on his face at all times now. And this is the same idiot that threatened to cut off gas lines to Europe last winter unless he got higher prices. Nationalism and hate for the US is rising dramatically in Russia. As far as China, they have just humongous problems, what with inflation of over 10% which is much higher than the increase in wages of the bottom half of their population in a country where nepotism thrives. They have just huge food inflation. The water levels in their aquifers are dropping unbelievably fast. They have polluted their rivers, streams, lakes, and air in their quest for industrial dominance. China's precious and unsustainable arable land with this industrialization is dropping dramatically. They will not be able to feed their people nor will they have adequate water supplies. With forex reserves of 1.4 trillion dollars, they could buy, if it was contiguous and available, a swath of the best farmland in the US, 1000 miles by 500 miles. China will have to look outside their country to feed its people, and worldwide food inflation is readily apparent to everyone.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Argh! Everyone should try to be patriotic. The nations that stick together do better than those that break apart. I am a Federalist and this means, we have a central government that works and we pay our taxes and build our joint defense and we are nice to each other and treat ourselves with courtesy.

I see a lot of the earth breaking down badly while other parts are reformulating themselves as empires. This is tremendously interesting to me. The US for years was taught to hate New York, for example and love Texas.

But New York always does the right thing, more or less while when Texans rule, we go to hell in a fiscal hand basket and we lose wars. Since I have lived in Texas and New York and several countries and several states including Kansas, Wisconsin, north and south California, New Mexico, Washington State, Arizona, New Jersey, etc.

I have a fascination about all the parts and how they interact. And this is how everyone should broaden their horizons: travel is good for the soul if you go in hoping to be part of the new place.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

About Putin and negotiations: Canada needs to triangulate as badly as Russia and for the same reasons. Splitting things like the Arctic is good for diplomacy. The US will change rapidly from friend to exploiter if Canada has no countervailing alliances. Trust me on this.

This will keep the US in line and force us to be more civilized. Otherwise we will throw our weight around.

Water: OH MY GOD!!! Go check out the water situation in the western half of the US! Canada has lots of water and we will want it. We are sucking up zillions of gallons of Ice Age water. When I was a child in Tucson, the Tanque Verde and the Santa Rita rivers ran.

They are now bone dry. A well my great grandpa had in 1890 was only 40 feet deep. My parent's well was 150 feet deep and today, it is nearly impossible to find the water table!

This is true throughout the West. Very much so. Agriculture in Arizona is far smaller today than in my youth.


All dressed up and no place to go. Elaine, that's what Communist China is facing. Imagine all those people not being able to feed themselves. What a mess!


Teddy, you just described the US also.

Of course, we may be better dressed up, but our water is almost gone also. This is an uncontroverted fact as far as the west is concerned. What a mess!

Neuro Artist

"With forex reserves of 1.4 trillion dollars, they could buy, if it was contiguous and available, a swath of the best farmland in the US, 1000 miles by 500 miles. "

Well they better hurry up, pretty soon a trillion dollars might not buy more than a Ford Taunus in need of an oil-change. The area you describe (half a million square miles) is larger than Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway and Denmark).

Of course the chinese should get North America, after all didn't god promise the choosen people (Han) this holy land!

I see a more physical role for the federal reserve in the future, it will be the arid areas where the caucasians will be allowed to settle. Maybe out of pure generosity and kindness they'll give the Americans the lead-paint manufacturing monopoly, so that you can support yourself.


Nuero, I've been saying for the last 5 years that there's just too many people "coexisting" on this planet and competing for the mere necessities of life, all part of the global warming and global economy syndrome. And now comes greedy Communist China just pushing the envelope with their monstrous building, polluting, and draining of the world's bare bones minimum surplus of natural resources. And maybe if the Chinese ask for our pork, which is in critical shortage over there along with so many grains and meats, we should sprinkle a little of that infamous Chinese supplement melamine on the pork for added flavor before delivery. All those people and pets who suffered horrific deaths worldwide would feel somewhat appeased. In the meantime, let them nibble on their cheap trick toys and subprime paper in anticipation of delivery. Do you think they can will be able to sell some of that subprime waste at any price to buy the pork? And btw, inflation is a worldwide problem, but it is worse in China than in the US.

Neuro Artist


I think actually more people could co-exist peacefully on earth if we didn't let greed and fear determine our actions to such a degree. Our thinking is really the issue. With limited thinking you will have limited resources.

For instance modern farming uses 10 calories of energy for every cal. of food produced. For every pound of food produced, it depletes 5-6 pounds of earth, and more than one acre is required to feed one person, further this type of farming uses huge ammount of water. Contrast this with the ancient type of micro-farming that where used extensively in china previously (prior to the "great leap forward"). These where gardens of extreme bio-diversity, where less than 1/10th of an acre produced enough food to support a person, where soil was improved not depleted, and the food was full of nutrients, and no energy apart from the suns rays and body work were added, and the amount of water required was the rainfall. Someone has calculated that the area covered by lawns in USA would be sufficient to feed the entire US population with this type of farming. Imagine not having to own a car to go to work to put food (with low nutritious value) on your table. Imagine not having to go to war to steal the oil, that is required for farming, and cars. Imagine not depleting the earths resources for material benefits, that actually are more of a burden if you view what is required to have them. Imagine the potential in people who are owning their own selfsustaining property without the stress of debt.

I think it is possible, but unfortunately the current way of thinking has to run its course, before it is rejected for a more balanced and harmonious way of life.


"And now comes greedy Communist China just pushing the envelope with their monstrous building, polluting, and draining of the world's bare bones minimum surplus of natural resources."

Once again, you just described the USA for the past 100 years to a tee and yet you have the gall to point your finger at others. Who is the true "nationalist" here?

Your complete ignorance of American history takes my breath away.

As for me, I do believe that China is making a huge mistake in following in our own footsteps, but that seems to be the way all humans behave. Give a country the opportunity to become an empire, and they will grab it with lightening speed. All others, including the earth, be damned.


DeVaul, please, nothing but all the facts.It takes two to tango. And you're a nationalist for calling me a nationalist. Ignorance is bliss...........for you!


Yes, "nothing but all the facts", as I tried to point out to you... but, whatever.

As for the nationalist thing, I was questioning your rationale for calling Cannuck a nationalist and not myself, but again... whatever.

Where is Smith when you need him?


DeVaul, Elaine is screaming about saving the sovereignty of the US. And China is building the equivalent of the city of Houston, Texas every month, doing in 5 years what took the US 100 years to do. And China knows full well what it is doing to their own and the world's environment given the latest knowledge in environmental science. Now here comes DeVaul and I have no idea wtf your point is. There is no logic in your "discussion", in fact, it's complete insanity.



I think you know full well that New York City (100 years ago, and perhaps now) was just as bad as anything that now exists in China today: cruel sweatshops, inhuman living conditions, sewage and garbage in the streets, etc. etc. all photographed and recorded in writing at the time -- i.e. "facts".

This included Chicago, Pittsburgh and a host of other American cities that were industrializing just as fast as China is today. Again: "facts".

Now, my problem with you, as I pointed out above by quoting you, is that you think only the Chinese have ever done this and only the Chinese ever knew about environmental destruction. That is nonsense.

New Yorkers around 1900 could barely breathe in the city because of coal dust, dried horse manure, and the acrid fumes of the Standard Oil Company out on Hunter's Point blowing through the city 24/7. It was a nightmare, and the newspapers of the time described it as such. Again: facts!

And what about today? The Chinese do not drive SUV's nor do they consume 25% of the world's resources. You seem to imply that 5% of the world's population (the US) has this right but one billion people over in China must make do with just 10% or less. Huh?

I believe you most certainly do know what I am talking about, but like anyone on CNN, you simply dismiss my points as being "insane" without showing why.

Here's another point for you to consider: perhaps you and other Americans should first clean up your own act, like stop using "monstrous" oil guzzling armoured halftracks to cart your fat asses from your air conditioned offices to your granite countertopped McMansions before you start complaining about the "greedy Chinese".

Hypocrisy and double standards are just evil.


DeVaul, whatever meds you're on, they ain't working!


"And btw, inflation is a worldwide problem, but it is worse in China than in the US."

Then you must be in China because your ego just forced everyone off this page.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Whoa, wait! Everyone, we are all on the same boat here! Planet earth!

I have lived all over the earth. I remember when one couldn't read a street sign in Pittsburgh unless you got out of the car and wiped off the street signs! Black with soot, that place was!

I remember the Rhine when it was a filthy toxic mess! i swam it in that condition and it began to eat away my dress (Twas fleeing the border patrols on my quest to go from one revolution to another in 1968! hahaha!). I remember when Baja California has NO ROADS and my parents went into Sikkim and Tibet by walking or riding yaks when there were no roads there, either! And I remember so many things.... the industrial revolution has hit China with a vengence but it is NO DIFFERENT from here or England or Germany. Drat it.

Even in my own lifetime.

It seems inevitable that these things will happen. I remember Tucson when it was one million fewer people. It was a paradise to me but my grand daddy would say, 'Hell, there are too many damn burn easterners here now! We should send them back.'

Sigh. Then, he came to LA in California in 1880. From Tucson. And he saw that place 'Turn into a god damn dirty hell hole!' And my godmother sailed to LA in 1867. She rode a horse and buggy in California and the first train came after her arrival. All of Pasadena grew up around her farm! They paved over her house after she died....rats. I stood there, in the acidic rain, weeping for her and her glorious corner of eden that was filled with trees, wild birds, exotic plants and Victorian bric bracs.

All plowed under. 'Why, why do they do this?' I cried as I knelt in the rubble of her life.

And this is what Life is all about. Memories. We are all sinners.

Neuro Artist

Good points Elaine!

In Sweden in the seventies the rivers were so polluted, that you couldn't swim or eat the fish from the one running through my hometown, nowadays it has salmon.

I once walked into Tibet from Nepal, will not forget the taste of yak butter tea with salt (even though it is not called yak butter since the yak is the male animal, but I forgot what the female is called). Later in Lhasa I got what I thought was altitude sickness (lethargic), but it was pointed out to me that my eyes were yellow, and I had contracted hepatitis from drinking filthy water in south India 2 months prior. A few days later I hitched a ride with a chinese truckdriver to the north of china, remember waking up after sitting and sleeping in the truck being so cold, and it was ice on the inside of the windshield! The ride in itself was a nightmare, the truck was going empty (I guess Tibet doesn't export much to China proper), and the suspension was for a full load, and the road was more like a plowed frozen field, so I think I spent more time airborne than sitting down.

Memories...We still have much to learn, and teach...

Good student

I learned something new today:

When you are defeated in an argument of facts, accuse the other party of being on dope and when silent to show moral superiority. Great Tactic!


Good student, you better work hard to learn the facts before commenting because being ignorant or a moron is no excuse. Number 1, I don't watch CNN and wouldn't watch it if they paid me. Number 2, I don't drive a SUV. Number 3, I am not fat and live frugally, consuming less than my income and am debt free. Number 4, I don't live in a McMansion and neither do my 2 children who are also are debt free and magna cum laude college graduates. Number 5, DeVaul is confusing me with JSmith who has diametrically opposed views to mine. Number 6, if you would take the time to read my previous posts, you would see that I, like Elaine, are for maintaining US sovereignty by saving our industrial base (this is not nationalism for goodness sake), for our country to produce more and consume less to reduce our trade and current account deficits, and to stop polluting and to save our environment. Number 7, if DeVaul can't follow my argument and previous posts, then the lights are on, but noboby's home because I've posted my views for a long time here, I've tried to make them as basic as possible, and he is taking them out of context. Number 8, to rationalize what China is doing by saying that the US did it for 100 years, is no argument except for a Chinese nationalist. Number 9, I see that in the last couple of days, Japan's major food retailers have raised the price on over 130 food items in Japan in response to the worldwide food shortage. Number 10, who is going to feed all the people in the world if noboby, including China and the US, is taking steps to save our enviroment. And finally, if I have to go over all my past posts in order to "clarify" my position, it ain't gonna happen bacause I have better things to do.


I never rationalized what China is doing. I specifically said they were making a huge mistake by following in our footsteps. Read my post again. You basically libeled me, and you have done this several times now on this very page: I am on drugs (or forgot to take them), I am insane, I cannot distinguish between you and Smith, etc.

Cannuck "reeks" of nationalism, Good Student is "ignorant and a moron" for posting a short, concise statement. Where does it end?

It is you who cannot admit to being wrong or having made a mistake or even having wronged someone else in order to hammer home your own particular view of the world. In that way you are very much like the mainstream media, regardless of whether you watch them or not.

This forum is for discussion as well as give and take and yes we all disagree at times, but we keep our posts (most of us, that is) limited to pointing out facts and also flaws that we perceive in other people's views. They are free to elaborate or defend their views. I have done so many times, and not once have I called someone "insane" for disagreeing with me. Again, in this way, you are much like Smith, who thinks I am insane AND on meds (but I like to think he really doesn't mean that).

I did not come out of nowhere. I have been here for years now, and when I see something that I disagree with, I might be inclined to point that out.

Perhaps you can tone down your rhetoric to a more polite level, or perhaps those other things that demand your time would best be attended to now.


Oh, and one more thing. If you do not like having to clarify yourself or your statements, you had best not post here because you will often be asked to clarify all kinds of things you say. People are allowed to ask what you base your statements on, and they will. All the time. It is how we learn.

Neuro Artist

"Number 3, I am not fat and live frugally, consuming less than my income and am debt free."

-You Quissling traitor you! At this point you should be on multiple obesity prescription meds and go to disneyland and shop at McDonalds with your home improvement loan, to support American industry like a true patriot! How dare you!

Btw, you can accuse me of being insane. I'll take that as a compliment... ;)

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Devaul has been with me for years and years. As well as exchanging emails. Devaul, I see a clash here that shouldn't happen. Just give Canuck some room. He is a very nice person, we also exchange emails. Comments on the internet are VERY prone to misunderstandings. Namely, it is all too easy to become angry because of the way LANGUAGE works.

Most people are not professional scribes. I have deep training in the history of language and the use of language which is a great skill to have. Even so, I often say or write things improperly that agitate people totally unnecessarily and in ways I never intend.

The best solution for this is to say, 'It's OK! We are ON ThE SAME SIDE HERE. And we are different in some ways but the same in other ways.'

I really, really care about everyone here, even Smith! And Smith alarms me right now because he has lost his sense of humor. We used to talk a lot. I feel bad about this.

I enjoy even people who don't share my values. We must do this to stay sane.

Peace and love, everyone, Elaine


You are right, Elaine, as usual.

However, it was not Cannuck that I quarreled with, but with Teddy. Just wanted to correct that little typo.

I think the point I wanted to make is that while we all are in the same boat, we can disagree without calling each other insane.

I think you would agree with me on that (or not?) :)


Re: Smith. I'm not surprised that he's lost his sense of humour. I've lost a good deal of my own, thanks to the ginormous ineptitute of the fools currently in power. Since they were the ones whom I thought mirrored my own views fairly closely, the reality of them is alternately depressing and enraging. Furthermore, when I look at the (likely) alternative--the Democrats--I see even bigger ineptitude. What is there to have a sense of humour about these days, if one operates from the belief that problems can be solved? I know Ron Paul is a long shot, but to me he seems like the one shot we've got left. He won't be perfect, but he just might be real enough to drag us back from the brink.

I admit, I've been rather harsh toward Smith. I don't apologize; if I recall, he started it by implying that my disagreement with him makes me an idiot. This is classic BushCo/Hannity/MoveOn/Hillary procedure, to smugly assert that only mental deficiency keeps everyone in the world from agreeing with you.

I learned many years ago, dealing with leftists on message boards: when someone is determined to go there, either go with them or ignore them. Striving to maintain the "high ground" is mostly perceived as an excuse to cover up the fact that your argument is too weak to stand up to the assault. Sadly, the conservatives learned these "Clintonista" techniques all too well. At this point, I see no true difference of effect between the two parties. Both are equally destructive to society as a whole.

I seldom argue with someone to try to persuade them. Mostly, my focus is on others who will read the exchange. All I can do is call them like I see them and then sit back and let everyone else decide for themselves what rings with truth and what does not.

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