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HUFFY: Get one. Have fun!


But, um.....

National Labor Committee — Support Workers' Rights in the Global Economy:

Huffy Bikes Made in China — Sold at Kmart, Sears, Wal-Mart

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Strict factory rules and harsh management; no talking during working hours

12 workers housed in each dark, stark dorm room

Two meals a day; poor quality food


There are 700 to 800 workers, mostly men, but there are 200 women employees ranging in age from 21 to 24 years old, who are mostly employed in the packing section. As is typical in the export assembly industry, most workers leave after they reach 25 years of age, since they are worn out from the grueling overtime hours.

This reflects a misunderstanding about how the money supply grows in a modern money system.

It doesn't matter where the money comes from. Too much money causes prices to go up. Yes, at times it mainly goes into fueling asset bubbles. But unless (and until) you destroy that excess money by popping the asset bubble, it works its way into the rest of the system.

And any time you set interest rates below the real rate of inflation (currently 10% by the algorithm used in Volker's day), you encourage people to borrow to buy all kinds of foolish things. You're giving them a discount, so it is actually not that foolish, so long as they can afford it.

People like Hummel think they've conjured up a magic system that dispenses infinite profits at zero risks. And it does, until it doesn't any more. Then they start jumping out of windows.


It's nice to see the USA flag on Huffy's logo!


Only mention if "Chin" on their "history page" is found in "machine".

Having sold Davis Sewing Machine Company, Horace Huffman forms Huffman Manufacturing Company, begins producing steel bicycle rims.


People like Hummel think they've conjured up a magic system that dispenses infinite profits at zero risks. And it does, until it doesn't any more. Then they start jumping out of windows. — Shargash

Does the wealth really come from "nowhere"? It looks like the money banks "loan" to "consumers", and generally fork over to the "economy" is really borrowed from the great Tacit American Plantation (TAP) itself. The TAP goes deep in debt, and then, like a hunger addled snake, begins to eat it's own tail.


Up in arms over municipal savings

A surplus is "just as bad as a deficit”, say the good people of Fair Haven, Vermont.

We Americans not only don't save, we seem to think there's something downright immoral about doing so!

hal lieberman

Grreat blog. Much thanks

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I wrote about Huffy in the past when they closed the last American factory. I was pretty ticked off about it.

And yes, the labor in China is cruelly exploited but then, this was true here, too, until unions forced reasonable laws like overtime, a 40 hour week, no child labor, etc. A huge fight that was lost on the altar of Free Trade.

But this is competition. And we must compete with Asia and this means using our brains and this seems to be the part of our bodies we seem to be missing and the Asians seem to have in some abundance.

But thanks for the reminder of the Huffy business. There is BLOOD on the hands of the American executives making money this way. Just like Mattel, not China, is responsible for tracking what is going one in their dark, horrid factories over there.


I think I'll let the "Tacit American Plantation" (TAP) term go. Too "controversial" for many venues. From now on I will speak of an "Aggregate Production System" (APS). So you could say the USA has lost it's APS in a quick-profit fire sale.

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