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"This stupid monetarist Ayn Randoid just sat there..."

In fairness to history for what a heel Greenspan became post-1966.



Carter had to endure high interest rates but these were dropped when Reagan hoved into view. -- Elaine

Every now and then, I have seen this play out. When someone like Carter, who vaguely wanted to take care of the people and nation, was elected, the so-called "market" would shrivel, and when some elitish (they aren't "elected" in any sense, so I kill the word with the "ish" suffix) friendly type like Reagan gets in power, they open the spigots. What this really means is the Federal [sic] Reserve is merely a vast extortion racket. They even love Bush, and when we get some fake Democrat in office, we will instantly get whacked. Sounds like an evil conspiracy to me. The stupid USA masses have allowed themselves to fall victim to global loan sharks. What cowards. The wars just pretend to "prove" that the masses are not cowards, but even that has disintegrated.

Every now and then I have sat by the roadside watching the idiots squander the last of the dinosaur juice. I knew they weren't making dinosaurs anymore all my life. These lifestyle addicts are not one bit different than heroin junkies. In fact, many of them will now descend into junkiedom, which they richly deserve.

I'm not even a hypocrite in this regard. I have alway curtailed my driving. And I never, ever, waste food. I must be a saint. (Except, of course, I have my own vast circus of decidedly unsaintly proclivities.)


Canada is only 10% the economic mass of the US. By way of example your tire retailer Les Schwab buys more tires for it’s organization than all Canadian retailers combined. US retail corporations generally only move into Canada after they’ve satisfied market penetration in the US as a bit of cream on top so to speak. US energy, mines and mineral exploiters have been players since the beginning but are coming under increasing international competition for access to resources.

Total, the French based energy conglomerate is currently playing an interesting game. Having recently bought into the oilsands in a big way, they’re spending big bucks within Canada and particularly around here on name recognition. Full page color ads in the newspaper and a recently observed transit bus fully decaled out with the tag line “our energy is your energy” (this always results in a derisive snort and or muttering from myself). Total has zero retail presence in Canada. The only possible rational to spend on this advertising venture is to weigh in for future regulatory consideration. To my knowledge no other upstream energy player has taken this tack before, most are content to make application to the Energy and Utilities Board for projects and participate in activities/forums well away from public perception.


"Why did so many people praise him to the point, one Congressman said he wanted to stuff Greenspan and keep him on as the head of the Federal Reserve (sic--no reserves) forever?"

By the way, I beleive it was Senator McCain
who stated that.


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks, Kurt! We should stuff McCain, another fossil.


Elaine, have you seen the NAFTA superhighway which will soon start sending unregulated Mexican trucks across the US border up to Canada? It starts in Mexico's booming Pacific ports and goes all the way up to Winnipeg and across to Vancouver. The strong Canadian dollar and NAFTA will destroy Canada's industrial base. How can it compete against unregulated third world markets like China?


Canada’s industrial base will not be dissolved conversely neither will it prosper save energy production. Ontario heavy industry won’t be allowed to be a major influence on the global stage. You see a certain level of production must be maintained by Ontario heavy industry and mineral refinement processes in order to facilitate development of energy projects within Canada. The resulting energy products are destined for the United States. Once the North American Union is established and Canadian energy extraction is un-economical then the US will finally attend to development of their “off-limits” energy areas such as ANWR and offshore areas around Florida. There won’t be any sharing of these energy resources with the rest of the NAU, be sure of that. In the event of energy supply disruptions from the gulf and Venezuela you’ll see an great intensifying of development in Canada, US protected areas will be retained. Once Canada is ostensibly drained and there are no other international sources, then you’ll see the “politically sensitive” areas of development opened up in the US.


Canuck, you and I had nothing to do with the signing of NAFTA, but rest assured, it was signed, sealed, and delivered. What do you think Bush, Harper, and Calderon were talking about at their meeting a few weeks ago? The SPP is the further advancement of NAFTA, and there are rumors it is now set to be put in place. I believed Clinton when he was first elected and couldn't believe it when he signed NAFTA into law.


Elaine wrote: "...every time we weaken the dollar against Asia, they retaliate by crashing Asia's currencies and banks and then resume the penetration of our markets based on their weaker exchange rates."

Yep. Precisely. It's high time we tariffed the living shit out of ALL of Asia. "Business is War," they smugly proclaim. It's time we actually fought back in this business war.

In the comments, Teddy wrote: "I believed Clinton when he was first elected and couldn't believe it when he signed NAFTA into law."

Believe it, and understand this: I utterly disagree with Elaine on the Democrat party, and here's why: Carter recognized Bejing, gave away the Panama Canal and helped bring Khomeni back to power in Iran. And when you consider his intelligence, he's not cluelss or stupid. This leaves EVIL. Like all world-order socialists (cough-cough-Hillary-cough-cough), he believes that somehow politically-elected rulers are better than those who "elect" themselves via success in the capitalist system. News Flash: The current struggle is between the commies and the fascists, both of whom want to grind the masses under their bootheels; they merely have differing skill-sets and therefore naturally take different paths to world dominion. The real truth lies in exactly the hated ideals of Ayn Rand: personal freedom, personal accountability, and swift executions for meglomaniacal vermin. Read the writings of one Robert A. Heinlein, if you'd like to glimspe a future where the vermin are given short shrift and freedom = honor/accountability.

Clinton merely continued what Carter and the Dems have been about for so long: selling us out to the very same New World Order the Bushies are striving to engineer. Do we think it's really a coincidence that "Poppy" and "Bubba" became such big buddies?! I mean, come on. The leftists have every bit as much duty to recognize the failures, lies and corruptions of their preferred rulers as do the conservatives. Failure on the Left to do this results in you winding up the mirror image of JSmith. And nobody really wants that, now do they?! :o)

Neuro Artist

"Why did so many people praise him to the point, one Congressman said he wanted to stuff Greenspan and keep him on as the head of the Federal Reserve (sic--no reserves) forever?"

Chop off his head and put it on the Federal Reserve Museum forever, the rest of him can be used as fossile fuel, the federal reserve notes won't buy any (soon).

Sir Alan knew perfectly well what he was doing, he is responsible for the coming crash of the worldwide economy, and its results...


Well, it's official:

Lying is the real American pastime, surpassing all others.

Greenspan is actually on record as explaining how gold protects one's wealth/money/purchasing power/whatever from the insidious force of inflation (money printing/credit creation/currency manipulations). Now he claims he had no idea inflation through credit creation would result in harm to the economy.

I can remember the time when these sorts of lies were suddenly tolerated by the entire nation as a whole. It started with Reagan claiming he had no idea about Iran/contra and proceeded through "out-of-the-loop Bush I and onwards until today when every word that comes forth out of Washington is a rank lie easily exposed as such.

Few bother to do so and even fewer care. This is the state of the union now and also why Ron Paul's campaign is doomed to failure.

He is barking up a tree that no longer exists.


"Sir Alan knew perfectly well what he was doing..."


Elaine Meinel Supkis

I have a very strange history of not supporting the Democratic party 100%. Indeed, I even sent a Democratic Congressman to prison.

Both parties are corrupt. I even said when the Dems picked up both houses, they would simply turn it into the Knesset and guess what? They did.

I was kicked off of every lefty website in the past for metioning AIPAC and its influence on Democrats. And the Republicans are totally insane. They hang out with the End of Times lunatics. People itching for WWIII. I am totally against WWIII. Only the cockroaches will benefit from that.

Neuro Artist

Certainly WWIII will wipe most of us off the board, however the current system is beyond repair, it will have to run its course, and the ones remaining will have the opportunity to create something better.


I agree with almost all of what you have posted here, but in the interests of accuracy -Carter did NOT give away the canal-it was never ours to lose or give away. in some respects it's like the way we "lost China". The Carter/Torrijos treaty was the first treaty concerning the canal that Panamanians ever signed. And Operation "just because" essentially abrogated the treaty and restored our hegemony over the canal.

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