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Greenspan is attempting to cover his ass. The following article proves he is full of shit:

Here is a confidence preview:



Greenspan seems to be already trying to get out in front of a Jewish banker backlash. Headlines should read: "Jewish Banker Throws Bush Administration Under The Bus"


Yeah, I am quite surprised at how fast Greenspan is moving to protect himself and his "image". I strongly suspect that the internet is responsible for this.

Greenspan knows that the mainstream media will protect him up until a certain point, and that point is when the roar on the internet about him becomes so loud that it cannot realistically be ignored any longer.

Greenspan knows this, being a political creature by nature, and he knows that if there is a recession or depression, he will be blamed instead of the "Great Decider". Bush and his minions will make sure of this.

I notice that the Wall Street Journal always draws his face as if he were a reptile, with a macabre smile thrown in just to make him even more creepy. He would make an excellent scapegoat as he has no real protectors (that I know of).

However, if he were blamed, it would not be unjustified.


"Germany lunged a second time at England and nearly took England down! The only thing that saved Enlgand was the US empire."

Nonsense Elaine. The only thing that saved England (The whole UK actually) was the RAF defeating the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain in summer 1940, a full 15 months before the USA even entered the war.And we have Pilots from all over the then British Empire to thank for that heroic deed.

Please get your facts right.

Neuro Artist

Those heroic pilots were certainly one important factor, but I doubt very much that the British would have been able to withstand Germany, without US military aid prior to Pearl Harbour, and the massive aids following after to booth Soviet Union and Great Britain, effectively making it a 2-front war for Germany. You wouldn't really be a heroic pilot if you don't have an aeroplane.

I am pretty certain that UK government would have agreed to a seize-fire and a peace-treaty with Nazi-Germany, if the US had remained truly neutral. And Germany would have crushed Russia. Didn't Hitler admire the English aristocracy and its controll of the masses? And they did attempt to negotiate peace with the UK. Why was the US fleet concentrated in Pearl Harbour? Almost an invitation to the Japanese...


Nonsense, Mark.

The only thing that saved England in both World Wars was US supplies and ships. German submarine warfare had broken Britain's back in both wars, and Britain relied on American ships to bring in food and supplies until the US entered the war officially. England's surface fleet was useless.

Read up on submarine warfare and how many weeks supplies England had left at one point before we entered the war.

I wish we had not entered either WWI or WWII. Then, we would not have lost half a million men and would not have to hear so much crowing by the French and English about how heroic their surrend... I mean "victory" was.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Germans cut England off from her entire empire. We supplied England AND the Soviet Union! And we did this by producing zillions of ships, vehicles, planes and everything else. And the heroic sailors the merchant marine, took lots of losses trying to supply the English and Russian empires.

Truly, heroism and little was asked in return at the tiime, very little. I admire the previous generation for doing this. I wish we learned some lessons from the failure of Britain.


True. No one ever talks about the heroism of the merchant marine or any other little guys. It's all about the glorious fighter pilot, who cannot even perform basic maintenance on his own plane.

At least the Vikings knew how to fix their own ships while they were out at sea.

Read about the reconstructed Viking ship that sailed from Denmark to Ireland recently. The sailers were amazed at how hard it was to achieve this on a longboat, and they had modern protective gear and a modern ship shadowing them. Very interesting.


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