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Hello Elaine,

It seems to me that the Japanese are the only nation on earth that could discipline their people for such a grand, covert effort to conquer the world through economic warfare.

But, remember the East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere of the 1930's and 40's? Roosevelt saw that coming thanks to his banking/trading cousins and kitchen cabinet and may have predicated some of the early economic/political moves of his administration on those Asian events, especially in conjunction with the fascists’ victories in Germany and Italy.

However, I flatly disagree with your perspective that the government [LDP] of the Japanese warlords is collapsing.

The members of the crew with weak stomachs or too much personal baggage are just being shunted aside.

I suspect a more 'able' wartime cabinet will come aboard in the next fortnight and the real fireworks will begin.

Kindest regards,

Elaine Meinel Supkis

PFO: you may be right. I often think of Chile, for example. The US has this fondness for warlords and dictators. But will the Japanese people put up with this?

A very big question.


Hello Elaine,

Your mention of Chile is well taken. But all of South America was under the boot of dictators to one extent or another in the 1970's, perhaps in imitation of Franco's Spain.

However, I would not hesitate to note that unlike the rest of us, Japan is an isolated and homogenous country composed of 99.XX% Japanese. Therefore, Japan is THE singularly most individual country of the Earth! And when one segment of such a society gains ascendancy the sheeple follow.

With minor exceptions since Admiral Perry kicked-in the front door a scant 160 years [5 generations] ago; Japan has remained a Shintoist, Samurai society that selects those aspects [read 'weapons'] of gaijun cultures that best suit their long range goal of Banzai Nihon! In the 20th century, the military theater of international actions failed them from lack of raw materials, which were carteled by Europeans and Americans.

Thus the focus of every aspect of Japanese society on all things American after the war! They even named the highest business award after an American Edwards Deming.

In his 1984 classic ‘The Reckoning’ David Halberstam chronicled this amazing morphing of Japanese society into West California. But, he did not miss the same steely smiles you have noted in your columns. After all Japan has been itself for over 3,000 years, so what are a few generations of gaijun influence in such an epoch?

China is plagued by too many warlords vying to run the place, so they can't summon the power of a national mind that the Japanese can bring to bear; and won’t have the decisive role in how all this economic theater of the absurd plays out. However, in the end, neither will the single-minded Japanese.

The solution to all of this trans-nationalists manipulation of our world is to be found in Europe; the cradle of Judeo-Christian civilization and a continent living in the twilight of Fatima and the shadow of the Great Monarch.

Kindest regards,


Bear in mind a secondary social dynamic. My understanding is that Japanese workers are still paid yearly. I can’t offer direct observation but I can imagine that this would play towards employers resulting in a restricted movement of workers between opportunities. Particularly if savings opportunities are limited for to the benefit of workers. This also offeres the continuation of homage mindset in the emperor vein. The term “ingenious” comes to mind

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yearly pay is very medieval. I will look into that, Canuck. Thanks for the reminder.


"We must enter the world that is upside down, backwards and totally magical."

Speaking of which... isn't today one of those big-deal magical-numbery days?

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