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Liberal AND Proud

A first year economics student with a "C" average could predict a recession at this point.


I have been reading your blog for some weeks now, and I just wanted to say thank you for the tremendous help it has been to me, enabling me to understand what is going on in a macro kind of way.

Blunt Force Trauma

Well, finally after Bloomberg, the OECD and Elaine have said it, maybe the rest of the presstitutes of the lamestream media will quit lying that all-is-well and will finally start telling people the truth! Naw, they'll bury it.

Yet the truth is; following this recession, it's crash time! The truth may help the public to curb their spending/bad habits with plastic or with money they don't have (that has got to be some sort of oxy-moron) and allow things to slow a while in order to plug the holes in the dyke. For now.

It's far too late for that now. We're in the midst of just about 'peak everything' and everyone from Joe Six Pack to the Federal Gov't are spending like drunken sailors on shore leave.

My guess is that all will remain the same with this frenzy of spending on illegal wars, SUVs and general bad financial behaviour until we hit the wall.

The crappy part of it all is that those responsible get to remain super rich while they leave us with the buffoons whom they've conned into this mess and are taking us down with them.


The super rich always manage to get away with their destructive schemes while leaving millions (billions, this time?) dead or dying.

A reporter (this was long ago when reporters occasionally asked real questions) once asked one of these super rich money lenders from Australia who had financed the Australian war effort during WWII if he could have just as easily financed a rebuilding of Australia during the Great Depression that preceded it.

Again, long before anyone understood the concept of public relations, he simply answered: "yes".

Only a few, if any, can become super rich off of peace and general prosperity. That is why war is the preferred means of becoming super rich and will always plague us as long as men feel that money is worth more than life itself.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Wars=loot. Ask the Germans and Japanese why they invaded and enslaved so many people. Or ask Bush.

What bothers me most is how the economists and others work hard to pretend war doesn't = inflation unless the govenment forces savings of bonds like during WWI and WWII.


Blunt Force Trauma, the lamesteam media is speaking up - and it's about time. Here's a "we're not going to take it any more" account of people marching in the streets over the sad state of financial conditions in this country. Oh, if it were only true.

From Newsweek / MSNBC -

"Demanding further intervention from the Federal Reserve to protect their endangered fortunes, thousands of the nation’s leading hedge-fund managers marched on Washington today."



And let's not forget who funded the Germans and Japanese first, then pulled the plug on them economically to force them to go to war. The "real super rich" play on both sides of the fence. Nationalism is only for the cows they milk. I mean sheeple.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

From Newsweek via Cato's post above: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20591430/site/newsweek/from/

"Dubbed “The Million Mercedes March,” the protest was said to be the largest chauffeur-driven demonstration in the capital’s history.

Limousines started jamming the streets of Washington at approximately 10 a.m., as irate hedge-fund owners converged in front of the Federal Reserve building to demand stronger action to protect their imperiled riches.

Chanting “No rate cut, no peace!” the furious money managers were pepper-sprayed by police as their protest threatened to take a violent turn.

Tracy Klujian, a hedge-fund manager from Greenwich, Conn., said that simmering anger in the hedge-fund community was “a powder keg” waiting to explode. “We have yet to see the ripple effects of this crisis,” Klujian said. “When these guys have to freeze their trophy wives’ shopping allowances, there’s going to be hell to pay.”

Klujian’s words seemed almost prophetic as a mob of angry trophy wives looted a Ralph Lauren boutique in East Hampton, N.Y., later in the day, stripping the establishment of its entire fall collection."

I will add breaking news here:

And their kids refused to take off their Ipods in school and turned their noses up at uncatered school lunches. Then they slashed the tires of their buses and demanded Bernanke helicopter lifts home.


Haha! Great one, Elaine and Cato!

If it were only true... we could at least have the pleasure of ridiculing them during endless reruns of the Million Mercedes March while we munch on illegal popcorn.


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