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Great article ---as always But nothing about our hero Big Al Greenspan's appearence on 60 Minutes?!?

Bet you didn't know that "It was all Bush's fault"!

Greeny pleads innocent hahahahaha


Some of those bigger houses are hideous. I like to call it *architorture*.


And all our systems have been set up like the Hav-a-Hart cages I use to catch large rodents. I bait it with food they like to eat, they enter and the trap snaps shut. Then I kill them because I don't have a heart. — Elaine

So how do you do that? I presume you don't just try to shoot them in the cage. Do you let 'em out, give them a decent chance to make a run for it? I know you're heartless. All beautiful ladies are heartless. I ain't no stupid kid, y'know! So how do you do the Annie Oakley thing with the poor rodents?

You could just get a Maine coon cat, and pull it around with a leash, and let it pee all around the perimeter?

Neuro Artist

Of course it is Bushs fault too. However it is very interesting that Greenspan is trying to save his neck, for sinking the ship even before it sunk, by shifting the blame. He is a smart guy he knows its gonna sink, and he is hedging... He wants to enjoy his gold in his private vault with his head well connected to the rest of the body.

Maybe he even wants to start a new central bank after the dust has settled, with currency backed by his gold, bought cheaply from the federal reserve, with a low interest federal reserve backed loan?

D. F. Facti

slightly OT - but not really

read Vanity Fair's article re the missing Iraqi billions thanks to the Coalition Provisional Authority

They contracted with a post office box in Nassau,the Bahamas, and it turns out that it was the aame box used by a notorious offshore - redundant? - fraud by the name of Evergreen Securities.



Nice work, Facti! But I had to use special ops to recover the link. Here it is (great picture!):

((----- Copy & Paste -----))


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Everything ends up in a pirate cove or buried in some distant island! We are talking pirates here! Yes!

And thanks for all the links. I don't watch any TV so I didn't see Greenspan's performance. But he said a lot...of lies! And what do we expect from him?

He is a vulture.

Neuro Artist

Yes, I know it is slightly OT. Just speculatin'. However there are so many actual things occurring nowadays that are slightly OT (or more). I wouldn't be surprised if this is coming too.

What is known about this Evergreen securities?

Luck for Greenspan he is not a rodent ;) ....

D. F. Facti

Re Evergreen Securities

I have one-degree-of-separation experience with Evergreen Securities.

When I was reading the VF story last night, and I came upon Evergreen Securities, I googled around a bit, and, sure enough, it was the same den of thieves I knew about.

About seven years ago, a lawyer friend was approached by an insurance broker who knew one of the main Evergreen perps. Evergreen was looking for a lawyer with international tax experience, which my friend had. (Actually they were looking for a stooge who would lend credibility to their scam - but, I digress.)

She flew down to Orlando and got the treatment - the razz-ma-tazz these numbers types ALWAYS perform - white board charts and formulas, all spit out at lightning (sorry, Elaine) speed, leaving heads spinning.

Their clients, according to them, included, get this: Ted Turner, Ross Perot and the Bush clan.

Now, con men always claim to have God as their client, because it's impossible to verify. However, under the circumstances ...

The deal they were offering had to do with real estate investment trusts, somehow GUARANTEED by the Chubb Group of insurance companies - and one other - AIG? - I could be mistaken about that last. Anyway, the money supposedly never left the good, old USA, but the arrangement was handled through either Nassau or St. Vincent. (One of the perps supposedly had written the tax code for St. Vincent and the Granadines.)

I urged my friend, who wanted me to work for her/them as a marketer, to ask serious questions. Their minimum "investment" was - what? - $5 million, supposedly - but they had to have proof that the client was worth at least $25 million - supposedly required 1040s of prospective investors, etc.

I steered clear. In my experience, legitimate investors require ample opportunity to obtain detailed information about who is running the money and track records and so forth. These guys were like the Wizard of OZ.

There is much more. Sorry to take up so much space.


"So how do you do that? I presume you don't just try to shoot them in the cage."

You put rodent, trap, and all in a suitable container with a brick on top. Then you fill it up with water.

I don't get the Peter Pan/Mary Popins stuff. My parents didn't think I should waste my time on that crap.


Drowning? That seems unnecessarily cruel.

I just use glue traps, and then I brain them after they get caught. I don't want them to suffer long.

Neuro Artist

Thanks Facti.


mary poppins is the most wonderful and caring kids actor ever!!!


mmmmm well yah

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