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Blunt Force Trauma

I've noticed the conflicting story scenario plenty of times where Bloomberg is concerned. I haven't an example, but it's along the lines of having two stories stacked onto one another under 'breaking news' where one states that all is well and then under that is a doom-ish story.

But speaking of all is well, I have Bloomberg TV on in the background and they currently have Conrad Q-something from Bear Sterns and he is stating that all IS well. People are spending, there hasn't been a down-shift in the economy et al.

Clearly this man has his own head up his arse.

H with the reindeer

You know, I have been thinking about this.

Perhaps USA has the smallest Forex reserv.
But on the other hand it has the largest Gold reserv.
And further more, they (USA that is) have managed to persuade the rest of the central bankers to sell their gold by the 'Washington Agreement'. (What a name for an agreement that does'nt even include Washington.. ehh :-)

There's a group called GATA that says that the price of gold is supressed.
Thats exactly what I would do if I had the ability to produce paper money for free and exchange it for gold.
I would do it in 'stealth mode' under the radar of the rest of the world.

Sooner or later Gold will shine again. What other option is there for ol' USA ?

Have a nice weekend.


I bought some gold recently - for my wife's birthday. That it's wrapped around a nice sapphire doesn't hurt its value in the least.


Gold looks great on women. I prefer silver.

And yes, I agree with Reindeer. The ruling elites have been secret buyers of gold ever since Reagon started coining gold eagles and legalized their ownership. I do not recall any great fanfare about this.

Just by way of example, a recent Supreme Court nominee -- Kennedy, I believe -- had to declare his net worth as part of his nomination proceedings. He had $50,000 in gold eagles. I was stunned by this.

I had never heard of that. No stocks or bonds or whatever. Just a pile of gold, and this was back when gold was $300 an ounce. Guess that shows you what our Highest Court really thinks about our paper money, even as they claim it is legal tender.


Try saving rolls of US nickels? According to COINflation.com ( http://www.coinflation.com/ ), the "melt value" of a 2007 five cent piece is currently $0.0692764... And you can always cash them in, or just spend them. They are rather bulky, but that does make them a tad harder to steal.


Hiding stuff is always a hassle. I wrote about this before. In the woods, you can bury stuff exactly half-way between two prominent features. Or at a measured distance at an odd angle away from a bolder, etc., directed by compass. Pace the distances off, and measure the length of your paces with a tape measure at some other location. Photograph the location, and write a good description of the site, since people NEVER EVER remember it!

Hiding metal material is tricky, what with metal detectors and such. Stealth shielding might help. You could get short plastic pipes (certified for underground use) at pluming supply outlets, with end caps, and special bonding agents to seal them. Get a larger pipe and a smaller one. Buy a big container of graphite powder, pour 3/4" at the bottom of the big pipe, set the smaller one in, and fill ALL space between them with the graphite. Graphite is semi conductive, and could (no guarantees) provide a lot of electromagnetic stealth. (Note, if it's packed tightly, its conductivity rises considerably.) Above all, DON'T BREATH IN THE GRAPHITE — Wear a very good dust filter mask. It won't wash out if you get it on clothing, etc, which could become evidence of what you might have been up to.


Mark Carney, former investment banker at Goldman Sachs, has been named Bank of Canada governor succeeding David Dodge.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I saw that news, Voltaire. What a choice! The integration of Canada continues under the radar. Burying gold: all over Europe, farmers keep finding buried gold that is from the Dark Ages. That was the WORST depression to hit Europe in the last 5,000 years.


Elaine, exactly. Integration from the top to the bottom as opposed to triangulation? In which case, welcome to the Americas!

Neuro Artist

I'll keep just a few small gold coins for emergency use, and a few pounds of silver (poor mans gold is dirtcheap right now, and I think it is less likely it will be confiscated, most of it is in the form of jewellry, grandmas silver set, not in bullion) which I hope will be able to buy me a few acres of good farmland when the time has come to leave Istanbul, for a safer place. I think the best way of surviving the coming disaster is to be in the country-side, owning a small piece of non-strategic land, producing what is needed for survival, and have good relations with your neighbours (trade, defense and welfare).

These Goldman Sachsers get in everywhere, ey? Isn't Greenspan a consultant with Bank of England and Deutche Bank? Ready to sell out the national interests for the common good of bankers. Spiderwebbing!

Neuro Artist

I wonder if the Supreme court nominee declared the face-value? That would mean he was in possession of 1000 oz gold, which is worth a lot more than 50.000 USD...

Neuro Artist

You have a beautiful view Elaine, if you replace the trees in your view with houses, you'll have my Istanbul view from my porch.


I would not feel at all safe in Istanbul right at the moment. If the fools attack Iran, I think things there could get more dicey than a Las Vegas casino. Casablanca comes to mind.

Neuro Artist

True Blues, Turkey is a country torn between east and west, islam and secularism, nationalism and globalism, military rule, commercialism and democracy. Not to mention continental plates...At the same time it is a people used to crisis (monetary, security, parliamentary, earthquake), to the extent that it is almost an everyday occurance. The infrastructure is almost built up around it. For instance you could find a gold bullion dealer on almost every street with a remarkable low spread between buy and sell. And people are generally truly helpfull and caring towards each other.

Anyway my wife is Turkish and we lived previously in Sweden for about 7 years, and England for a year prior to that, after getting married. We got fed up with Sweden, and decided to move to Turkey. As it is we live a good life in Istanbul right now, but it is not really what we want, and as you say it will not be safe when the shit really hits the fan, but I don't think you will be safe in any other big city either....


"We got fed up with Sweden..."

What was wrong with Sweden?

Neuro Artist

Well, it is bloody boring place to begin with. Apart from that I had a small Natural Health Care business that went bankrupt, after being attacked in the local newspaper, by an established colleague, the chairman of the Swedish Chiropractic Organisatıon, the health authorities, the police and the district attorney (nothing came of it, apart from ruining my goodwill, and professional confidence). Leaving me with personal debts that were impossible to pay off with a salary. My wife couldn't get work teaching English, since her University Diploma wasn't valid in Sweden. So we decided to sell our house (I am greatful for the housing bubble personally), paid off our debts, and went to live in Turkey instead. Sure Sweden has its good sides if you choose not to be too different and challenge the systems too much, then the hammer comes down on you... And what is too different in Sweden might not even raise an eye in another country.


I went to Sweden, Stockholm. It bears an eerie resemblance to Toronto. It's just colder in such places; August is like May in New York. Everything revolves around the need to keep safe and warm, so insecurity is pervasive. The people actually seem chilly, but really they are pleasant to know. So there is a lot of socialism, etc. If not for this defensive reaction, they would be out marauding the rest of the world, I would speculate. Some kinds of moderation appear to be the luxury of the secure.

The warmer climes are problematic for humans as well. Exotic insects carry nasty diseases, malaria, for example. And if you just sit down on a stump, a poisonous snake or scorpion will bite you. But don't get too comfortable. With global climate change, these scary critters are moving northward!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

In WWI and WWII, Turkey was oddly the safest place on earth! All the great powers went there to conspire! Turkey has a very odd history going way back thousands of years which I will talk about in the future, Turkey interests me greatly, all my life. Wish I could visit some day.

Neuro Artist

'In WWI and WWII, Turkey was oddly the safest place on earth! All the great powers went there to conspire!'

-That is true, sometimes it is good to be in the middle, not really belonging anywhere. If you are passing by or would like to come visit one day you are most welcome to be my guest Elaine.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I also love Turkish food. A Turkish friend of mine runs Ali Baba's Kitchen here in New York. I eat there frequently.


The trees on your mountain are turning beautifully. Here in the deep Connecticut River Valley, they are just showing hints. It looks like this fall will be colorful. But some here are expecting a late drought, and we are having an actual heat wave. The weather is getting stranger than ever. I am predicting a huge influx of shadow people for this Halloween, Elaine.

Don H

"... a country of very high skies with white clouds that reduced the proportions of everything else, even the rising hills; of orange sunsets and menacing thunderstorms; a place that was strange and liberating, yet a place where one was perfectly at home."

Edmund Wilson from " Upstate: Records and Recollections of Northern New York"

I miss upstate NY. I would move back in a heart beat if I could.

I love your blog, very informative. Keep up the good work.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks, Don H. Upstate is very, um, invigorating. The blizzards can be most awesome, too. But then, we get fall and fall is glorious.


The Five Seasons of New England:







There is one problem with this article: The fact that there is a tangible "disconnect" from "paper gold" as traded on Comex and "physical gold", and as traders discover this important fact then physical gold prices form their own market and their own store of wealth and will not be readily manipulated. This is what is happening now. NO GOVERNMENT can control the physical gold prices continually. Sooner or later paper gold has to it has to follow the trend of physical gold

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You're going to see a lot of people trading lightly and quick to get out at the first hint of adversity, but ultimately, gold will go higher.

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