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I recently found your blog from a link used on a gold investment board to one of your articles.
Firstly, very well done for your propensity to produce SO MANY well thought out articles!
I particularly enjoy the topics on the global economy and the shenanigans in the corridors of power.
This has become a daily dose of stimulating reading in the flaky world of pretending that the world loves "us" (whoever we are).

This may be controversial and off topic, but the part in the article about the esteemed speaker of the House whinging about the high cost of the war prompted me to pose this thought...

After WW1 and WW2 (and maybe others), the victor/s got to enjoy the spoils of war - make the losers pay - (and that was the start of 20th century economic chaos, and the USA never got paid back anyway!).
Now, the USA invades Afghanistan and later Iraq, and what does it do? It PAYS to fix up those countries and hand them back to the peasants!!!

Perhaps it is not the warlords who are the problem, it is the bleeding hearts who think that everyone is like them.

Long live greed and vanity.

Richard Kover

@ oldgrey

"Now, the USA invades Afghanistan and later Iraq, and what does it do? It PAYS to fix up those countries and hand them back to the peasants!!!"

What on earth can it mean to say the US is 'fixing' anything up anywhere in the world. The US "treasury" (mostly debt to foreign nations) has been bled (by bloody warlords and not bleeding hearts) to the tune of over 1/2 a trillion dollars to utterly destroy Afghanistan and Iraq, certainly not to build it up.

As to WWI and WWII, who has the financial upper hand in the world today, Japan, China, Russia, or the US? What leverage does the US "warlord" have in regard to even its own economic health, compared to the leverage of countries with "Sovereign Wealth Funds"? In what country will the "peasants" of the future reside?

The only viable corrective is the downfall of greed and vanity!!! (and that is not controversial, just ignored)


with all due respect, if you think the US is paying anyone other than rival militias/warlords in Iraq/Afghanistan and that the US is planning on handing things back to the native population ( and the Iraqis are hardly peasants) you are fucking delusional.

Not Student

@Old Grey:

"Now, the USA invades Afghanistan and later Iraq, and what does it do? It PAYS to fix up those countries and hand them back to the peasants!!!"

I would like to mimick Elaine here: "This is a conspiracy to make me laugh to death."


The US never pays to anyone else except its own greedy corporations. It's a shame the US people still believe that the big corporations have their interest at heart and that their government is both capable and willing to defend them.

Why would you think that a "president" with eight years in power and no accountability thereafter will think for the long term benefit of the people?

Why would you think the supposedly "congress" would care about the "peasants" who supposedly "voted" them into the "house" over the "big money" who really is their master?

The checks and balances of the original system is no longer in existence. All that's left is merely a ghostly shell of what used to be democracy. (There isn't even Hebaes Corpus anymore in the States)



Check out the latest article from
LEAP/E2020 GEAB N°18 :

Seven sequences of the impact phase of the global systemic crisis (2007-2009).

That is a gloomy prospect for all if it comes true...


Yes Elaine, as I said before, try to sequence the future like these europeans: LEAP/E2020 GEAB N°18.

I know that this is very hard, when you already make a lot for your readers by keeping this blog.


"With 15% of world consumption. We are about 3% of the world's population."

Let 15% be x then world consumption is 100/15*x = (6.6...7)x
Let 3% be y then world population is 100/3*y = (33.33...)y
I think the U.S. population is about 300 million, then if y = 300 million, the world population is nearly 10 billion (a tad high?).

Then if world consumption is 7x

3% consume x or x/300m = (3*10^(-9))x per person, 97% consume 6x or 6x/10b = 0.0000000006 per person.
If the 97 were to consume the american rate world consumption would be 30x (3e^-9 * 9 billion)x
therefore 30x/7x is about 4 times.

Its only proportion, a clever person could see it more easily than me, a trivial calculation.
The data comes from statistics, economics, whatever. Scientists like the rest are lying elitists looking out for themselves. The counter by scientists is that productivity can be increased by genetic improvement of crops etc. and economics by micro-finance etc. which is all nonsense so we are going to have big fights. Since our industry is so run-down, and the universities are filled not by the expected clever people but deadbeats, our Prime-Minister is opening Military Technical Colleges for young people. That is a trap beyond the obvious. When people join the military they do not get to go where they want to go.

Forgive me. I agree with you. I am just drawing attention to method. I was going to canvass the possibility of equitable consumption but I suppose that is a no-brainer

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Proof of our consumption is simple: our trade deficit.

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