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If Rangel stated he may be raising taxes on the middle class, he would receive several annoying phone calls. But when he hints that he may raise taxes on the rich, he knows he and his party will receive millions in political donations. This is how the game is played. A recent example of the game, is the recent announcement that a change in the 15 percent federal tax of hedge fund managers income was being formulated.. After several millions of dollars spent by lobbyists, the threat went away.
It is interesting that just the other day, Rangel stated that he was convinced by Hank Paulsen that a reduction in corporate tax rates from 35 percent to 25 percent should be considered.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

100% correct, Jill. They are shaking the money tree as I hinted.


Agree 100% on this essay.

One must remember Aaron Burr and how he was seen by Washington and Hamilton. Do whatever it takes to get elected and stay elected, promise the fools anything, lies, propaganda, massive vote fraud, etc., and "that's democracy", as FDR put it. This sort of behavior was certain to destroy the Republic, at least in Hamilton's eyes, and history has shown Hamilton correct.

One recollects that Ron Paul is a man of the Old Right and a believer in Constitutional Government.

A government that is not allowed to buy votes!! A government that is not allowed to take payoffs from Wall Street in exchange for "protection"!! What an amazingly "horse and buggy" idea! (Roosevelt called the Constitution "that horse and buggy document.")

And, yeah, I meant Schumer amongst others.


Don't worry about heating oil - Hugo will be there for ya!

"It is now exactly 88 years since the Great Depression began. 8, when turned on its side as ∞ becomes infinity. The #4 in China is a good number and when doubled, double good. This is also Oroboros, the snake with the tail in its mouth. And it is also the Möbius strip where one is stuck in a matrix, a configuration that, despite twists and turns, it also infinite even as it is very finite, sort of like our own time and space continuity."

Well. This article was going along OK until you hit the bong!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

This is an auspicious year for China and they love magic numbers every bit as much as our magicians love magic debts.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

And Smith, you are a perfect mirror for the GOP's heartless attitude: let them eat oil.

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