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Stirling Dingleberry

More tiresome left wingnut rantings. Please retire and move into a nursing home.


Why don't you just let go and drop into the toilet where you belong, Dingleberry?

Dark Wraith

Good evening.

I felt my ears burning, so I decided to wander over here to see what was going on.

Most excellent: good layout of salient aspects of the current situation regarding the economy; but I should caution that, although the economy seems to be headed for a recession within the next four quarters or so, that looming prospect is the least of our problems.

The Federal Open Market Committee—inspirationally led, of course, by the thunderingly mediocre but loyal as a dog Mr. Bernanke—had to make a choice a couple weeks ago: on the one hand, the members could hold to an ostensibly (not really, but at least ostensibly) tight monetary policy, thereby allowing the secondary market debt crisis to expand and finally perhaps reveal the deep crisis in the overall domestic credit markets; or they could back off the tight monetary policy and simply pour liquidity into the market, thereby putting off a recession for a few quarters at the high risk of roaring inflation down the road.

Those bulwarks of monetary policy integrity chose the road least likely to invite a pitchforks-and-torches barbecue fest.

The good news is that this means the economic version of B-movie apocalypse is thereby avoided for the time being.

The bad news is that, when it finally does hit, the fan will be meeting its love interest sometime in the middle of the first (and probably only) administration of the next President of these United States of America.

Trying to explain to the American people that the catastrophic perfect storm of spiraling inflation, enormous out-year spending obligations, and foreign capital markets no longer very interested in buying our new-issue Treasury paper is going to be the equivalent of explaining calculus to a gorilla.

(I can attest to the difficulty of doing that, considering my job every day is worse: I teach students who've come from American secondary education.)

Back on point, in other words, the gallows so richly deserved by the assortment of debt-doesn't-matter neo-conservatives, Rapture-will-save us fundamentalists, and garden-variety opportunists now holding the reins of power in Washington will swing empty because the deserving necks will be long gone to the lecture circuit, K Street, think tanks, and academia when the fiscal fun flies.

That will, of course, leave whoever is President to look around and say (in the most reassuring tone, of course), "This job can bite me."

That won't stop the economic catastrophe from proceeding unabated, but it will certainly encourage a more business-casual environment at the regularly scheduled Cabinet meetings.

The Dark Wraith has digressed sufficiently for one evening.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

At last, I have found the perfect person for rummaging around in the various dark caves of hedge fund hell hounds, the perfect person to sail off to the pirate coves of Queen Elizabeth's many tiny islands to shoot cannonades at those liquid-loving financial plank walking tax cheating LLPs! And someone capable of throwing spells back in the face of financial wizards waving their wands and selling bonds back to themselves in order to make money appear out of thin air!

The Dark Wraith's wrath awaits the rising of the gibbous moon to reveal itself!

And then there is the Furies and the Fates: they have messengers, the Watchers who are vultures and who see the future.

Will we avoid the future? Will hubris fade and flowers bloom?

Enough with my birthday message.


I remember way back when Ronald Reagan first started running. I was at this entertainment-oriented bar in the middle of Western Connecticut, which is the middle of nowhere. (Just one multi-millionaire every mile or so are there, and a few exotic restaurants.) The crowd of about 200 were mostly in the 20 to 30 age group. I was shocked when a band climbed onto the stage and asked how many liked Reagan. Every arm but mine went up. Only my arm went up when they asked if we wanted Carter. It was surreal. Why would all these young people want Reagan?

A lot of other things were happening at the time. I knew various con artists. The were all very different; con artists seem to be extravagantly individualistic; one was a sort of on-the-edge-almost con artist who worked like a demon to be a raving hipster. Now, the thing that all my con artist friends agreed on was that Reagan would bring fascism. No ifs, ands, or buts. These con artists never seemed to lay hold of much money, but they were not about to get conned themselves. These folks don't give much of a damn, but they seem to know everything.

So what has the Reagan Revolution come to? Well the thugs took huge helpings of the worker's paychecks, and essentially forked it over to the super rich. But a lot of what Elaine writes about here is the other things they have done. They have largely eliminated what I have called the Aggregate Productivity System (APS), which is very roughly "industry." "Industry" is a very strange word, almost beyond definition. You almost cannot define the APS. For example, is a setup with some guy flipping burgers a part of it? I don't know. Artists and musicians seem to be in the APS. But lawyers, accountants, and PR consultants are not. The "productivity" part means there has to be an actual physical product. I would contend that the worst crime of the Reaganite thugs was the sale of most of the APS (which we basically need for our very survival) to foreign interests.

A third thing the neocon Reaganite thugs have done, rather obviously in pursuit of fast-buck pleasure, involves the gutting of the laws and rules protecting our ridiculously complicated financial "machine." As Elaine has demonstrated, the thing is so ridiculously complicated that the public has virtually no idea of what has been done to it. There is no easy way to explain it all, apparently. However, one way to do it is to go the Alex Jones Duct Tape route, which, while a tad kitschy, is astoundingly effective. Jones has this giant, world-enveloping conspiracy theory. It involves things like giant bulldozers lying in wait at the border, ready to smash their way through the very heart of the nation. He envisions a North American Union (NAU) that will weld Mexico, the U.S., and Canada into one huge totalitarian hell. The U.S. dollar will be murdered, only to be replaced by the new NAU "Amero." Jones' Duct Tape narrative, while not up to handling the subtlety of Elaine's analysis, has achieved a surprisingly strong following among common people.

The smart-ass youth were played. The con artists saw the big trick coming with crystal clarity. It might even pay to get to know a few con artists. (They are not, in any straightforward sense, "nice" people, but they generally know the score.)

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks, Blues. You are correct. It is so funny, the Amero makes nearly no news and then former President Fox of Mexico says outright, twice, that the Amero is the future Neue Deutsche Rentenmark.

This is when Germany simply made up a new money form based on FUTURE RENTS in Germany in 1923. Then Hilter decided to not pay the rent at all and we had WWII.


Blues, I too was astounded at the time to see widespread support for Reagan among the young people. I remember commenting to friends how young people used to rebel, now they mindlessly buy into the power structure. And they celebrated it. No shame at all.

Dark Wraith, nice post except you shouldn't talk smack about gorillas :)

Dark Wraith

Good evening, Al.

I could have used neo-cons as exemplary of diminished higher learning abilities, but that seemed too much like gilding the lily(-livered).

I've been thinking of raising money for a neo-con wildlife preserve. Nothing terribly fancy, just a native-environment type of deal. I could have game rooms where they could play Age of Empires and pretend they're actually warriors instead of chicken-hearted draft dodgers and champagne squadron fly-boys.

The feeding area is my greatest triumph. Visitors could watch every day as the neo-cons line up to run to the trough at the AIPAC Financial Nourishment Center. Minor obstacles could make the trip more exciting: maybe a Judith Miller/Scooter Libby "Avoid Registration as a Foreign Agent" climbing wall would be cool.

I'm not sure about the breeding area, though. Research indicates that in-species copulation (instead of screwing the universe) is so rare that we'd probably have to put up infra-red cameras to catch them in flagrante delicto, but the sight of that would be well worth the expense... unless, of course, we have to throw in the cost of that Karl Rove Metro Bar and Baptist Reading Room, too. That would be expensive, what with the cost of the Ann Coulter look-alike bouncers.

Where was I? Oh, yes: the neo-con wildlife preserve. I think it's an idea we should all consider. A soon-to-be vanishing breed could go to extinction without our help. If the last of the neo-cons disappears, we'll be left with only one option: DNA extraction and cloning.

That could get downright nasty. It's better if we keep 'em alive... in small numbers, of course. Someday, children will want to see what kind of animals walked the halls of Washington DC and left all those giant, fossilized messes for the next generation to clean up.

The Dark Wraith reaches for the scooper.


I gotta say that I find the Duct Tape narrative pretty believable. One of two qualms I have about pulling up stakes and relocating to Canada.

That said I wasn't voting age when Reagan entered office, but I remember that they held a mock vote at my elementary school and Reagan won. I do remember the press dogging Carter about the Iran hostage crisis.

My grandpa despised Reagan. He saw how it was, knew the score. I miss him. He passed the summer before 9/11 and we all felt that is was a sort of blessing that he missed that.

I didn't get at the time how justified he was in his wrath. Thanks grandpa. I would have less of a clue if it hadn't been for you.


Dark Wraith, you are hilarious! I love reading your posts. I hope you post here more often.

I know all too well the "gorrilla-like" (sorry Greenpeace!) intelligence level of American college students (and their parents). It is truly amazing.

Dark Wraith

The Dark Wraith shall, by the grace of God, Richard Cheney, and decent coffee drinks at attractive prices, return in cameo roles...

...unless, of course, all that paranoid talk about bloggers getting the Rendition Red-Eye isn't paranoid talk after all, in which case my return may be delayed because of long-term in-house counseling sessions conducted by "Dr. Omar" and his electric light clinic, complete as it is with attractive, non-conductive upholstery and a rather kicky theme music background compliments of the Death Metal/Polka fusion group, "Leg Cramp at 50,000 Joules."

I need sleep.

The Dark Wraith will be back at some point.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

And visit his web page! A great fun time there!

And the Zoo: it already exists. We call it the Washington, DC Zoo. The top draw there is the Chinese Panda. It owns the Zoo.


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Elaine Meinel Supkis

You should pay me for any ad space, Sunny.


My first tactic would be to fire you, Sunny Boy.


Don't charge "Sunny" - just delete it. What is it they say, "terminate with extreme prejudice"? I'm all in favor of cruel and unusual punishment for spammers.

I like the Dark Wraith too, although he dogs on Ron Paul, and for the life of me, I can't see another person running who is fit to hold the office. Thompson? Riiiiight - like he isn't simply going to keep the Cheney/Rove/Bush machine running as it is now. Anyone who wants to dismantle the Fed is okay in my book, but then, I'm a long-time Fleckenstein reader; one must make of that what they will.

Mr. Wraith also somehow seems to think that ol' "Poppy" isn't in on the Neo-con crapola. I believe the expression I'm looking for is "not bloody likely."

Between Clinton and Carter we have both a China and a North Korea with a lot more nuclear hardware than they would otherwise have had--and I'm not talking RadarRanges, here. This is not for to making of the happiness.

Still, Mr. Wraith does say a lot of other stuff that I do find reasonable, he being of a similar "both sides SUCK" mindset, overall. All in all, a good find, O Learned Blogging Goddess.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Correct, John.

But the loss of US power started with the loss of the Vietnam war and our brush with bankruptcy. We have paid for everything by going steeply into debt since then. No empire going into debt has kept any power at all. Note how little people in Iraq are rapidly bankrupting our red ink empire.

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