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D. F. Facti

I can barely stand to read about GS. Let's not forget Robert Rubin, Clinton's wizard at the Treasury.

The Wall Streeters are paying to type, of course. With no meaningful opposition from the majority party in Congress.

Today's Chicago Tribune quotes one Richard Bove of the firm Punk Ziegel & Co. as atating that the anounced $80 billion fund underwritten by three mega banks in the US to buy "troubled" SIV's: "It's a bailout of rich people."

Tell that to Harry and Nancy.



Maybe here some answers on the bullion gold shortage-delay...

New Treasury documents reveal loans, swaps of U.S. gold

"Note the additional description of gold provided in the new reporting format. It says the U.S. Gold Reserve is 261.499 million ounces and, importantly, that the gold is now reported 'including gold deposits and, if appropriate, gold swapped.' [Emphasis added.]

Elaine Meinel Supkis

How about gold swiped? It is so hard to track things. And they use so many things for other things, I feel like I am at a three card monty game.


Well, I studied this game theory decades ago. Something about finding the "best" strategies. I don't remember the details. I didn't think it could handle anything very complex. They also use all kinds of other mathematical methods. I'm 85% sure this is nuts. On par with those talk shows where they talk a little about biochemistry, and use it to "prove" that you should eat their product. I think the major function of economists is to constantly spin a rosy picture of the stock market.

I really think the amount of science that can reside in economics may be severely limited. I do have some ideas, but I won't go into them tonight (I have a headache).

~I usually tell them, 'It is worth only what someone will pay and that varies greatly.'~ — Elaine

I question this (I always question answers that look easier than they should be). Things that are too obvious are often just wrong.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Blues, did you look at the biker babe at the top of the next story? Heh. I used to dress up funny like that (but with the breasts covered, of course) to bike around NYC with others who liked to mess around with people's minds. I actually ran around in steel armor.


I probably don't need steel armor. I'm pretty dense, all by myself. I know all about the 'babe'. I saw her with the Hitler pictures in the New Milford, CT mansion.

jim simmons
ronald bloom

NOt bad alan


Nice to see you at 321gold Elaine


Sorry about the incoherent post above. Migraine headache makes posting difficult. I was trying to express that the biker babe picture in the "Money Is Flowing AWAY From USA" story looks to be of a genre that I associate with the WW II era. I don't know why I make that association. One time in the 70's I lived in a mansion in Connecticut that a rock & roll band had temporarily rented (far from any neighbors who would complain about the loud practice sessions). Turned out the owner was very much acquainted with the Nazi leaders of WW II, and he had a lot of stuff that looks like your picture. I wonder; why do I associate that kind of picture with the WW II era so strongly?


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The Germans, or rather the Nazis, tried to create their own mythology for their new movement. They took ancient symbols and borrowed images from their Nordic past to help promote the idea of a superior warrior race. That photo is very at home in a Nazi type propaganda display. They expected even their women to be "superior" not just beauty-wise, but physcially and religiously.

The woman depicted is probably an ancient Gaulic warrior. Celtic women often fought as warriors and the Romans wrote about this, claiming they feared the wives of the fallen Celts more so than the the Celtic warrior himself. Like the men, Celtic women were much taller than Romans.

Anyway, the Nazis used images from their Nordic and Celtic past to promote the concept of Aryan (sp?) superiorty. It was all just a bunch of bullshit, but they even had a parade where they dressed up as ancient warriors and Teutonic Knights and even filmed it. It was ridiculous.


Lets face it, the US has done themselves in with all the corruption and thievery. At one time we were a superpower, today we are bordering 3rd World country status. The politicians and they're backdoor deals have finished us now. They fortuantely are broke, I hope China and India stop issuing loans and dump the dollar, are days of greatness are over and as broke as I may be after this, I'll be happy to see the madness end, along with the USA........

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I live in the USA and want the USA to exist. The deformed mess we have today is not the real USA. We hope to regain this some fine day.


“White collar conservative flashin down the street, pointing that plastic finger at me, they all assume my kind will drop and die, but I'm gonna wave my freak flag high.” — Jimi Hendrix

Dream on.


Hello Elaine,

All this currency killing smells like an 'Amero' to me.

Kindest regards,

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