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Big hearts come later

Glad we decided not to travel this Christmas and spend spend spend. At this rate we'll need it for more important tasks like staying fed.

From today's Denninger report:

"Last week some $75 million of "fed funds" (that is, interbank overnight credit) was transacted at a rate of 15%, and "a bunch" went through in the low to mid 7s."

What this means is the US wasn't ready to accept whatever this bank was offering as a reserve requirement, and the bank ended up paying triple the overnight rate!



It would be interesting to see the volume of put options betting against a collapsing market in the coming weeks and months now that the trading curbs have been lifted by the SEC. One could with some degree of accuracy predict the slight-of-hand distraction date of a developing major event.

In any case, it's very possible the Razor Blade mook's have decided to pull something drastic (they are looking quite desperate of late); the wait will not be long.

With their ratings at all time lows, they need a rout to distract or justify another illegal incursion, and maybe even cancel the Presidential elections. After all, they have had lot's of practice and experience doing this all over the world. It should be a walk in the park at home.

Blunt Force Trauma

"I would suggest we put Bush in a mental institution and take his razors and shoelaces away."

Nooooo, we should let him keep those items in his solitary confined space. Self-inflicted due process will hopefully ensue.

Blunt Force Trauma

"We have war debts. Out of our $9+trillion Federal Debt, a good $5 trillion is war/Pentagon related. No other nation is spending like this. Even with a debased dollar, we are still outspending nearly the entire planet, together."

Talk about 'going down in flames'. This is pure, unabashed insanity. All of it predicated on lies and the continuance of murder.

Speaking of insanity:


Elaine Supkis

Thanks for the Denninger report, Big Hearts! I will check that news out!


US military close open revolt, Pravda says:




"Will 1987 Collapse Repeat Itself?"

The market reverse-crashed on Friday, up 284.

Don't know if you saw this or not, but you, too, can be a FOREX trader.


Set up an account and pretend you're George SOros!


The troops are pooped! Check this one:


Elaine Supkis

Smith, the damn market went up because the damn OIL corporations, namely Exxon/Mobile, etc, are going up.


Search and Avoid Missions. Wow.

I don't blame them -- not one bit. Only idiots would stand around and direct traffic in Iraq just because they were ordered to. We can only hope that our men will refuse to fight en masse as soon as possible so they can come home from this evil nightmare Bush and his gang created.

Elaine Supkis

That is how the stupid Vietnam war ended: soldiers simply refused to go out into the bush and murder civilians.


You know sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. The stock market has been in territory that financial reality can't support since 1995. Prior, 3% dividends have stopped the SPX in its tracks. Thus there isn't any reason for the market going up other than the fact that it is a game being played by a group of brokers and hedge funds and supported by idiot corporations going into debt and buying their own shares back. Value really has no reason here. It is only a game. At some point it will become value when the players have to drop the game and several get stuck on the wrong side. For the public playing stocks, it is for entertainment purposes only, kind of like the slots.

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