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well its probably for the best that this crash of the US comes about, hopefully it will end the killing of people in various parts of the world in the name of US freedom and democracy....

hal  ieberman

has anyone ever told you you write like a great mystery writer making the suspense unbearable. As a non academic and a non economist, for me you never resort to jargon so I can understand what is happening. Thanks.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks, Hal.

This is a mystery! Believe it or not, I usually am figuring out stuff as I write! When I research something, it is because I often have no idea, what the hell is going on.

Thus, the sense of suspense. And trust me, this is deliberate: the guys doing these things WANT them to be a mystery so we can't stop them.

Good Student

You can't stop them in any case, Elaine. Just brace yourself. :)

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