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The US dollar can't buy a newspaper-wrapped fish and chips anymore, much less, illegal drugs, in London. I would have to sleep under a bridge or in a cheap sex-worker hotel.

LOL LOL :) :)Funny!!!


Looks like an attempt to integrate not just Canada but Australia, NZ and England into one economic entity to survive the coming economic fallout???

Elaine Meinel Supkis

We are the British Empire Reborn! Complete with a Queen who looks like King George III and a George Bush who is as insane as king George III. Aren't we lucky!

Neuro Artist

Amazing how many commentators remarking how good the economic fundamentals are at this time. every reason to believe that this tree is going to grow to heaven, this time, finally....

Stock prices have gone up on the expectation of further rate cuts, which many commentators think is unlikely that the Fed will deliver, since the market appears stable. Makes you wonder if the speculator chiefs would attempt to create a correction prior to the next Fed meeting. Any particular dates that this could happen, Elaine? I can sense that triggering such a thing would create great fear in the speculators heart this time, even if they feel rather cozy right now with 'the fundamentals being strong'

Elaine Meinel Supkis

My Sunday article goes over a lot of fresh data from the UN that answers some interesting questions no one is asking right now.

China is definitely in charge of what will happen next! And the flow of sovereign wealth funds is most interesting, how it has changed in the last 35 years, it has TOTALLY changed! Into a very dangerous form that is extremely fluid.

Neuro Artist

I actually slept in a sex-worker Hotel in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city), for about two weeks in early 1992. I came to Saigon with about 200 USD in my pocket, and this hotel would let me stay there for 5 dollars a night. the reception area was interesting, lots of charming girls and mainly Taiwanese or Chinese business men, who were renting air-conditioned rooms by the hour (at 10 dollars/hour), mine wasn't airconditioned though.... I ended up teaching English for food (so if you find people in Vietnam speaking English with a distitinctly Sweedish accent you know why). I went to the museum of American War Atrocities, and got a different view on history. And I was able to buy 10 GI Zippo-lighters for 250.000 Dong (about 22 USD). I especially liked the one engraved with 'Oh lord, please don't let atomic bomb drop on me, Cu Chi 1964', which I later gave to my father in law, the rest I sold to bikers in Sweden. I was amazed by the true free market economy they had in this communist country. And I really have a special place in my heart for the Vietnamese people after my experiences there.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Absolutely nothing is better than a good dose of communism to prepare one for a great capitalist career!

Neuro Artist

True Elaine, the best free market economies I have seen has been in communist countries. Socialist countries doesn't seem to have that effect. And the capitalist mecca USA seems to become a place where a small priviledged elite controlls everything, just like the old communist states. The world surely has changed.


Very eloquently put, Neuro Artist. We live in a world where reality is what you see in the mirror, not what's in front of the mirror.

Elaine, the NWO has factions. When you read the news, bank reports, watch TV, the perspective given is relative to the "brand" or faction these mouthpieces belong to. It's actually funny to watch and listen to them speak to each other this way! It is how they posture, project, and feint in their battle for domination.

Neuro Artist

Hmmm.....Is the Belgian empire breaking up?:


Imagine if Brussels would end up outside the EU with a new constitution, hahaha!


Bad link Neuro. Try this one:
I believe their plan is consolidation, not fragmentation. So unless Belgium has a few Ethiopian warlords training and advising their secessionists that's not going to happen.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Politically, countries are falling apart the more they consolidate within a greater empire. The old configurations collapse, look at the former Ottoman empire and Russia.


Carlos touched on something I had been thinking about recently. He described our ruling elites as belonging to different factions, unless I misread him.

I believe this is so. There are too many different names and secret organizations for them to be united. They remind me of feudal lords. They are in agreement that they are superior to the masses, but beyond that, they hate each other with a passion.

Even while they all oppress the helpless, they scheme, conspire, undermine, murder, and assassinate each other. They smile at their meetings, but would happily stab another elitist in the back if it would advance themselves up the ladder of power.

All this talk of a New World Order is just that: talk. It is just a rehash of the feudal order and the other despotic systems that have evolved everywhere there are humans.

Even if only two people are left vying for the right to rule, they will not cooperate with each other. They will distrust the other and stare at the other until one blinks. After all, they both know full well how each came to be where they are.

There is no round table at the top. There is only a throne, and it is not a loveseat. It can fit only one man.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

HAHAHA, Like in my own family: we don't just stab each other in the back, we do frontal assaults!

Indeed, selling out to a third party is old hat. Look at the Shakespeare plays about historic figures, he had their mentality down pat! The Byzantines and the Ottoman rulers, it must be the city that does this....would put out each other's eyes, murder and rape, they just did hideous things to each other.

The rulers so feared their own uncles, sons and fathers, they took extrordinary measures like the Ottoman rulers locking their eldest sons in the huge tower and never letting them out or letting them meet anyone except the eunachs!

The Chinese did this sort of thing, too. Very ugly stuff.

This is why the real ruling class isn't the very top but one step lower: where the merchants intersect with the palace go-betweens. This is because they have great freedom and can institutite actions and schemes.

Indeed, watch the BBC series, Blackadder. I love this series. Laugh nonstop.

Typical line: ' So, you are Pitt the Younger? Who's going to run for your old seat? Pitt the Embryo?'


That's interesting, Elaine. I can see what you are saying about these behind the scenes men and women. They are the powerbrokers and movers and shakers, but they push someone else into the limelight to take the heat.

I could never live like that. It is a cowardly way to live, and I see no worthwhile purpose in it. These people are forgotten by history because they never wanted to be known. I rarely see historians writing much about the men who hide behind the emporer's robes.

I wonder if they ever even consider this?

Neuro Artist

Yes, slackbladder is good fun.

The Wallenbergs, Swedens foremost financial family who are in controll of aproximately 40% of Swedens Industry (Ericsson, Electrolux, ABB, Saab Scania to name a few). Their family motto is to 'rule but not to be seen'. They have had immense power over Swedens history over the last one hundred years, with all the governments being their lapdogs. the powersharing agreement they had with the social democrats (who was ruling most of the time), has been kind of mindblowing. You'll keep the working class in order, supress small business, and we'll give you development, and keep you in government. Nowadays about 60% of the population works in the public sector, 20% in their controlled industry (shrinking rapidly because of outsourcing to low-cost countries), and 20% struggling with very high taxes and rules in small companies. Sweden is deep in debt, and there is no infrastructure to get out of this mess. The entrepreneurs have been killed....

I agree with DeVaul that the kind of life these people live is not something I would like either for myself. But they are the real power-holders, and historians should have focused on these instead of the front figures.

A Swedish king (Charles XII) was stuck in Ottoman Turkey for about 10 years in the early 1700's, he had lost the war against Russia, and couldn't get back to Sweden because he couldn't get safe passage through catholic Europe. The money lenders where getting anxious for him to return to Sweden so that they could get their money back. They demanded that the Pasha (prime minister) kicked him out, he failed to do this, even though he tried. And he was beheaded for this treason. Eventually when a safe passage was negotiated, the money lenders came a long to Sweden, and some of them stayed for many years because Sweden was bankrupt after our failed empire and couldn't pay. Thus in Sweden today many of the foods swedes considers swedish are actually Turkish (like meatballs). Further all the old chestnut trees in Sweden stems from a seed brought back by an officer in the caroline army. Sweden had a depression after our failed empire that lasted about 170 years. The current king we have is a descendant of a general in the Napoleonic army who bought the throne in 1814 (bailing out our most urgent debts with war loot).


That is very interesting, Neuro. I had read a little about the Napoleanic king just recently, so I know a little about him. I did not know how serious Sweden's finances were when he took over. I guess that explains why the people accepted him.

"To rule but not be seen"

I have never heard of that, and I have read a lot of history over the years. What a strange notion.


Elaine, DeVaul, you both are Bingo! The NWO is a brand name that projects the illusion of a Democracy, you can say our current political world system is a feudal system in the guise of a Democracy.

Elaine, you are as usual spot on... The real power is the "hidden merchant class", the politicos are just the puppets, no matter how rich they may be, say like the Bushes. They may even be married into the top elite class, but are still fronts. Even the largest publicly known billionaires are poster boys for the top of the spectrum.

Like Aso of Japan mentioned a few articles back, would be upper mid level of the Asian faction. Even the Emperor and the Queen are not the real power behind their respective thrones. The two R's, religion and royalty are but tools, one uses the fear of God, the other love of King and country, to keep the sheeple in line.

While I concur with Elaine on the fall of the Ottoman and Russia, these elites factions were entrenched in France, Germany (where their faction got taken out by Hitler), and the UK. The EU is part of their continued consolidation. Russia is now a wild card. Though they tried to regain control by taking over the oil and natural gas, Putin routed them and jailed their champion.

Neuro, the Wallenbergs are a good example of the European faction, yes. But there are still bigger.

Neuro Artist

DeVaul it is possible that my translation is a bit off, 'rule' is not exactly the right word. 'Do work' or 'To controll' may be better english terms for the phrase. But in the Swedish word 'Att verka' there is definetely a ruling component implied. The Wallenbergs started off as bankers and there influence over Swedens industry grew dramatically around the second world war while they cut extensive deals with the nazis. At the same time Raoul Wallenberg helped thousands of jews escape from Budapest, working at the Swedish embassy, issuing Swedish passports. He mysteriously disappeared in Soviet Union after wwII. So the Wallenbergs as a family came out morally unscathed, following the war.

No doubt the secret rulers of Sweden, isn't the biggest fish in the pond, Carlos. They are well represented in the Bilderberg meetings though. There is this story from 1973:


Henry Kissinger was invited for the meeting in Saltsjöbaden in 1973. That was one year after Olof Palme´s scourching attack on the bombings of the United States´ in Vietnam, which he compared to the nazi atrocities during the Second World War. Foreign Minister Krister Wickman let the emmessary of
the USA know, that Kissinger´s visit was not appropriate and only would make matters worse - as both Palme and Wickman were going to participate in the meeting. And they would not be able to only “talk about the weather”...
Kissinger became furious and ordered the State Department, Foreign Ministry of the USA, to give Wickman a genuine scolding. The State Department leaked it to the press, that the Swedish government had informed Kissinger, that he was not welcome. Now it became the Bilderberger´s turn to react. Prince Bernhard became so angry at the Swedish government, that he threatened to move the entire meeting. This, in turn, got Marcus Wallenberg´s attention - so he rushed up to Olof Palme, who straightaway telephoned prince Bernhard, and sent Sverker Åström on an errand to the American Embassy to assure them, that the whole matter, naturally, was a misunderstanding. The Swedish
government hadn´t said that Kissinger wasn´t wellcome, of course not...
Palme claimed the same thing in front of the press.

But that it definitely was so - and that Palme was not telling the truth - is proven by documents, which DN´s Kurt Mälarstedt has located in Washington.

Peter Bratt.......................>>>>

Palme was murdered in 1986, shot down on an open street in front of witnesses in the central part of Stockholm, at the time he was negotiating peace between Iran and Iraq apart from being prime minister, no murderer was ever found, for the first year the police followed the Kurd-trace to no avail, and then they found an alcoholic who had been seen in that area, but had amnesia from that evening (he was convicted in the lower courts, but released in the higher court due to lack of evidence). Maybe it was bigger fish that got rid of Palme?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

General rule of thumb: make peace, you get assassinated. Begin, Sadat, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Kennedy after the Cuban Missile Crisis, etc. The list is very long. Run coups, be a despot, do total evil=you die of old age like Mao, Stalin, probably Kissinger, Perot, Nixon, etc, etc. Hitler was one of the few exceptions and he committed suicide.


"They remind me of feudal lords. They are in agreement that they are superior to the masses, but beyond that, they hate each other with a passion."

I must say, DeVaul gets it precisely correct, from what I've seen. They are indeed recreating the feudal system, on a global scale: 'first we put the rabble in its proper place (under our bootheels!), then we battle it out with each other for supremacy.'

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