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Neuro Artist

Could a large chunk of those 1.5 trillion in 2000 be related to the buying and selling of hugely overrated dot com companies in that bubble? I remember in Sweden at that time, some venture capitalists bought a small mining company (that were loosing money), because ıt was traded at the stock exchange, they closed the mines and re-introuced it as an internet company (basically they gave a bunch of teenagers computers and coca-cola so they could sit and play games all night in the most expensive parts of Stockholm), I think the company value rose a hundred times before it was totally wiped out in the spring of 2000, those mines would have been good today though!

Here is a joke from that time:
-I bought a dog today for a hundred thousand.
-Are you insane, why would you buy a dog for that much?
-Will sell it next week for half a million
A week later
-How did the dog deal go?
-Well I sold the dog for a million!
-Well, I actually got 2 cats worth half a million each.....


LOL - I like the joke. :o)

Neuro Artist

Yeah, a good descriptiom of bubble insanity/psychology.

Today I think it is insane that the stock markets is at the levels they are at. I think the most reasonable explanation why prices are bidden up in the end days of speculative bubbles, is that so many players, are in so deep shit, that they might as well throw in all they can get their hands on, on a gamble that they may be able to come out on top, if they fail they loose everything, but they know they would loose everything even if they don't try. Almost everyone knows instinctively where it is heading (apart from the few that gets in in the end game), but very few in the game openly admits to it.

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