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hal lieberman

One more time - the Jews are the problem. Please don't inflate your personal problem into an ideology. I loved your blog, but I detest your rants.
Hal Lieberman


"I talked about the yin/yang mirror creatures who inhabit the Outer Darkness in the past..."

I'm disappointed - I was hoping you'd get around to magical-numberology at some point, but you never did.

"Risky is a little tart of a demon who loves to gamble and take dangerous chances. ... Then there is Safety. She is an angel who tries to warn of us dangers."

Risky's a lot more fun on a date! Safety's kind of a drip - get up, go to work, go home, go to bed, get up, go to work, go home, go to bed, repeat until dead. Save your money for a rainy day, and leave it to the heirs when you have no further earthly need for it.

I love seeing those huge RVs on the highway with the bumperstickers that read, "We're spending our children's inheritance!"


And the voice of responsibility compels me to admit that Risky's the one you date, but Safety's the one you marry.


European retail sales declined for the first time in three months in October as rising prices and the deteriorating economic outlook damped consumer confidence...

I went to my local "Food for Less" market yesterday and tried to buy a gallon of milk with "Confidence". Didn't work!


And today, Chrysler is saying it wants to get leaner and meaner. We all know what that means, but can you bleed a turnip? And will it have a willing partner (Chery) to fund it for a long term relationship?



So if we all agree that the corrupt system is about to collapse, what is a debtor to do?

If you have significant student loans, credit card debt, etc. and the system is going to collapse and there is going to be huge inflation, should you stop paying and hold onto your cash under the mattress, or buy gold coins.

One can fight the system, push for monetary reform, and hope for the best, but are there any recommendations as to what to do with the money NOW.

Thanks for your BLOG.

Liberal AND Proud

caldebtor, you could simply run up your cards to the limit, leverage yourself to death.

Don't worry about the changes to the bankruptcy laws. They'll be changed. Once the collapse happens, the U.S. government is going to HAVE to force all corporations to forgive consumer debt.

Why wouldn't they? Do you think they can foreclose on the whole middle class? Do you think they really want all the mortgaged homes in America given back to the banks? Do you really think the bank's WANT THEM?

People still vote. If the perception is that the government is not willing to help the middle class...the people will have NO choice but to rise up...and rise they will.

I agree that the people haven't risen to this point, but the explanation is quite simple. Things aren't bad enuf. When the feces really hit the oscillating device...you watch...things will change.


Interesting article on inflation over at Der Spiegel:

Rising Prices Widen Gap Between Rich and Poor

What Weber and Stark prefer not to mention is that the fault for this calamity lies with them and their counterparts from the world's leading central banks. For years, they flooded the world with more money than ever before in history. Their chief aim was to jumpstart their respective economies and keep them humming.

At first, all this cheap money had its inevitable and intended effect, acting as a lubricant for economies around the globe and, apparently, as a blessing for the world.

But now this low-interest rate policy is becoming a curse.


Bankruptcy laws will change, the government cares about voters.

Yes indeedy...

*no fixed address*





Elaine Supkis

Dear Hal,

I talk about the intersection between religion and money as well as power and international entanglements all the time. They are very powerful forces and ignoring them is deadly. I was Mrs. Levy for many, many years and detest anti-semitism but hate neo-Naziism even more and it distresses me to see the bulk of the Jewish community fall into fascism in the hopes of finding peace and plenty.

The ethnic cleansing of the Holy Land has corrupted the Jewish ethnic identity. The Jews also hope no one notices what strings they control when they do this or that. This is foolish and dangerous. I recall too well how Austria, that unlike England, did NOT expell the Jews but protected them for many generations, after the Jews moved upwards in society, ended up spawning the totally evil Hitler.

Hitler's beliefs that all ethnic/religious groups should seperate and cleanse each other is straight out of Zionism which preceded Hitler. And the tactics of taking over financial systems and then using them to further the disintigration of a host nation is exactly what Jewish leaders and investors should AVOID LIKE HELL. Not do as sneakily as possible!

The blame will be thrown at them even if half of the people doing this are of other religions which is why I contantly point out the true danger comes not from Jews wanting Israel for only themselves but CHRISTIANS wanting the END OF TIMES.

So I track this ugly business instead of looking away from it. In the distress of our economic quandry you can bet, the Jews in power will want us to bomb Iran and launch WWIII and the Christians wanting to kill all Jews and all Muslims will joyfully do so.


I'm in a similar quandry with caldebtor except for not having debt. I simply have no idea, none at all, what to do with our savings -- thinking of just sticking them in a CD for a while while hopefully, the situation gets more clear. I agree that gold could very well be a sucker play at this point. Any thoughts appreciated.

CEO Nutcracker

J. Smith,

Risky is the one you get AIDS from. The death knoll of the US economy is in clear view, sexy or not.

not student

If you have any saving at all at this point of time, it's time to find yourself a second home. Use the money you have to get out of US. Try Thailand, Cuba, Malaysia, etc those low currency value countries.

Elaine Supkis

Um, that is called 'fleeing a country' and leads to to collapse of civilization here. Fear of collapse leading to taking measures that insures a collapse is fatal in the end unless one plans to flee along with the money.

My family came here long, long ago. We don't view America as a temporary dropping off place. This is my home.


Um, sorry Elaine. But I think it is prudent to internationalize yourself in event of a terrible economic dislocation. I thoroughly enjoy your blog but think you play into "peasant mentality" by promoting the idea of living, investing, saving, etc in one place - "home" If you can't bear leaving "home", OK. But others, can, will and are. And its the right decision for them.
If american is on a fixed income, moving to a lower-cost of living locale is one way to maximize your lifestyle. And futhermore, as a student of history, you know that Jews have always found some degree of safety in the diaspora.

Nations and empires are fleeting, so when you promote home, remember it's in the heart and soul and its not physical.
Lesson -- I was born and lived in Canal Zone, Panama. No such thing anymore, doesn't exist, gone, over.
Civilizations/Empires do collapse, peoples do emigrate and that's part of the cycle.

Thanks for your great blog.

Elaine Supkis

The problem here is, if you retire to say, Mexico, and Mexico's economy collapses, the Mexicans have this thing I call 'revolutions.' And then there are spreading wars. We call these WWI and WWII and there will be a WWIII if the US goes insane.

Fleeing one's home is quite dangerous.

Neuro Artist

Damn me Elaine I just bought half a kilo of silver today, and you start talking the price down!

Jokes aside, I realise what I do is speculation, I speculate in the fall of the fiat currency when I buy silver or gold. But what is a person to do when he/she sees the central bankers devaluing the currency day by day through their actions? Continue holding their paper as it is worth something? Put the money in the bank and get ripped off by fees that are higher than the interest you earn, not to mention inflation? Invest in land or the stock market, which is likely to go through the floor in a not to distant future? Sure you can't eat gold and silver, and at one point it is going to go down in value, or be confiscated, with a gun to your head. But my bet is that it is going to hold value better than most things until that happens. My interest at this point is not so much for myself, but mainly for my children that are 4 and 7 years old. I would like to provide a future for them, even as the economy collapses and in the case of a world war, which at this point looks likely. And at some point I would flee my home too, if I thought it was more dangerous to stay than to go, or if I couldn't provide a safe, sustainable future for my children. I am sure your ancestors as they went to America had similar calculations/speculations as they left their homes.

Thank you for an excellent blog!


A good rule of thumb is to watch what the Masters of the Universe do to protect themselves financially -- not what they claim they are doing or doing in the open, but what they do in secret.

They buy gold and silver.

You cannot eat gold and silver, but you can trade it for things you need without too much haggling over whether it is worth anything or nothing at all.

Of course, the rich buy in bulk and store their loot in secret bunkers. This is not really an option for most people, but it cannot hurt to have a little of each thing that truly has a lasting value, whether it be gold, silver, water, food, or just cold, hard steel.

As peasants on the "outside", we cannot know for sure what will happen, so we need to be prepared for a variety of outcomes.



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