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Grizzled Adams

Hi Elaine, I know you just made this story up, but it sure sounds familiar. Its like I'v lived it myself.



I think I will memorize this story and pass it on to my sons. It forms the basis of the rise and fall of our country, and even a child can understand it -- like all the other fairytales and legends we kept alive all these years.

There had to be a reason for it, and here it is. Like the simple stories of yore, there are no derivatives, no SIV's, no mortgage backed securities, no statistics and no Acts or Laws or Decrees. Just plain old truth boiled down to its essential elements.

Thanks, Elaine.

Elaine Supkis


I am so tremendously happy to hear from you again! I hope you are doing well. I loved the old days when we all hung out together before they killed off our dear forums.

Thanks for visiting. And yes, this story sounds familiar. I used classic fairy tale techniques. They are a wonderful way to tell things. Simple, to the point, skip all the inbetween stuff. No time or place but everyone is Everyone. I didn't have a talking horse or fox, though. I think the next one should have talking animals.


Great parable, Elaine. You are a master of a currently socially undefined art. I'd only suggest one change: ship is listing to the the Far Starboard, not port!

Henry Hub

Oh boy! I love fairy tales. My favorite up to now has been the one told by Larry Kudlow. The one about the Goldlocks economy - "The greatest story never told". But it has now become too outlandish and unbelievable. Yours is better because it has the ring of truth.

Elaine Supkis


Goldilocks, the Tax Collector, and the Three Taxpayers
by Elaine Supkis
March 17, 2003

Once upon a time there was this tax collector who believed in fairness so much, everyone called him Goldilocks. Goldilocks would skip through the forest, looking for tax revenues.

Deep in the forest was this lovely house and in it lived the Rich Taxpayer, the Middle Class Taxpayer and Little Poor Taxpayer. They were not home when Goldilocks, spotting the fine house from afar, came to the door. Since the house was empty, Goldilocks let himself in.

"I know what! I will fix everything here so everyone can live happily ever after!" thought Goldilocks. So he went into the kitchen and cooked breakfast for the three taxpayers. And this is what he did:

He served the Rich Taxpayer a big bowl of tax cuts.

He served the Middle Class Taxpayer a middle-sized bowl of tax cuts.

He took the little bowl of the Poor Taxpayer and ate up all the tax cuts and left him a bill for the meal.

He sat on the Rich Taxpayer's chair and said, "This chair is too hard," and so he put a tax shelter on the chair and made it more comfortable.

He sat on the Middle Class Taxpayer's chair and said, "This chair is too soft, let's increase Social Security payments and offset it with bigger child education."

He sat on the Poor Taxpayer's chair and it broke. He said, "Tough luck, pull yourself up by your own bootstraps."

Yawning, he decided to go to bed. The Little Poor Taxpayer came home and found his wife in bed with Goldilocks. "How dare you!" Little Poor Taxpayer sputtered.

"I couldn't help it. I had to go all the way," replied Goldilocks. "By the way, you are being audited this year."



Is it Wheaties or what?!
I want to eat what you eat. ;-)

Rob the Granola Guy

This is tremendous. I'm a moron when it comes to economics and have to have things spelled out very simply. You're a genius Elaine.

Elaine Supkis

To tell the truth, most of my writing occurs in my brain when I am mowing the hay fields, tilling the gardens, raking the chicken pen, mucking out the stall or putting shingles on roofs.

This is because the body is active but on automatic [trust me, you don't want to think about shit while shoveling it]. This frees the brain to wander about, poking at ideas and talking back. I argue with myself so much I should see a shrink, eh?


You are a national treasure, Elaine! Thank you so much for all this fabulous stuff!

It astounds me that there are so many goofballs around who are so persuasive and influential. And they are idiots! Like Ron Paul. This guy may mean well, but so many of his ideas are so delusional that I cannot fathom how any fool could listen to them for more than ten minutes. It is really scary!

I have never made a lot of money. Jerks like Donald Trump make the big bucks. I have often wondered if I would too, if I were only willing to just go evil. Since we are so far ahead of the dunderheaded pack, perhaps we should just go evil and cash in. Should we not just incorporate Wolfen Inc., and eat up some of the stupid sheeple? (I think these dark thoughts late at night.)


I hope you do not go evil, Blues.

The temptation to take advantage of others is great when you are under pressure. I saw how my ex-wife did this and it was not just infuriating, it was very sad, because she was the mother of my sons and I knew they would some day wonder why I married her. What will I say?

She was not an evil person until she made the decision to be one.

It is the same for all of us. We are not born evil or good. We make the decision on our own when fate places us at the fork in the road that we must all face at some point. Whichever path we choose, there really is no going back.

The fates know this and even which path we will choose, but they still wish to be there for that supreme moment. Perhaps even they wonder if anyone can actually change their own fate, and so they fly with great speed to that moment -- and watch.

And they are not the only ones watching.

Grizzled Adams

I read every thing you write on this blog. i just don't post much, but you are always someone I look forward to reading



Don't worry DeVaul! I am not at all ready to go evil, yet. The wild notion just popped into my head, and I instantly knew it needed to be posted.

I have <>TONS of ideas about good, evil, ugly, etc. Hope to get around to posting them.

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