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FDIC gearing up:


Office of Thrift Supervision gearing up:


Blunt Force Trauma

Raid Disney for it's 'dollars'. That would be funny as hell. But wait, this from Wikipedia;

"Because of the recent negative performance of the US Dollar, which the Disney Dollar is pegged too, reports have surfaced that the Walt Disney Company will soon be printing currency that wpuld be pegged to the Euro and called Disney Euros, to be used at the Disneyland Paris Resort and Disney Stores that are within the European Economic Community. The same reports do not disclose if the company will print Disney Yens and Disney Hong Kong Dollars, to be used at parks and stores in Japan and Hong Kong, respectively."

So, now 'they' have more of a reason to raid Disney.

Neuro Artist

It is just a matter of time until Disney break the Peg with its Disney dollars to the USD. Hoard disney-dollars, the feds would be much less likely to raid Disneyland and arrest Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, cause if they did there would be a revolution. Hell, they could probably even declare independence, and develop their nuclear arsenal before that happens.

I was in Syria in 92 and people I met there refered to Israel as Disneyland. After that I had some problems entering and exiting Israel, they liked asking me many questions regarding who I met and what I did there, twice....


Hey jill: How come when I go to your link: "http://tinyurl.com/2l3rw4" with the Peer Guardian ghost scan firewall up, the connection resets (access denied), and Peer Guardian reports the following (very strange) ghost scan:

QuickHire - A Division of Monster Government Solutions


Operating System: All 32-bit MS Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP), FreeBSD, Linux, OS X.


Okay, jill, they are part of Monster Worldwide, Inc., and they are hiring a ton of personnel for the FDIC. But they insist on my allowing them to ghost scan my computer, else they deny access to their site. That always ticks me off.

Elaine Supkis

Disney has Uncle Scrooge running their banking system.



I respect you and I don't mean this as an insult, but you don't understand gold at all. Gold is stable value. It's value changes minimally over time. If you think that Gold is going up or down against the Dow or the Dollar or anything else, you are reading things backward. The value of gold is stable and everything else fluctuates. Gold is money. Gold is stable value. Gold is world money. Gold is bedrock. Governments have tried for millenia to kill gold but it never dies. Gold is in it for the long haul and this has not changed today and barring real alchemy (not the paper kind), never will as long as we are confined to this globe.


Why, Chipper? Nothing in this world has any value unless we give it value. Only the mind has value, so don't waste it.

Elaine Supkis

Once upon a time, there was this man named King Midas. He asked the gods to grant him a wish. Just one. So the Furies agreed. He wanted all that he touched, be turned to gold.

He discovered that he couldn't eat or sleep and he killed his daughter when she hugged him.

Gold's value at the beginning of WWII was high. At the end, cigarettes and K-ration chocolate bars or nylon stockings had much greater value than gold. My dad used these things to buy serious stuff in Germany in May, 1945. Or Paris, that summer.


Good article, I love your simplicity. It just keeps amazing me how this world is build on criminals and they just keep pushing forward. Peace and world happiness will never be with us until everyone of these bastards are removed from power.

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