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I have seen so much of this stuff at the ground level. I have this cousin, who is not a bad person (has some inconvenient quirks), started up this largish house painting business. He bought up some acreage in one of the very most expensive spots in Connecticut, and built a mini-mcmansion, mostly with his own hands (I did the wiring). So he lived like a king there for about 30 years. He had all the toys! But he was constantly besieged by these strange bank officers, always having to juggle mortgages. Then he got sick, and they just took it all back.

Me, on the other hand, well I had this crazy affliction. Seems I was pretty autistic into my early 20s, and nobody bothered to figure that out. I only found this out by looking at my old medical files from clinics I was sent to as a child! (They didn't know about the various forms of developmental conditions, so they called it all kinds of strange things, of course). Thing was, I was left with this hellacious motor dyspraxia syndrome, but people could no longer tell that I was (much) different from them! It was not like I was trying to deceive anyone, but I always knew for sure that I was running a very different operating system under the "graphics interface." This led to a very strange life. Because of the motor dyspraxia, I could seldom hold any job for long. (Technically, I never made it past 4th grade in school.) But I could (and did) just pick up books about things like differential equations and learn it alone. This actually evolved into a mystical journey (with a little help from mescaline). But the relevant thing here is, since I never held a job for long, I was never able to borrow money.

So. I would go over to my cousin's mini-mcmansion for Thanksgiving and such, and I always felt like kind of an outsider. (More than once, people who've known me well would ask "how does the world look from the outside?") I was perceived as being somehow "of lower rank," generally. But I had long since learned to never compare myself with the alien humans anyway, so I didn't care.

Here's a funny thing: My (now) poor cousin had to go into a sort of exile when he lost the big house (yes, with a huge, lavish, in-ground swimming pool), but I can still call him, I guess because he knows that I am basically outside of society anyway. But I was never able to get any loan at all. And as far as I can tell, I may be among about 5% of those around me who never did. I always was acutely aware that my cousin was in a kind of trap anyway. It really does seem that if you owe on a big loan, you've taken the big cheese, and are really in a trap. All these people tried to "better" themselves, only to find themselves in an awful trap. Well, that's how it looks to me.


The UK housing market started to decline in 2005 but of course no one wanted to talk about this, it might effect 'confidence' (as in con). Most people with a brain know that the UK rides on waves of property bubbles every 15-20 years or so. Unfortunately the current one coincides with the entire industrial base having been gutted. Even the call centres set up to replace them have now been exported to India etal. Even the bank helplines are now manned by beautifully polite but clueless Indians.



You are not alone. Out here on the 'left coast' in the Great Pacific Northwest I and dozens of my friends and family have had lives similar if not identical to yours.

Naturally, I thought and was often told by some of my relatives; that my failure to participate in the capitalist system ['satanic money culture of death'] was all my fault!

Then I lived in Europe for a number of years and discovered family oriented cultures [Bosnia & Herzegovina Italy, Ireland, Portugal, rural France] that included masses of peole who would never have a loan, muchless care.

I realized then that the satanic money culture of death that our hostess so humurously writes about is effective in only a very few countries of the world. Unfortunately, the USSA is one of them.

Very fortunately, that will change in the extremely near future. Thereafter, people like us with intuition and morals will have a voice and the culture will be very gentle and just with all of us.

Kindest regards,

Elaine Supkis

Hope springs ever eternal! And we can't be gloomy about things like this, there are worse things afoot in the universe! After all, we are being dragged towards the Great Attractor that grinds away, millions of light years away, we are DOOMED.

Then, the universe will end, more or less. So I content myself with worrying about small things. Like, where did I put my sun glasses? I can't find them at all. Annoying, isn't it?




Astrophysics is in a state of extreme flux, of late. I know of one university physicist who believes the time dimension is just like the other three, except it's expanding at the speed of light. This means any object "at rest" is moving through time at the speed of light. So if an object moves through the other dimensions at half the speed of light, it can only move through time at half that speed, since its vector always has a speed-of-light velocity.

Then these folks doing computer modeling inadvertently discovered that the inside of a five dimensional black hole would have exactly the characteristics of our own universe. And now, some are wondering if gravity is just like magnetism, except it's weaker because part of it extends into a fifth dimension.

Stay tuned!


I did a little of that Mystical Journeying myself. Killed off what brain cells the Los Angeles Unified School District had left me. Sounds like you self-educated yourself just fine, although it must have been a tough road.

Elaine Supkis

Black holes are the Outer Darkness. Up is down and inside is out. Time stops and eternity is a minute. Then it all explodes.

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