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"Es braust ein Ruf wie Donnerhall,
wie Schwertgeklirr und Wogenprall:
Zum Rhein, zum Rhein, zum deutschen Rhein!
Wer will des Stromes Hüter sein?

Lieb Vaterland magst ruhig sein,
lieb Vaterland magst ruhig sein:
Fest steht und treu die Wacht,
die Wacht am Rhein!
Fest steht und treu die Wacht,
die Wacht am Rhein!"

After reading this latest entry by Elaine, I feel that I will need to learn the above song to sing loudly when accosted in public on transit platforms by panhandlers as I have become the American version of Franz Biberkopf as filmed by R.W. Fassbinder.

vielen Dank

Elaine Supkis

Ja, wir sind in Fassbinderlande.

Wie glücklich!

Well, the mess we got ourselves in does have its humorous side.


Well, it looks like Ron Paul's campaign has just run aground on the sharp rocks of the New American Century.

His latest speech proposes that we not tax gasoline so that American citzens can have cheap gas again. Good grief. So much for the Constitutional platform.

There is no constitutional right to cheap gas.

There is no constitutional right to drive a car.

There is no constitutional right to own a car.

Pandering to the obsession of the American people for cheap gasoline will solve nothing, and Ron Paul does not mention how the federal and state taxes on gasoline will be replaced (or is this another tax cut! yippee!).

To pay for this loss of revenue, we would need to immediately decommission 90% of our military. Has Ron Paul proposed this as a cost saving measure? No?

So far Ron Paul's "plan", as stated in his own speech, is to increase the federal debt.

It's funny what a sudden cash infusion of over 4 million dollars can do to a man. I think Elaine is right. The rich simply go insane.


Headline: Ron Paul is a conservative.


Yes, conservatives in general do not favor taxation as a way to control people.


Taxing is not essentially a way to control people. No one should be allowed to own more than 20 times the wealth they need to sustain themselves. If they are permitted to own vast sums, they will simply be controlling the rest of us.

Power is either with the people, or it is with someone else who owns too much. How hard is it to understand that? What fools are we to be taken for?



With control of the economic system and much of politics in the hands of a few Jews/Zionists, what chances do you give at there being a backslash against the normal Jewish citizens of America/Britain. As someone with many Jewish friends, I feel that through the selfish and sociopathic behavior of a minority of Jews, that those who are moral are going to pay for their brethren's behavior.

With your historical knowledge, could this be what happened in Germany to spark such hatred.



Progressive taxation is of utmost importance to avoid aristocratic societies. We no longer have progressive taxation. Taxation also helps to avoid economic speculation. In fact some argue that a stock transaction tax would be beneficial to avoid bubbles. Increasing taxation on real-estate gains would also avoid bubbles, as it would reduce speculation.

Economist Michael Hudson www.michael-hudson.com has talked about this quite often.

The common ground between left and right libertarians is when it comes to how tax revenue is wasted due to cronyism.

The solution to this is to give the money back to the people, ALL of the people, proportional to how much they earn. The negative income tax concept, which essential ends up being a Basic Income Guarantee, is the fair solution. Abolishing taxes, or having a non-progressive flat-tax or sales tax is the unfair solution because it negatively affects the lower income groups, while helping the higher income groups by lowering their marginal tax rates.

With more money in the hands of the people who actually spend money ( lower income), rather than those who speculate, then real industry can develop to produce products based on NEED rather than conspicuous consumption items like HUMMERS and GUCCI purses.

Since we know that trickle-down doesn't work, and we know that class divides increase violence in societies, the goal of a government for and by the people ( not the rich) should be to keep the difference between rich and poor within 10-20x.

Hey, it could be more if the differential was based on what is good for society. If a group develops a cure for AIDS. They can get 25x. Increase engine efficiency to 90%...30x. etc.

The point being that Google, ONLY an advertising company should not be worth 1/5 of a Trillion dollars.



" The solution to this is to give the money back to the people, ALL of the people, proportional to how much they earn."

This wasn't well written.

Obviously at a certain income, the tax owed would exceed the tax credit.



"Conservatives do not favor taxation as a way of controlling people."

Very interesting statement you made there.

Who are we trying to control in Iraq? In Afghanistan? What is the cost of this attempt at controlling others? Who pays for it and how?

Are conservatives, the architects of this massive control attempt, paying for it out of their own pockets, such as would happen in a "free market" economy, or are they taking the taxes we pay for Social Security, Medicare, roads, schools, welfare for single mothers with minor children, disaster relief programs, medical research programs, and any other thing that might help ordinary Americans and applying THAT to this regional control project?

I wonder. Where oh where does the money come from?

Elaine Supkis

Ron Paul is, like many people. unable to understand true international trade and politics.

We must raise taxes on gasoline. A great deal. Until we FIX THE TRADE DEFICIT. Oil is a huge component in our trade deficit. And much of this, we BURN. Talk about stupid.

We can't afford to do this and the only way to stop the wasting of this resource and our debts growing greater, we must discourage frivolous use and driving big, fat gas guzzlers is a primary example of waste and stupidity.

We cannot live the 'cheap gas' lifestyle any longer. Indeed, stopping this is #1, #2 and #3 priority items for the gas guzzling USA.

But then, no candidates have much to offer in this regard. Virtually no one recognized oil importation as a major cause of our economic woes.


Elaine: Our society(at least since WW2) has been built on cheap energy. Without cheap, abundant energy suburbia is doomed. I think we are seeing the beginning of this. Also, we have let our railroad system deteriorate. Big mistake! How much must a gallon of gas cost to truly slow usage?


"I hope readers are not annoyed with me talking about death, magic and money."

Not at all - it's the most amusingh aspect of your blog (which has had a regrettably single-topic focus in recent months.)

So I was hoping for some magical-numberology today; alas, I depart disappointed.

(Any bets on how soon M. Sarkozy will send the Karchers into the banlieus?)


Here's a hoot!

Crashing Citigroup

The Federal regulators are busy attempting to restore confidence on the slippery deck of the listing craft. The U.S. Mint has just released a bronze coin celebrating the newly elected (albeit reluctant) Chairman of Citigroup, Robert Rubin, for his days as U.S. Treasury Secretary. No mention on the flip side of the coin that Rubin was one of the cheerleaders who helped win the repeal of the depression era, investor protection legislation called the Glass-Steagall Act. Without that repeal, Citigroup would not exist; nor would its current threat to the financial infrastructure of our country. No mention, either, that Rubin went from government service to Citigroup's board and has collected tens of millions in compensation for a job that did not involve a lot of sweat.

Elaine Supkis

Rubin is a brass farthing, eh?

Smith, one thing about my service here: my money articles make me money. You have read me for years and years and never donated a penny.


>You have read me for years and years and never donated a penny.

True. But I don't do paypal.

Post your address & I'll send you a check.

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