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Blunt Force Trauma

"The employment numbers are pure fiction."

You have to read this article by Joe Richter of Bloomberg with regards to that fake news. You have to read it a couple of times and you will notice the absurdity and the contradiction of the numbers from one paragraph to the next within the article. I can't believe Joe wrote this with a straight face or at leaset he must've been laughing hysterically while doing so. I spent some time pouring over it and laughing myself while muttering, "F-ing lies".


Crimson Ghost

Terrific blog cutting through the BS and telling it like it is.

Elaine Supkis

I love your name, Crimson Ghost.

Blunt Force Trauma, it is of course, all lies. All the major corportions are laying off masses of workers. So how is employment 'growing'?


Just wanted to drop a note thanking you for all the fantastic writing. The comment about obtaining a Sharp geiger counter for drinking tea with Russians was priceless!

As for me, I've been betting against the dollar with my joke of an employer offered 401k. So far I've been doing pretty well moving 80% of my investments overseas.

Not that my tiny investing success matters. I figure that managing my 401k is just a less entertaining version of online poker. I'm almost certain the money I've contributed will eventually go *poof* at some TBD date in the future!

Elaine Supkis

I sincerely hope that doesn't happen to your 401k. I am very pro-savings. I wish we could simply save the old fashioned way. By putting money in an honest bank.


I'm a residential real estate appraiser, and back in August I started feeling like a deck hand on the Titanic. "You're holding a first class ARM ticket, sir? This way to the lifeboats -- best refi now, before the undertow from sinking equities closes the window of opportunity."

After listening to the economic happy talk on the friday NewsHour, it's good to see someone cut BS -- not to mention using the Titanic metaphor to decipher the bloodletting to come.

No one could have predicted the BushCo lackeys would cook the books on every economic indicator at their disposal. After all, they've only been doing it since day one -- it's a complete surprise that it continues, now that the AAA sub prime mezzanine tranche purgative has worked it's way through the guts of the global financial system. I'm shocked, Shocked!!!

Now, where did I leave that life preserver?


Elaine, you should try mogulus.com. You can be safer blogging there.

Elaine Supkis

CK: you are in the front lines of the wild fires! I have invested in real estate all my life and gaging the waves is all part of this game. One must see into the future. Lately, this experiment with super-low interest rates to keep housing going is turning out to have very nasty side effects...which we knew all about way back in 1974!

PJSV: so far, typepad has been OK. They don't censor me like Blogspot did. Moving is very hard, very hard. I lose a lot of readers when this happens.

hal lieberman

Dear Elaine;
Thanks for letter. I have much disagreement but rather than argue I've one simple suggestion. When you use Jewish financiers, I think fairness demands that when you talk about a Murdoch, Gates, O'Neil etc you refer to them as Christian financiers. If you are indisposed to this, how about deleting ethnic or religious identification?
Hal Lieberman
PS Still read your blog.

Frederick N. Chase

Meredith Whitney apparently did make a serious mistake --
but that should result in a retraction or a lawsuit, not a death threat.

See below.

"We believe over (the) near term, Citigroup will need to raise over $30 billion in capital through either asset sales, a dividend cut, a capital raise, or combination thereof," wrote Meredith Whitney, an analyst at CIBC World Markets Corp.

The report not only sent Citigroup shares plunging but triggered a broad selloff in the markets.

Some analysts, however, disagreed with the CIBC findings.

"Citibank does not have capital issues," said Richard Bove, financial strategist at Punk Ziegel, saying there were calculation errors. "She simply made a mathematical mistake. She’s out on a limb arguing that the regulators are wrong."



Well, Frederick, the fact that she did receive death threats from those involved in CitiGroup ought to let you know just what kind of men are running that outfit.

Bush and Co. make serious (I know, a "grand" understatement) "mistakes" all the time. And what happens to those who make death threats against them? They are hauled off to jail or they just disappear.

What will be done to the CitiGroup gang who threatened to kill this economic analyst? Nothing?

Interesting, isn't it?

Elaine Supkis

Dear Hal,

I talk a lot about the religious affiliations of all sorts of people. The problem with Jewish readers is, due to the bloody and horrible persecution of Jews for 2,000 years, the sensitivity about seeing the word 'Jews' in print is very great. There is a natural desire to not see this talked about at any level.

This has been exploited by cynical Jews seeking wealth and power to cloak their activities. I see all over the place, references to Muslims when they take economic actions! But a Jewish reader doesn't notice this, nay, often the writes who talk about Islamic financial matters will even call Muslims names and mock their religion when talking about, say, oil, or banking!

Then we have to turn around and NEVER talk about Jewish activities concerning oil or banking! The tragic part of all this is, the Christians who hire Jews, work with them and help them steal olive groves from the native Semites of the Middle East, many of these allies of the Jews are antisemites who pray for the destruction of all Jews! Via the Apocalypse.

Christians who are working hand in glove with Jews to start wars with Muslims are involved in a continuation of the Crusades. And therefore, dangerous to Jews themselves since the end desire of this crusade is for all Jews to be converted, violently if necessary, into Christians! And then Jerusalem cleansed of both Muslims AND Jews!

Hal, we MUST talk about all this. We cannot evade this. In my recent article where I quote the Jerusalem Post where they talk about the startling fact that half of all the most influencial people in the West in finance and arts are Jews and how scared American Jews are to talk about this....can you see what this means?

Pretending this isn't so is foolish. Ignoring this while the eagle eye of the Christian fundamentalists planning the final extermination of the Jews via the Apocalypse are watching this news closely, is foolish. We cannot ignore this force that is ratchetting upwards the more Jews try to take over the Holy Land. Each step is climbing the staircase in the Tower where the Gods strike with lightning bolts, the Tower of Babel.

This is all pure survivalism for myself. I want to save the Jewish community, I am part of this community. The despair I feel, watching this death spiral, is intense. For years, I debated with myself, how to talk about all this without enraging the Jewish community of inflaming the Christian community and there seems to be no way in hell anyone can do this, ask the very devout Jimmy Carter!

He tried to explain all this very nicely and the Jewish media attacked him with trmendous ferocity and then tossed him into the garbage and won't talk to him at all now, a former president is now a non-person just because he tried to warn the Jewish community, which he loves, about the perils of lusting for power over the Muslims in the Holy Lands!

Hal, my news service would have many thousands of readers if I never ever wrote the word 'Jew.' If I pretended I wasn't part-Jewish and if I pretended that the issues in the Middle East were unimportant or should never be discussed or better, if I sided with the Jewish plan to take over the entire Holy Lands and turn it into a Jewish dictatorship where Jews are lords and all others are sub-humans...then I would have more money!

People will love me! The media would suddenly remember my phone number (yes, as Mrs. Levy, I could get on TV whenever I wanted!) and my life would be ridiculously easier.

But then, I would be working towards the Apocalypse, the paradoxical fracturing of reality I also call 'World War III.' So I drag myself onwards, hoping to light this darkness somehow. Using feeble words. So please read with an open mind. This is the hardest thing on earth to do. Recognize when your mind is triggered to censor or attack ritually. Once you stop yourself from ritually freaking out over a word appearing, one can then struggle to see the other side of something that is developing.

One of the ugliest things I have ever engaged in over the years has been talking to Christians about 'Heaven.' Their ideology is, only lovers of Jesus goes to heaven, all others to to hell. They expect EVERY Jew to burn in hell, eternally.

This horrible belief system disgusts me greatly and when I argue about heaven with Christians, they SHUT DOWN. They won't talk about Jews going to hell if they think they are talking to Mrs. Levy and not Mrs. Supkis! The minute they imagine I am not a lover of this heaven idea, they cease talking to me rather then say outloud, 'Jewish babies burn in hell' for example.

This 'politeness' isn't nice, it is at the root of something very explosive. And we have to face this reality. Instead of ignoring it. Hard as it is.

Elaine Supkis

And the Jewish community has to understand, if they treat Palestinians as subhumans, this justifies the same thing being applied to Jews, themselves. I used to live with the son of the writer of 'Fiddler on the Roof'. I knew the author, himself. This was a family tormented by history and each other, very unstable.

And very rich. This sudden wealth wrecked this family of survivors and made it hard for them to survive. One of the Steins became a writer published first, by the LA Times and now, is a full time author...he gets published very easily, all doors open like magic for him. My former father in law ran a publishing business and knew everyone in that community which is mostly Jewish, by the way, and I could NOT get published come hell or high water.

This is due to ideology and the hopes that if no one in the Jewish community talks about Jewish influence and power, no one in the outside community surrounding the Jewish community, will notice it too. This cloaking device seems to work but only in good times.

The split second there is some terrible economic mess like the Great Depression, the cloak falls and exposes the Jewish community to destruction. So we have to discuss this for surival's sake.


Dear Hal,

You should read up on Elaine's past articles. Perhaps then you would understand her position much, much better.

I am being nice here.

My sons were forcibly converted to Jews by my ex-wife, her family, and her new husband so they could disappear into a lily white Jewish community in Ohio. This, after my ex-wife claimed to be a Christian in court to strip me and my family of all holidays. It worked.

It helped that she married a wealthy Jewish businessman there, and my own son told me that they were now Jews because his father (not me) AND his family (not mine) were Jewish. This was just barely two years since they fled the state with my sons.

If you do not like to see the word "Jew", rest assured that there are others who hate to see it even more. If you feel pain when you see this word, try to imagine the permanent pain that others feel when they see it.

Slowly my oldest son is coming to understand that he was not born a Jew, but this could always change in a heartbeat due to my ex-wife's relentless hatred of me. (Yes, Hal, Jews hate others with a passion.)

The Jews, like the Christians and the Muslims, never seem to learn one of mankind's oldest rules:

What you do to others, can and will be done to you.

Elaine Supkis

I was a second class citizen within my own family, too. It is all too sad.

But then, when I married a Catholic, this happened all over again! It is pretty discouraging. This is why I asked Pegasus about all this.

He, being a flying horse, said, 'Nay! Why we horses like to run in herds! The more, the merrier! And the stallions fight over the mares and bite each other but they aren't forced out of the herd, they just have to watch the top stallion have all the fun. But then, I like fighting! It is fun.'

My proud cut stallion, Sparky, feels the same way. He likes having mares to herd around. He watches over them and doesn't give a hoot how they look, they simply have to smell like sweet little mares and he is perfectly happy. On the other hand, the mares like a proud stallion. So if he stands with his nose to the wind, head erect and tail up, they swoon with joy.

and if he bothers them when they want to graze, they turn their rumps to him and kick him hard in his big chest. He always backs off and stands there, wondering if he should pretend to graze or not.

But alas, we can't live the simple lives of horses. We are stuck with the cultural messes we make for ourselves.


Elaine, I have been following this stuff for some time. I like your comments about real estate because I was in that business in the 70's and 80's and I remember it took a good 7 or 8 years to reach a bottom. This one is going to be worse because they haven't stopped building.

But, the real story is the credit insurance industry, which covers everything from MI companies to the brokerage and money center banks. One new thing I learned back in the 1990's was that credit didn't have a mathematical solution. One the imbalance is the one between what a bank owes and what is owed a bank or other institution that is collectible. Banking is the source of all this phony speculation, GDP growth, booms, busts, recessions and depressions.

My guess is we exited the 1980's with an imbalance that wasn't going away soon. No one wants the ship to sink on their watch so Robert Rubin was brought in and Greenie concurred to let this thing go where no plan has gone before. We will invent stuff to give the appearance of prosperity. Being we were in deflation, this inflation would have the appearance of good prosperity and the world would buy into it. Maybe they didn't know that, but it was better than going down the drain right now.

Then we get to China and much of the other poor world. These people rarely ever saw a buck so the inflation game played well with them. Their currency wasn't exchangable so in order to make that so, they needed to pile up dollars. Being dollar manufacturing was the big money business of the developed world, those that could dropped what they were doing and got involved. Of course the no mathematical solution problem grew and grew. That problem is that the interest to pay for the created credit is never created. The interest forwarded to depositors in thus uncollectable. The capital reserves of the bank on such a system cannot really exist, as the debtors aren't the same people as the creditors of the bank and if the money isn't taken from the creditors in some fashion and given to the debtors, they cannot pay.

I believe much of your idea that we aren't going to be let out of this debt as people is true. I have not done well for myself, but I have resisted any new debt for a good decade. Anyone that has as much as 15% of their annual income in credit debt once this thing turns might find themselves and their families in perpetual bondage. The student loan game is one of many games.

I hate to sound socialist, but if there is anything that should be centralized it is money creation banking. All other lending needs to be at total risk. We have this type of banking except the guys with the golden parachutes (Isn't $48 million a year enough to feed a guy for the rest of his life without taking another $166 million out of a sinking ship?)get to take the deposits and the depositors get the bill in the form of government insurance which can only be paid by those that have the credits.

Bankers and insurers act as sureties. One thing the inflationists fail to realize is that if the sureties go broke, there will be on continued credit growth over a significant short term. Interest in some form will continue to accrue and the needed new credit for the system to pay it won't exist. That is how true deflations and depressions get started. The seemingly huge reserves of China will melt just as fast as all the other piles of money, including the Saudi's. War is always the result, not because there are really any enemies, but because there are governments and fools stupid enough to die for them.


"That problem is that the interest to pay for the created credit is never created."


"Interest in some form will continue to accrue and the needed new credit for the system to pay it won't exist."

Hence, the never ending problem.

Most bankers understand this game, which is why I believe banking to be a criminal enterprise. Everyone wants to be a banker or the beneficiary of banking.

I leaf through their voluminous laws and loopholes everyday at work, and I know for a fact that no stupid politician could ever write something so ridiculously absurd and complicated as these arcane laws and regulations.

They were handed to the politicians with a check. Pure and simple.

Barter is the only real and fair form of trade, despite everyone thinking it is only for barbarians. However, barbarians rarely wake up to find that their farms, cattle, homes, and other possessions which constitute their wealth have simply vanished into thin air -- an all too common occurance in the realm of civilized banking.

hal lieberman

Dear Elaine
“But a Jewish reader doesn't notice this, nay, often the writes who talk about Islamic financial matters will even call Muslims names and mock their religion when talking about, say, oil, or banking!”

What Jewish reader? Please do not generalize but be specific. Are there Jews who do call names etc.. Yes, but they are a distinct minority.

"In my recent article where I quote the Jerusalem Post where they talk about the startling fact that half of all the most influencial people in the West in finance and arts are Jews and how scared American Jews are to talk about this....can you see what this means?"

What Jews are scared to talk about it? Again, please be as accurate as your economic writing.Phillip Roth? Saul Bellow? Who, names please. I am a playwright and talk about it all the time.

“if I sided with the Jewish plan to take over the entire Holy Lands and turn it into a Jewish dictatorship where Jews are lords and all others are sub-humans..{

What Jewish plan? Yes, there are some Jewish fundamentalists who talk about Judea and Samaria. But they are in a distinct minority. I am for a Palestinian state with 1967 borders and so are the majority of American and Israeli Jews. Again please show the evidence about turning people into “sub humans. “

Sorry but I do not freak out at the word Jew. Remember all I asked is that when you describe financiers that if you insisted on describing them as Jewish why not Christian or Moslem. Singling Jews out implies that all financiers are Jewish like Warren Buffet or Rupert Murdoch or Bill Gates. Words are weapons. Please use them more carefully.


I have no objection to Elaine using the words "christian" or "muslim" when referring to financiers. They are all the same to me. Elaine knows they are not all Jews. She has stated so many times in the past.

Most Americans do not understand and are not meant to understand that Palestine is not what Israel claims it was in the year 1967. It is what it was BEFORE the Jews declared independance in 1947 and claimed 70% of Palestine even though they were a minority in the area they claimed as their own.

It is the same as illegal Mexicans suddenly claiming all of California as their "homeland" because their ancestors once lived there in the distant past. Of course there would be war, and it would never end if the Mexicans were being funneled top notch weapons from Russia and China for 50 years.

That was most disingenuous, Hal, but quite Jewish, actually.


Oh, and a couple more things, Hal:

Why would American Jews be so deeply concerned about Palestinian borders to such an extent that they can even pinpoint a specific date that is acceptable to them?

Can American Jews tell us what the borders of Kurdistan should be and what date they should be based on? Irish borders? Bosnian borders? How about American borders?

Are they even Americans, Hal? Do they buy US treasury bonds or do they buy State of Israel bonds, like my ex-wife's family did?

They were not even fundamentalists or fanatics or whatever. They were barely Jews, at that, but they sent their money to Israel. I cashed those damn bonds and spent the money here on my American family.

If all they can do is fret over Israel and send their money there to support their fellow Jews, then what the hell are they doing in our country?

Can YOU be more specific, Hal?


DeVaul, it seems to me that even among the Jews there is a lot of disagreement. More like Ashkenazi versus everyone else. Zionism versus the rest of Jewdom. The two links below are very informative and give a geographical, historical and spiritual perspective of the divisions that exist. Very interesting really. I was amazed how the Othodox and Hassidic sects are supportive of Ahmadinejad.



Thanks for the links, Carlos, but I will decline to read them.

I tried reading a recent article on Yahoo about sufism and Shia and as usual it told me nothing but the same old Jewish crap: we recognize this and that but we do not support it or agree with it or sponsor it blah, blah, blah.

Aside from my own unfortunate experience with Jews, my main problem with them is their endless deceit about... well... everything. And please note that I consider Christians, Muslims, and Jews to be all the same. I use the word "Jew" to refer to them all because they all claim the same god (I'm fairly certain of this now) and because the Jews were around before these other sects or whatever they are.

I live outside their world, so I can see how they act, think, and behave all in the same way while simultaneously claiming that this or that group of Jews is more holy than the other and on and on. I have no desire to delve into their convoluted minds and delusions about their one all powerful god who seems to me a whole lot more like Sauron (of movie fame) than anything else.

It does not matter to them what I think of them because they believe I have no right to exist, and they have proclaimed this in court, on television, on videotapes from caves and hideouts.

This is why I get no real answer from them when I ask them straightforward questions. They need time to think of some clever lie or semantically twisted bit of disinformation with which to hopefully make the pesky questions go away.

I am glad I do not have to deal with this in my own religion. It is very liberating not to have to live a lie, to be able to speak truthfully and not be ashamed or feel as if you just sold off your very soul.

The downside of course is that you will be hated with great passion by those who do live in a world of lies, deceit and evil schemes. And you will suffer their wrath for defying them as long as they live, for they never tire of trying to harm you anyway they can.

I suppose it makes up for the fact that they know deep down who they really are, so making others just as miserable is their only consolation for choosing to commit great acts of evil for some ephemeral gain.

I still have hope for a better life for me and my family, but I know it will not come from the Jews. It will happen in spite of them, assuming fate allows it at all.


I'm not sure what is going on here, but banker and Jew don't necessarily equal each other. The truth is that usuary was outlawed by Moses because it led to perpetual bondage in Egypt. I don't belief what Elaine wrote back to me though about bankers understanding. I believe a select few understand the interest is never created, as they have 100% of the money creating value in the economy. There has to be a way to work out the loss on an equitable basis. Otherwise the money creators end up owning the world and drawing rent as a title of nobility against the many. It more than a share the wealth idea in doing something about banking. I agree that banking should be prohibited as it is practiced today. I don't really know what should take its place, but I believe all private borrowing should be done at 100% risk and 100% funded instead of this funding out of thin air and collecting interest out of thin air. I suspect the banking class is insolvent, drawing hundreds of billions interest on imaginary spreads with nothing at risk because it has been lost for over a decade. I would love to draw even 1/4% off $100 billion that I could imagine I had in place. When it collapses, let the public pay for it. I was taught in the school of finance that banks created money, but it was never pointed out the debt was impossible to pay. Law recognizes remedy and banking has none. It is also being run as a title of nobiity, prohibited by the constitution.



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Neuro Artist

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange dropped 5% today! Is this it?

Elaine Supkis

We shall see. Certainly, we are witnessing the biggest inflationary balloon in history .

Belstaff chaquetas

He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.

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