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I interviewed for a job with a mega-yacht builder here in the pac NW yesterday: toured a massive 150 foot playtoy of these very type of pirates..... lots of mexicans in plastic suits and respirators climbing around in the huge fiberglass mold while its sistership, almost done, was receiving fine art flourishes. The production manager said they had orders stacked up way into the future. In his own words the whole concept was "bizarre". He said "These are guys who've made their fortunes and I guess it's a ego thing most of all. They don't really travel with the yacht but have the captain move it around and they fly in with guests here and there." He said they have it customized then often tire of it and sell it for a 20% profit since other buyers don't want to sit on the two year waiting list. Frustrating for him was the fact that just when they got the tooling down for one yacht the next had to be redone to the new custom wishes of another tycoon. Pay for the mexicans? $10 a hour. Journeymen? $22 a hour. Sales price? In the mega-millions. Not too foul working conditions but tons of fiberglass dust floating around, noise to the point folks almost have to shout to carry on a conversation, and fumes, fumes, fumes. I was bit sickened at this production for some tycoon to merely use occasionally. Oh well.


I have written before that I do consider emigrating from US as an optional "out" of the future US economic collapse. Certainly not an option for most, but those who've lived abroad, have family other countries, it will be a viable option.

You're right about the US being looted by pirates. These pirates are deeply embedded in this rotten system and know quite well what the future holds. I think the devaluing of the dollar has been a way to make more money and keep the ponzi scheme going. Alas, this too is running its course, so the remaining option is to do what countries in default have always done -- declare war. We are rapidly approaching that scenario. So, I'd say fleeing the U.S. might become a safety issue as well as an economic measure. For even if US were not attacked (I think there will be some sort of attack as a catalyst to action), who'd want to be conscripted into fighting and/or paying for this new, bigger better upcoming war.

While being quite happy with my local government generally, very, very few citizens participate/vote at this level. As aside, 3 bond issues passed here in Charlotte - more taxes levied for borrowing this money. No one connects this to their wallets - it's still spend, spend, spend.

In a larger sense, I think the republic is dead (what have your state rep and senators done on your behalf recently?). Democracy is great with an educated and involved populace. We don't have this and it's become the cult of personality for the mobs. Finally, love Ron Paul and support his big unifying ideas on trade, Fed abolishment, retreat from Iraq etc. He will get the "Dean Treatment" if he becomes enough of a threat to TPTB. He may become the new Goldwater and change the future landscape but I fear it won't. thanks for your insights


Sorry for the OT post, but the Yen is rocketing upwards against the dollar today, up 1.7% at the moment at about 113.2. I haven't seen any explanation yet as to why.


Do have a read on a series of articles by Dmitri Orlov on the collapse of the Soviet Union at the Energy Bulletin website

Elaine Supkis

China is like the Soviet Union: it can contract much easier than the US which is very over-extended and weakened by living off of much of the world's output for the last 30 years while not working all that hard.

Not Student

No, Elaine,

US will be the Soviet of Today.


Excelent, Elaine ! One of the best i have ever read from you.



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