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I promise not to talk nonstop about Venezuela, but he NYTimes was at it again, this time presenting an op-ed by Raul Baduel's, former defense minister of Venezuela.


The op-ed is interesting because it totally focuses on Chavez, and not on the referendum's points to increase popular power.

In it he argues that :

1. A socialist state is contrary to the beliefs of Simon Bolivar
2. Contrary to human nature
3. Contrary to a Christian view of society ( so much for Jesus!)
4. Grants absolute control of the people ( what BS)

It lowers the voting age to 16, empowers communal councils, offers pensions for the self employed, etc etc.

How is the proposed abolition term limits different from having Reagan, Bush I, Bush II, Clinton I and probably Clinton II within a 30 year period.

The important thing is called the ELECTION. Don't vote for him if he isn't doing a good job. If the election is fair ( more fair than in the U.S. I would suspect), then the process of ousting a leader is present. Additionally the referendum process is an additional avenue.

"In the end [the government] taught the people about rights rather than obligations, thus establishing the myth that Venezuela is a rich country, and that the sole duty of a good government is to distribute its wealth evenly"

This duty sounds good to me...better than the consolidation of wealth in the hands of the very few elite...and true democracies are about rights, human rights, true freedom, education, healthcare, not about obligations ( another word for debts to the government)

He goes on against:

1. Exorbitant Public expenditures
2. Government deficits
3. Vulnerability of foreign investments
4. High import tariffs

This sounds like the mantra of the U.S. congress. Pork Barrel projects, increased debt, Banks and companies soon to go bankrupt, and lets impose tariffs on orange juice, sugar, etc

What a joke. This guy was bought off by the elite of Venezuela. Probably promised a nice cush position in a Villa overlooking Caracas...either that or that he wasn't going to be sent to Guantanamo to be waterboarded.


Elaine Supkis

ARGH. I hate having to edit out my articles. It is almost too annoying, dealing with people. One thing is certain: the level of FEAR in this world is most amazing. People want to live and then die in total anonymous non-existence.

Namely, instead of being part of the stream of history, people really want to be invisible. This goes back to Frodo and the Ring of Power. Sauron needed to operate in a way that no one could see him in action. This belief that if one is invisible, one can do many things including living well, is very powerful.

People who do blunder in to the limelight like politicians or pop stars and sports heros, end up in terrible shape because reporters show the underbelly or others dig up the underbelly stuff.

I have done this, myself. I love to shine light on things that impact the public. For example, banks have a gigantic impact on us all.

But they are very hidden from veiw. And the hell hounds, ten times more so. Various people who do work in this field, when we chat, are very, very coy about their work. If one asks direct questions, suddenly old friendships going back to college vanish.

The shutters close and people run away. This is obviously because they fear being cut off from the wealth stream. And this stream flows only if everyone keeps the source hidden from view.

So I constantly have to say stuff with little to back it up. Which is why I mostly stick to mainstream news. Using this as a pry bar, I can tell the truth about things. Of course, the major media can mock this stuff.

And I assure readers, when I sound the most insane is when I am telling the closest to the truth information. The system itself is quite crazy.

This is also why we can't talk about religion and money. Despite the two living next door to each other. We have to pretend they are far apart.


What is the harm of saying what you wish despite having your "witnesses" decide not to back you up? (other than the fact it can be dangerous to shine light on things that wish to remain hidden) It's a blog, not testimony to Congress. Many of these concepts might never occur to us without your bringing them up for us to consider. Like the novel, 1984, we can all agree it's fiction but grasp the truth of the message for our great benefit.

hal lieberman

Dear Elaine. Yes, I continue to read you every day in spite of our disagreement. I think you are one of the best writers on economic matters and your insight into the carry trade was memorable. I sense some self censorship on your part because of my reaction. Discus religion and money; how about Max Weber and The Protestant ethic, still the best work on the origin of capitalism. Why insist on labeling financiers or farmers by their religion. Christian Warren Buffet. Does that make sense?
The term "Jewish financiers" has a history that you know has been used to murder both rich and poor Jews
Hal Lieberman


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