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Mike Warot

Hi Elaine,
Even scarier is this one:


BOGNONBR, Non-Borrowed Reserves of Depository Institutions

If I interpret it correctly, this implies that banks have LOST 15.119 Billion dollars in November 2007 alone. (42.268-27.149)

Latest Observations:
Date 2007-08-01 2007-09-01 2007-10-01 2007-11-01 2007-12-01
Value 43.946 40.972 42.239 42.268 27.149


Mike Warot

Oh... and one more thing... that a loss of 35.8% of their reserves in a SINGLE MONTH!

From their own data...



Mock Turtle also alerted us to the Sibel Edmonds story but no one has bothered to even make mention of it....why?????

is it taboo???


The Sibel Edmonds story is here:

((----- Copy & Paste - W/O The Line Breaks -----))



Here is an interesting piece about an economist (a professor, I would guess) trying to warn people that the USA is being sold into slavery by it "owners." He has this amazing story about how no one wants to listen:


Elaine Supkis

The Sibel story has no real news in it yet as far as I am concerned. She has been telling this story for a while.

On the other hand, unravelling the mess of entangled relations of our rulers is interesting but almost useless since NO ONE LISTENS TO ME. Everyone wants to rush from one revelation to another but then end up believing the WTC was blown up, for example. Gads.

Yet when I talk about black magic and our rulers, everyone ignores this. The Portals to the Outerdarkness were meddled with last night and if I were to talk about that, everyone but the Bushes and other CIA black ops entities will laugh at me.

Everyone in positions of power are playing these games and they are games and the pieces on the game boards are humans and they use every tool possible in this esoteric battle including tapping into the forces of what I call, our collective Id, our darker natures, and all this so they can be super-powerful and super-wealthy and this is tied to the Apocalypse which is super-bad.

Over and over again, we can see in history how despots love dead bodies around them. They bring death, not life. And the US handed itself over to a bunch of Skull and Bones death wizards who use Geronimo's skull to open the Gates of Death and they are very stupid and annoy me all to hell.

And I sound totally crazy when talking about this. Sibel is part of this magic system. Note her name! Gads! Is she black ops with a twist?

The fact that she is OFTEN in the news while I am NEVER in the news is important. I can't get in the news no matter what and the government knows I can 'see' the CIA knows. The BATF knows and they damn well know concerning 9/11.

So I can sound like a nut case here and be ignored. So what. Mother Nature does her own thing and she is rather restless lately, I would suggest. I talk about cold economics these days because this is believable. But then, I was kicked out of regular economics sites because I dare mention the connection between black magic, money creation and death.

Elaine Supkis

Mike, thanks for the information. 38% looks about right, it explains the charts in my story here. I am just amazed by it all. What amazes me is...THIS ISN'T NEWS!

I have covered a number of stories in the last 3 years that don't make the news until two or three years too late. The news about Japan flooding the world with debts is one such story. I made the news in Europe but not here, yet.

Sigh. I can't force the media to pay attention and they know perfectly well, who I am. Bush sent Haley Barbour to the NYT to tell them to never talk to me again! And they did.

Phil Donohue was supposed to have me on national TV on his show and when the limo took me to the station, he ran up to me in hysteria, yelling for me to 'go away now!' And I left. Typical.

Only CNN would broadcast me and Ted Turner knew me and understood me but when he sold his station, I yelled at him, 'Don't do it! ' He said, 'I will be in control via the Board of Directors!' And they threw him out!

And immediately told me to go to hell.

So my hell is here. HAHAHA.


That Edmonds had some important story to tell has been known for a couple years, but she has been under a gag order. If I remember the story correctly, she was threatened with a lengthy prison sentence if she said anything publicly.

Of course, the media ignored the story when she was gagged. It's not surprising if they play down the story now.


I looked at that chart on the Fed site. It is very alarming, considering that it is two giant, towering spikes with no precedent whatsoever over a period of half a century -- perhaps even longer.

I am not sure what it means, though. I understand the Fed injected money into the system after 9/11 and that was the first 15 billion dollar spike. But what is the second one heading down? Is this money that was returned to the Fed's vaults by those who had borrowed it?

I don't understand.



Read the article that you claimed we were conspiring to cover up. Nothing really surprising in it. That our government officials are owned and bribed by foreign powers is well known here and Elaine has talked about it for years now.

You are beginning to sound like the boy who cried "Wolf!".


"...all the speculators can tell long before the Fed does anything, they know how to exploit this for their own profits and this, of course, means, all solutions FAIL."

This comment is my favorite, Elaine. And it is really the most powerful observation. The system is predictable and has very strong positive and negative correlations, especially at the global banking/currency levels.

Whatever you say about the darkside, no matter how you define it with arcane terminology -- I follow the dollar and at the end of the day -- you are right on the money. My checkbook says so.

The thing is -- you might be looking in the rear view mirror. I believe the global takeover you fear, has already happened. The object of the game, now, is to survive. Americans will indeed be trapped like slaves, quite soon, because their money will be legal tender only in the US.

I think there are ways to win, personally, but no way to return the world to its former order. I think that world has passed on.

Meanwhile, Bernanke said a few moments ago that the Fed is going to drop rates (perhaps 50 basis points). So... we all know that means the dollar will plunge again. There are a million ways to make big money this month by betting against the dollar. It's a sure thing.

The reason the dollar didn't plunge when Greenspan slashed rates was because America still had assets and modest debt. People had savings. Those fundamentals are gone. The dollar is now backed by nothing.

As you say, its historically new. But its very predictable. Easy money for speculators. Who, in their right mind, would bet on the US economy?


I find some of your comments to be very interesting, Pluto.

You may be right about it being too late to avoid debt slavery and "homeland" confinement. I still cannot pay off a rather small debt compared to most Americans because inflation is eating me alive. I will cancel my telephone soon.

Many people here accept what Elaine says as true and accurate, in a general sense at least, and they are mostly concerned with "how do I and my family survive"?

I once said here that perhaps all we were ever meant to know is how to survive. I was confused and overwhelmed when I said it, but it appears more and more over time to be the reality that most of us face in light of the forces arrayed against us.

Neuro Artist

The now promised rate cut, is a clear act of desperation. The feds never (officially) promised a rate cut before. Things are really out of controll of those who were given the image of being in controll. Nothing can controll this beast now.


Red in tooth and claw - that is just what I was thinking after reading this last night. It is still survival of the fittest here - we have just a thin veneer of civilization and much media spin to occlude the truth. There have been many negative economic indicators reported in the last few weeks but the one that hit me the hardest was the bare shelves at the food banks. I'm not talking about just the little church or social group food banks - this is Second Harvest, massive food banks that are supported by food and cash donations but also by salvage food and damaged food from manufacturers and retailers. The demand for food assistance is spiking upward at the same time as donations plummet and they are having to turn people away.

A gentleman claiming to be a banker posted on another blog that his bank is seeing an increase in credit card debt and an increase in late pays/foreclosures in mortgage debt. People are still paying revolving debt for now because they need it for "cash" flow to make ends meet each month. Since holiday retail was less than spectacular it does seem like the credit cards are being run up to cover fuel and food.

How much longer can the show go on? I'm hopeful that my family will be in a position to make some preparations so I want the juggler to keep those balls in the air as long as possible. My little family is between jobs right now - spouse laid off 2 weeks before Christmas - and we don't have much credit to tap.

Hakan with the reindeers

I do not know what NFORBRES is.
But I found this:

See the following dates:
2001.09 <- 9/11
2007.08 <- 17/7 (Ring a bell ?)
2007.12 <- Lets call it the Xmas crash of '07

Also found this in a blog:
"I lived through the period 1963 - 1983 in the capacity of senior executive of a financial intermediary and remember the inflation that caused the needless sacrafice of thousands of intermediaries in the 1980s. We avidly watched the weekly report of Net Free or Borrowed Reserves of Depository Institutions to see how "loose" money really was. In other words, how much money the system was unable to find borrowers for. The St. Louis Fed still reports them: http://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/series/NFORBRES We believed in the '70s, as Volcker later proved, that tightening the money supply was the only way to arrest the rate of inflation. Talk from the head of the Fed, and raising short-term rates, the increased cost of which we passed on to borrowers, which had been tried, just did not work. Finally, when Volker finally applied an objective, rather than a subjective standard, inflation fell, and Americans suffered much more pain and adjustment. NFORBRES is and has since Clinton's inaugural been greater than at any time on record. In view of my experience, I believe too much inflation is embedded in the economy, and what we need now is Volcker to return for a short period, even though we now have so many banks whose size are so great they cannot be allowed to fail. The longer we wait to take the only effective medicine, the worse the pain."

Dont know why, but it feels kind of important


Confused, overwhelmed.....you are the classic defeatest Devaul....

people MUST tackle the hard issues that no one wants to talk about, fight the hard fight, expose the criminals and their provable treasonous activities and maybe just maybe you can turn the rest of it around.

I pity you devaul, I really do, no fight in you, the end and the darkness already envelopes you....history is repeating in many ways and in your own way you are the jew going quietly and meekly to the showers whilst your nazi minders mock you as they look on.

Elaine has spoken many times about the protests of the 60's and 70's and things like tianamen square where people put their lives on the line for what they believe in, you devaul are not one of those people and your defeatist attitude shames their memory.

WTC 7 "just pull it"

Elaine Supkis

DeVaul and I know each other quite well. He has a hard life and takes great measures to struggle over tremendous odds. Such as disabilities. He is a fighter but he is also hammered by inflation just as many of us are today!

Thanks for all the new information about this particular banking chart! I didn't even know this was happening until a reader alerted me and yes, 7/17/7 is a day that will do down in history! As I predicted.

And the entire 1970-1980 decade was tight money yet we had inflation. This means, the inflation was war related. God help us as we lose our present wars, how much this will hammer us in 2 years!

Hakan with the reindeers

Russ Winter has a blog where he take his time to examine these charts:

It seems as the whole interbanksystem failed that week and the FED cannot do a lot about it.

Which makes me wonder..
- Iranian boats says threathen US warship.
- Presidents Working group has meeting.
- Oil price will just not go down even if a ressesion is starting.
- Bush (the president with most free days) is rushing to Israel on a visit.
- Stockmarkets and housing i plummeting.
- Pakistan (which is nuclear) makes affairs with Iran (a pipeline amongst others).
- Butto got assasinated.

All could boil down to an imminent strike.
The oilembargo from Iran would be perfect to hide Peak Oil behind.


Well, Greg, you are right about one thing. The Nazis will come for me because they need Deaf and disabled people to test the new showers just like before, but I will not go peacefully. I plan to mow them down in the street, something the Germans were too afraid to do -- being christians and whatever.

I remember what it was like to stand alone in a courtroom by myself fighting for the rights of the Deaf, the disabled, and their children while people laughed at me, shook their heads, derided me, and so on just so they could feel superior and righteous.

You talk just like the opposing attorney in my divorce case. She was a highly paid professional child abuser who enjoyed the protection of the judge, the police, city hall, and countless politicians and movers and shakers.

I paid a heavy price for opposing her, the Jewish custodial evaluator, and the black judge, who I caught lying in open court and almost went to jail for it.

Yes, I was defeated by crooks and cowards and I lost my sons, but I do not regret fighting for years in court to regain their rights, or going bankrupt in the process -- that little debt I cannot seem to pay off.

And I don't feel pity for you. You are what you are.


Wow devaul, the jews and the blacks conspiring against you, sounds like something straight out of the Turner diaries, anyway good to see you come out swinging....maybe a little fight left in the old dog yet!!!

BTW you wont be alone in the streets mate, it'll be over my dead body before I let them take anyone to the fucking showers!!! disabled or not!

WTC 7 "Just pull it"


I always felt that China was having huge problems with inflation. Now I see they are copying the Richard Nixon style price freeze from the 70's. Jon Nadler, senior analyst at Kitco, is reporting that China is freezing prices on gasoline, natural gas, electricity, water, heating, public transportation, school tuition, and medical care. IMO, they printed up too much money in keeping the yuan pegged to the dollar. IMO,their factory workers are rioting for the simple reason that they are experiencing real wage declines, the syndrome being felt round the world. Also, I was very shocked and disappointed to hear that Bernanke wants to cut rates and maybe dramatically. I agree with Elaine that the US has serious inflation. I also feel we will ultimately have to face the popping of the bubble, and the longer it is delayed, the worse it will be.


The revolution will not be televised, it will be blogged (by Elaine).

Thanks for sharing your thoughts,experience, analysis and wisdom!


Wrong tense, the revolution is being blogged by Elaine. It will be televised but in French and Mandarin.

Unfortunately we will have to wait 100 years for the objective history.

Elaine Supkis

I don't want a revolution, I want to go FORWARDS! Heh.

Not in circles. Ah well, it is a horror that the stupid Persian Kitty Gulf confrontation of tiny boats versus the world's biggest navy caused voters to chose war mongers as our future dictators.

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I don't want a revolution, I want to go FORWARDS! Heh.

Not in circles. Ah well, it is a horror that the stupid Persian Kitty Gulf confrontation of tiny boats versus the world's biggest navy caused voters to chose war mongers as our future dictators.

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