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Elaine, you don't need a publisher. This is the age of the PDF book. So get going. Besides it takes years to write a book on something as complex as the grand-unified-theory-of-everything. Well it does if you want it to be polished and concise enough to hit people right between the eyes when they read it.


Wow Elaine. Well done with the research. Truly the ancients had it right when they proclaimed that there is nothing new under the sun. You would think with all this detailed history available to everyone these days, more people would be aware of the pitfalls of the grossly myopic actions and policies of both businesses and governments, but I guess blithe disregard of future consenquences breeds true. Really trying to figure out the evolutionary advantage of that!

Again, well done.


Norka West

Will your book include a chapter describing how our current national leadership (business and political) proves Darwin's Theory of Devolution?


P.S. The Brits burned Washington during the War of 1812 because we burned down Toronto (a/k/a York) in the middle of a Canadian winter.


Incredible!! Once again I take my hat off to u!!


There is no right for credit, so the poor has to starve.


If one follows your line of thought, the logical ending would be an attack on Islamic interests as they are the weakest bankers...China and Russia would be too strong right now for such confrontations!!

Question is - what would Russia and China probably do if it comes true???


Elaine, if do write a book, please do mot use the PDF format! it is inflexible and proprietary. I once wrote a book in an old DOS version of WordPerfect, and now I can't edit it properly, or at least with reasonable convenience, in the modern Windows versions. Disaster! The only reasonably stable formats are HTML, XHTML, and Rich Text. I do everything in HTML, myself, and it lets me do most everything I want to do! And there are programs available that efficiently convert HTML into XHTML, RTF, and even PDF. Avoid CSS, which, while great for web pages, creates unnecessary complications for simple documents.

I love the freeware, open source WYSIWYG HTML editor KompoZer, which is as easy to use as a word processing program. It's available in Windows, OS-X, and Linux versions. You can get it free at:


CEO Nutcracker

Thank you, Elaine.

Once again, a history lesson that one would expect the ruling class would have avoided like the plague. Sadly, it's a system that makes billionaires. It will continue until a new system that nationalizes a nations industries, intellectual property, banking and finance, replaces it. Trade will have to become more balanced, and the word "globalization" uttered, should be cause for war.

But our reality is, we should all learn Chinese and Arabic, ASAP.

I hope China, as you referred to above in an article, will not continue this insane experiment. I know Gordon Brown is desperate to perpetuate the UK/US/EU imperial model, but Hu cannot possibly continue this perversion of sovereignty.

I read an article on how the "Shock Doctrine" was used to ransack Latin America and how they, after almost 20 yrs., have been able to rebuild and keep our
carpetbagging elitists out. It is a pretty interesting read by Naomi Klein. She places blame on the late Milton Friedman and the Chicago Boys, the School of the Americas in Fort Bening, and the IMF/ World Bank.

I suppose the reason the elites finally looted the US, their country of origin, is because they are running out of 'soft targets'. The US citizens will apparently have to go full circle to learn the lessons of our Latin neighbors.

I'll post the article if anyone is interseted. You get an idea of what might come next for America, with executive orders in place, FEMA & private militaries awaiting orders. If 911 was the shock, the rest was a cakewalk.


Elaine, I am waiting for that book, in whatever form it comes.

It should be an international bestseller! And, yet again, I look at how people are already voting in these sorry caucases and wonder if there will ever be any hope for this nations inhabitants. Fasten up for another protracted "Gilded Age".


CEO Nutcraker, the reason the elites looted the US is because they actually drank their own kool-aid, and liked it. The one thing that really stood out in my mind when I read Perkins "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" was that while he knew that all the justifications that were cooked up to clothe their looting in the guise of "development", the generation that followed though it was true gospel. I guess someone forgot to let them in on the joke...


guise of "development", the generation that followed though

should be:

guise of "development" was BS, the generation that followed thought

Oh, so that's why they're a preview button...

Elaine Supkis

I knew Victorians who were alive in 1973 when I was a child, such as my godmother who was 10 years old back then. She gave me a number of old books which I use as reference still.

I have nothing but admiration for the older generations. They sometimes got trapped by events but at least they knew how to talk about it rationally. I think that is now missing and it frightens me.

Indeed, when discussing business with the Chinese sent over after Mao died, they were all very rational, it was rather scary how rational they were. You would think this would be impossible.

I suspect it was due to cynicism, myself. Everyone was force to confess their failings in public so everyone ended up lying smoothly and then laughing about it later, in the dark, to themselves.

The pain of this created people who are very hard-headed and hard-nosed.

CEO Nutcracker


I think it IS their gospel. Money IS their only God. Hence their god-less wars and destruction of anything virtuous and humane. Everything they aspire to, goes against nature or God. There is a reason why the Muslims have said, for many centuries, that they are the 'spawns of Satan'. I just wonder though, is the joke really on them? In almost every case, it is the masses that end up impoverished or dead, while the bankers and the warlords they support, transfer an entire nations capital wealth into private hands. It's a proven formula that, so far, has been very successful for a few.

CEO Nutcracker

Hi Elaine,

I know what you mean by the Victorian mentality. I read alot of books from that period. Mostly biographies of famous people during that time, and some fiction as well. But they had an honesty that must have come from the hardships they has suffered in Europe. They spoke often of the race toward capitalism and industry. The speed in which the large cities were racing into the future. They had a certain nostalgia about keeping things simple and light. Nothing could stop the tsunami of development that they were so leary of. Money had to be made fast for the industrialists had different ideas about the direction this country would take. Though the people rejected the idea of a Federal Reserve, and were against fighting in foreign wars, some demonic imperialists won out with bribes to our corrupt government, and then came the wars without end. But he who pays the piper picks the tune.

No one can can blame the people of underdeveloped nations for fighting so hard to keep this nasty, avaricious bunch out of their lands. They are quite happy in their simplicity, and love of nature. I envy them in some ways, but know how vulnerable they are to foreign invasion. It's sad we have to share the planet with the likes of the Bushes and the banker Barons of Europe.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hello Elaine,

While in California over the Fall I watched the Panic of 2007 unfold and happened upon an original copy of the autobiography of Daniel Drew, published in the 1870's:


I was stunned by the parallels of character and immoral behavior of Mr. Drew and his 'colleagues' and today's class of banksters.

He openly admitted to his pilfering ways; starting from the time he sold a herd of cattle to Cornelius Vanderbilt after marching them for a day w/o water and then allowing them into a stream in NE Manhattan an hour before Vanderbilt arrived to buy.

Thus, Mr. Drew literally coined [Vanderbilt's coins] the term "watered stock" for usage in his next career as a 'spekilator' on Wall Street.

Like today's banksters, he justified his grand larceny with donations to various charities and religious institutes which also mollified his conscience. But he never amended his larcenous ways until the Panic of 1873 bankrupted him!

The Panic of 2008 will undoubtedly break many modern day 'Daniel Drews'. The real question becomes will they be replaced by more of the same, or will an entirely different system of money and value exchange among men come into being?

The choice is ours. if we can see clearly the opportunity and responsibility.

Kindest regards,


The best financial research I have ever done was my study of the Opium Wars during my MA thesis. It taught me infinitely more than the 5 years of studying financial economics, options equations and Black-Scholes rubbish.

It taught me (1) psychopaths rule the banking world (2) they ALWAYS spend big for about a decade, then look for ways to get the gold back quick - generally through drugs (alcohol, opium, coke, cannabis) or guns (war, war, war) (3) gold/silver is the only true money (everything else is smoke and mirrors) (4) if you're sane and prudent and you want to save money and accumulate gold/silver, watch out - you are about to be killed for it.

Elaine Supkis

Correct, Karmaisking. And if they want your home, they take it. I learned that harsh lesson very early on in life, my first house was confiscated by the state. It is a long story of how they outwitted me. I even checked all the development maps to be certain my home was free and clear.

Then they redrew the maps! HAHAHA,

In NYC, they were so annoyed by me, when they redistricted the city, state and county voting districts, my house was right in the center of a star-shaped pattern. It looked like a baseball had hit a glass window! My councilman, Abe Gerges called me to tell me, 'Come to City Hall in Manhattan and look at how they prevent you from being in any single district.'

Only two other troublemakers got the same treatment, This was back in 1978.

The state can confiscate. The state can steal. The Jews know that the state can not only do both but murder, too. The Palestinians have discovered, they own nothing and have nothing! If they complain or fight back they are destroyed further.

Well, this is what history is all about: attempts at confiscation, the fall out and the blow back and blow back can extend over thousands of years. Literally. Which is why doing this is dangerous, to put it mildly.


Excellent writing! I recently came upon an interview that you gave (Information Clearing House) and was impressed by your ability to cut through the usual terms for economics and make your point clear for someone like myself.

I am a student of history, and although I enjoyed your article, I'm afraid for the future of our country given the examples you presented.

P.S. I agree, you need to write a book!

Elaine Supkis

My next article is about the kind of amazing and stupid, dense things our rulers come up with to describe the stuff I yell about ...only they are all lies. It is rather fun, looking at the formulas they use and then compare this to reality.

NO MATCH! HAHAHA. I love magic spells. Only these are clunkers that don't work.

But the Bank of Japan finds them very useful.


My 2 cents: I don't think a book is such a good idea.

Elaine Supkis

For one thing, it is hard work, writing a book. Secondly, selling books is hard work. I should stick to telling fairy tales.

'The story of the dragon, the kitty cat and Miz Liberty.'

Thomas Wright

You have often mentioned a list of books you recommended to your Chinese visitors. Could you share the titles with us? I am sure many readers would find them useful.
Compiling your essays in a collection would be a worthy book in itself. It worked for Paul Krugman.
Thank you for your informative work.

CEO Nutcracker

hey aprilizi,

"There is no right for credit, so the poor has to starve."

Are you being stupid for funs sake, or are you just damaged?
WE the People pay for these services. The middle fricken class gives almost half their labor to these elitist pigs called the government. Don't you dare call it 'credit' you idiot. Get an education! Or better yet, move back to Mexico.

Elaine Supkis

No need to be harsh, CEO. I suspect we are talking about being sarcastic or cynical here. The poor can't access credit unless they have something someone wants. Then they can get loans they can't pay and thus, lose what little they have.

I see this all the time.

By the way, I just posted a story about Japan's stock market flying off the cliff and falling nearly 500 pts in just three hours today. It is already Monday over there.

CEO Nutcracker

Sorry aprilizi,

If you were referring to the subprime mess, just realize that many people were seduced and fooled into these loans. NOBODY would refuse free money, now would they? If you think the government has been soft and is handing out easy money to save the poor fools, you've been fooled again. We will all pay dearly for many years to come for this disaster, known as the 'subprime fraud' of the century. The bankers and mortgage lenders have taken the REAL profits offshore, and left their investors, tax-payors and homeowners to pay their debts, with the governments blessing. It is called 'a scam'. Be careful who you blame.

Elaine has been trying to educate people here, you should know by now, where to point the finger.

CEO Nutcracker

Hi Elaine,

Sorry i hope i didn't offend your readers, maybe i mistook his cynicism. And in that case I am wrong.

Where are you seeing the Asian stock market crash. I guess that spells trouble on Tuesday here at home. Happy Martin Luther's Day to all. And my deepest appologies for misreading aprilizi.



We are all on the edge here as we can clearly see the incoming disaster which we can't run away or avoid.

Some of us can handle the stress better than others but occasionally, it's too much.

Don't take it too hard and don't let it get to u. TSHTF scene is just starting and it'll be at least 3 years before this act is over. Stay frosty and think hard and fast. All the black ops and low life are about to show up in broad daylight real soon. It's all about survival from this point on.


One of the contributory reasons for the subprime mess was the NYState and NYCity actions to stop "redlining." Redlining was the practice of banks and other lenders of not loaning money into areas where the population had low credit scores. Without attempting to define cause or effect, those areas were mostly minority and poor working class white. The logic was that the mass failure to lend money to folks who were poor financial risks with high probability of being unable to repay was discriminatory.
Insurance companies and mortgage lenders, feeling the winds of regulatory action pre-empted those actions by developing the loans that are today called sub-prime. Of course those loans had the attraction of low up front payments so they were attractive to more than just the poorer souls inhabiting redlined areas. Elliot Spitzer deserves great commendation for his work in forcing the subprimes into existence.


Back to the top if I may...

One thing that we Americans tend to forget when dealing with China (and to a lesser extent, the rest of Asia) is that they have a completely different timeframe than us. A 50 year plan for Taiwan? That's nothing! I can't honestly say it would shock me to find out that the Chinese had various plans that take centuries to unfold. They were a well established society before Moses took the tablets off the mountain! China is not known for quick, decisive maneouvers.

China is a Dragon. And they fight like a dragon: they twist and turn to fight and foil multiple attackers; they use their teeth and tails as much as their claws; they do not care whether they fight in the air, on the earth, or in the water; they are patient about luring opponents into their coils. The West -- as a general rule -- is approaching with the stance of a Tiger: get in, hit hard, try like hell to subdue the opponent before stamina runs out; they are strong but must win quickly. It is a classic battle, but only the smartest and strongest Tigers can defeat a Dragon.


Henry Miller said: "I can't think of the English as anything but ghouls and pirates - and such deucedly serious ones, you know."

Elaine Supkis

Red lining: I specialized in properties in NYC in redlined neighborhoods eons ago. I could not get any loans but so could no one else. Buying with CASH, I did very well. I then went to work to 'de-redline' Park Slope which as a slum back then but now is one of the most expensive neighborhoods on earth.

They called it 'gentrification'. I was no gentleman. I was a bruiser and we had big, big battles, hand to hand combat, even. Muggers were everywhere. Which is why my first action was to form a street patrol.

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Herve leger

Don't take it too hard and don't let it get to u. TSHTF scene is just starting and it'll be at least 3 years before this act is over. Stay frosty and think hard and fast. All the black ops and low life are about to show up in broad daylight real soon. It's all about survival from this point on...

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