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Don't worry, Jim Cramer has a plan.
1)Cut interest rates.
2)Bail out Wall Street.



sorry, very long link, try



Now I feel really foolish , simple link to Cramers plan

My most humble apologies to all and sundry.


I have watched Mr. Cramer exactly once. The night he interviewed Ron Paul.
Watched the complete show.
Question: Why is anyone interested in what he has to say? What is his value added?
How is his prescription any different from Hillary's spend spend print print war with iran war with iran babble?


Bokonon: tinyurl is your friend ;-) www.tinyurl.com


Elaine, keep on posting about what the Jews/Zionists are doing in Palestine. You're one of the few who stand up. Que Dios te bendiga.



may i kindly suggest that resolution of a problem first requires recognition of it.

for instance, one might examine American, Canadian and 'Western' support of the manufactured state. Perhaps these enablers should bear the responsibility of truth ommision and denial and withdraw their meddling to allow peace to evolve in the disputed territory?

naaah. how would we provide weapons to the middle eastern Dictators if peace started to break out?

the enemy is often within.


Pulse,you are absolutely right and I agree with you. The Western governments have abetted and supported the crimes against Palestinians since Israels' inception. And much of the support of this comes from entities with diametrically opposing views.

Jim Smith

The financial world is collapsing around us. Who knows what disruption will follow to the lives of virtually all humankind? Are we saying this is all an outflow from the Palestinian/Israel issue?

Elaine Supkis

In the Other Realm, yes.

I saw it all many years ago when I wandered inside the maze of the time loops of the Outer Darkness. This is where opposites are smashed together and the past and future are one and the same and up is down and in is out and cold is hot.

It is a horrible place but one can see clearly the curvature of history and how things move in this massive stream of time.

It broke my heart, seeing this and knowing I can't stop any of it.

This is also connected to the magic of money and death. I am not joking when I discuss money and magic and the Outer Darkness. Demonic creatures have ENDLESS wealth and guess what?

They use it as a trap! Bait! They use it to destroy, not create. We can create with it only if we have a heart and do this with love. The minute we are greedy, we are destroyed by this force.

This is why I talk about Safety and how she is better than Risky and Risky will kill us, she is the teenage daughter of Death. Gads. I should write a fairy tale about all this.


The writer describes the current stock market collapse with phrases "... if the world's financial systems collapse..." and "... save us from the economic destruction...", and she describes the current oppression of an ethnic minority with phrases "...killing them all off once and forever." and "...we actually have a world war brewing..."; in all phrases the writer uses words denoting not only deterioration but the end. In closing the writer cites a passage describing Man's existence as temporary and meaningless. Cheer up! Don't sell despair: I've the Zionist media and politicians for that.

Elaine Supkis

Ah, I am just showing how Zeitgeist works. We are trapped in the same machine that trapped people in the 19th century. Little has really changed, you know. Except for one major thing: Europe and America are declining and Asia is rising.

So be cheerful about that. The Wheel of history turns ever more!


Jim Smith writes:

The financial world is collapsing around us. Who knows what disruption will follow to the lives of virtually all humankind? Are we saying this is all an outflow from the Palestinian/Israel issue?

As I look back over a 50 year history of global commodity investing -- I cannot find one sucessful investor who didn't have this card on the top of their deck.

Is this suddenly "new information?" (And if so, thank god. I can make a killing if no one else knows.)


Heh, Karma is a bitch they say.

In 1839 a distressed Chinese official, Lin Zexu, protesting the Opium trade wrote to Queen Victoria "We ask you: Where is your conscience?"

In 1900 US troops marched through the Forbidden City.

Do you think the Chinese have forgotten?

CEO Nutcracker

Here's some more cheer, 12/21/2012. The end of the Mayan Calendar, and date many ancient oracles predicted the world is to shift from north pole to south in a matter of days. Some planetary alignments will occur that scientist say happens every 25,000 years or so. The years leading to this event are described as quite hellish.

So, we may not have to worry about the economy afterall.

Elaine Supkis

That is an interesting day but won't be a day of doom unless humans deliberately use it. Which we easily can do! Alas. People are always tempted by the Fates.

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