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I don't hate globalization. In the early 60s, my parents bought a color TV. I think it was a Magnavox and cost around $800.

A little over 10 years later I had a color TV in my dorm room, and it didn't cost anywhere near $800. Thank you, Mr. Panasonic!

"I hope Ron Paul runs on the Libertarian ticket."

Let's say for the sake of discussion that Paul runs in the general election, and - mirabile dictu! - wins. Then what? Do you actually believe he'll be able to deliver on any of the positions he's running on? Think it through! Congress won't play ball - so what's he going to do? Govern by executive order? Or are you hoping he'll use Mr. Bush's idea of expanded presidential powers to do the stuff you like instead of the stuff you don't?


I must commend Elaine for upholding our American value of free speech and putting up with a moron like JSmith. If JSmith ever writes something that contradicts the wishes of the plutocracy, I hope that Elaine will highlight and commemorate it.


JSmith, how's your pension fund doing? We need good paying American jobs to pay for our standard of living and for all types of pensions. A cheap TV won't cut it. Neither will the flatlining of the salaries of the college educated, especially given the parabolic rise in tuition.


I must interrupt the narration of this fiasco to bring you this important message about another fiasco.

I want to just let the data here speak for itself. I got these links from comments on BradBlog. I have global HTML copies of these pages archived, just in case...

Here are the pages' URLs:



We now return to your regularly scheduled fiasco.

Elaine Supkis

I just want real issued debated. Ross Perot forced this. Anderson, back in the early 1980's, did this too. And Nader in 2000.

We NEED 3rd party candidates. It doesn't stop the Tweedle dumb and Tweedle warmongers. But it is better than nothing.


Forgive my snark, but far more than 72% of the American people have no idea what globalization is. Not a single clue. They're like the blind men feeling an elephant -- one the tail, one the trunk, one the ear -- and determining what it is.


Elaine and All:

Don't you think it's a little past the tipping point, in the US, for a "president" to come in and set things straight? The country has no money and only debt, the assets that havent collapsed are being purchased daily (along with our natural resources) by foreign interests on the cheap, for them. All the big money has gone offshore over the past 7 years, along with headquarters of our military industrial complex and their subsidiaries.

The US has become a junkyard car, being sold off for parts. The wheels came off a long time ago.

So this "President" inherits a rusted chassis, a mountain of debt, a virtually foreign-owned nation, a savings-negative population largely employed in servicing each other, a worthless currency, and an infrastructure that came into existance (and was designed) after the invention of the automobile, making it impossible to survive without cars and oil -- and worst of all, we can't even afford the food we grow here, because we are outbid on the commodities market for our own grain and anything else we can put in our mouths.

The other player nations in the globalization game are not in national bancruptcy. And if they are in debt, they can actually pay the interest on that debt.

What I'm saying is, as a global trader, you don't have to be tethered to the US economy. How does patriotism play into that? Is it like being a Yankees fan? Is it a "team sport?" There are other places on the planet that are not circling the drain.

I post this merely to provoke the thought experiment and in a friendly gesture, because I enjoy you guys.


Pluto, and the scary thing is that the global parasites are now moving into Canada and Europe and will eat them alive. It won't take long.


Elaine, have you seen:

Being ex-Navy myself I find his post just as entertaining as your own.


Pluto - my 2cents worth,

You're probably right about 72% not knowing what globalization is. Most Americans think it means a McD's in every city.

As for a president setting things right, I'm hoping for a president to manage the US descending to being part of a multi-polar world without us going nuclear and trying to go out in a blaze of glory. We don't deserve to have things set straight and go back to the good old days, the good old days were bad old days for most of the world.


I read on the Net that those counting the votes for the Democrats
in the primaries are from an Israeli outfit owned by Mossad. If this true
(I don't know if the source was trustworthy), Kucinich will gradually disappear from the picture. why are the Democrats so naive and wimpy?

D.F. Facti

"why are the Democrats so naive and wimpy?"

It pays well.

JT, Espoo, Finland

I don´t know if all americans know anything about even civilization anymore. I found this blog, the writer says "I am retired after a long career as a senior executive of a Fortune 100 company."

Boy, some of you (I know not most of you), really haven´t learned anything in the last 1000 years.
I think the american empire will fall, when nobody wants to be a teacher anymore. So I agree with the writer on the topic, but rest of this blog is just unbelievable.
Link: http://owendavis2100.blogspot.com/2007/12/coming-fall-of-american-empire.html

And here I thought it couldn´t possibly get any worse after Bush. But it could, choose Mitt Romney and let´s really put this planet out of its misery this time.


"[C]hoose Mitt Romney and let´s really put this planet out of its misery this time."

Yep. One has only to look at billionare Bush-buddy Rush Limbaugh, who acts as if he refuses to endorse anyone but gushes over Romney while bashing the others pretty consistently--and refusing to even mention Ron Paul, while acting like he's the only true Reagan/Goldwater conservative in the country.

If you want to know what the fascists like, just keep up with Limbaugh and Hannity; they're the spokesmen for the legacy of Prescott Bush. And they both tacitly support Romney.

Elaine Supkis

The new story I just put up has some very sobering graphs. I am a global patriot. I want the US to be strong and yet, noble. I want us to be leaders, not cry babies demanding a lollipop from Santa.

And I want us to respect our neighbors and distant strangers. Bush is in the Middle East arranging the funeral of the Palestinians as he is also sabre rattling in the Persian Gulf and Pakistan is teetering on the abyss edge. And the world is sliding into a US-made recession/depression.

We need real leadership and I don't see anyone who is very serious about all this. The charts this week from the Federal Reserve shows our banking system is fucking COLLAPSING internally. In ways I can hardly figure out but I can see it is bad just from the fact that it looks totally weird and utterly ahistorical. It has NEVER happened before.

Lord help us all.


Hey Y'all,

In case you missed it Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich were both interview by Bill Moyers. Good stuff:


Too bad so few Americans will see it.


"We need good paying American jobs to pay for our standard of living and for all types of pensions."

A funny thing happened in the mid-70s. For quite a while the US had been importing a lot of cheap crap from Japan and other places, but suddenly it wasn't crap any more - it was still cheap, and the quality was excellent. Buh-bye, 'Merican Manufacturing!

You see, those "good paying American jobs" produced a lot of god-awful, overpriced junk. Why do you think Japanese car companies took away Detroit's lunch and ate it? Not only wasn't the product any good, very little of it was ever any good; we just didn't know the difference. Ford (Fix Or Repair Daily) and GMC (the Garage Man's Companion) came by their nicknames honestly. It only took Honda, Toyota, and Datsun to show up with a well-made product at a reasonable price.

"...Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich were both interviewed by Bill Moyers..."

Good God. Did they all hold hands and sing "Kumbaya"?


"Good God. Did they all hold hands and sing "Kumbaya"?"

Lol. Good one!

I'm still voting for Ron Paul, even if he did do this strange ritual you mention.

As for cars, they are all financial black holes. Even Japanese cars now have built-in defects that keep the parts industry alive and properous. I know. I have one.


JSmith, again how's your pension doing? Elaine's presentation breaks yours in two. Better stick to bird watching and watching your woodpecker.


"JSmith, again how's your pension doing?"

I don't have one. technology firms seldom offer pension plans. But since you asked, the 401(k) is doing fine, and - since it's diversified - it's not dependent on whether one specific company keeps its head above water.


JSmith, when do you think the SEC is going to indict the CEO's and their workers for backdating options immediately after 9/11. And quite frankly, your red herrings and riding down the slippery slopes by deriding the American worker including the college educated is readily apparent. The reliability ratings for Japanese cars have gone down and IMO, their safety also. Someone I know recently had a "fender bender" without the air bags deploying on their Japanese car, and the insurance company chose to repair it rather than declare it a total loss. The repair work cost 65% of the car's initial purchase price 8 months earlier and it never ran right again. You remind me of the guy who wants to make a profit on the sale of his "valuable" rug and is so mathematically gifted that in order to make his rug longer employs an expensive firm to cut off one end of it and sew it on the other end such that it is initially undetectable.

Elaine Supkis

HAHAHA. Smith, the Oriental Rug Merchant.

CEO Nutcracker

I think "JStein" is a 'troll'. Or, certainly a 'Merchant' peddling alot of crap. You fail to mention our latest casualty of globalization, (technology industry) stolen and sold to slave nations, China and Japan. I know, I saw the birth and death of Silicon Valley. No industry is safe now. Until globalization is dead, the 'brain-drain' will continue its exodus from this country. The illegals will be fighting over the bones.


"Why are the Democrats so naive and wimpy?"

Have you seen Hillary Clinton? I wouldn't want to get into a fight with her.

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