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Tuffet , pouffe or hassock are all terms for a piece of furniture used as a footstool or low seat. It is distinguished from a stool by being completely covered in fabric so that no legs are visible. ...



This sketch is completely insane.

What is even more insane is that reality trumps insane sketches. I cannot but help thinking that banks were happy to give money to deadbeats like this... (if only they had sent that letter...)

Suusi M-B

We had this interesting program about the current banking crisis.

How The Banks Bet Your Money



Elaine, your thinking and writing is exquisite. I am fascinated as well between the parallels between the US and UK 100 years ago.

The following 2 videos tie together the patterns back 3000 years. Incredible.

AMEN. In GOD we trust. ;-)

Part I

Part II

(or search 'Ring of Power Amenstop' in google video.)


"The astrological meaning of all this is highly important to many people who instinctually sense that human knowledge, religion and wealth are all connected with understanding the Gods and the way to do that is to understand the stars."

One fails to understand how the cyclic movement of luminous balls of gas thousands of lightyears away has any influence over the daily existence of carbon-based lifeforms on a smallish plant in a backwater neighborhood of a nondescript spiral galaxy. Why, you may as well throw the I Ching!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The IChing throwers are beating out the chartists. Look, everyone likes to follow some mystical systems. Chart guys like to imagine there is this future sight via examining chart's ups and downs. No difference.


I'm a dartboard theorist, myself.

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