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ask me why i feel as if im begging to be bled to poverty by going to a doctor to see about a "mole" that appeared a little while back on my face?


or trying mexico


Hope you feel better soon.


Elaine, I quote from above:
"Note that the NY pro-gold people call money backed by silver, 'worth mere waste paper'!"

The way I read this is that they are reluctant to issue more silver unless the paper is retired. He states that if that does not happen then we are 'issuing mere waste paper' against silver which "has some intrinsic value". I get just the opposite meaning. He is stating that there is 'no' intrinsic value to paper. The problem they are faced with here is the continued production of silver coming from Nevada, Utah..well, the west, that has to be bought in order to keep the western expansion going, thereby the justification of the railroads etc, etc. The big worry was that if they kept the price high they could be 'ambushed' by other nations with large silver hordes. Correct me if I'm wrong....again!

BTW, the thing they feared they used on China. They, the big bankers and money men, flooded China with silver at some point in the 1800's or early 1900's if my history is correct. I'm sure you know a lot more of that history than most, certainly more than I.


I guess I'm missing something here as I'm trying to get the jest of the article. Is it that us gold & silver 'bugs' are going to get trapped in a downward spiral of the PM's? The only way that can happen is if the 'cartel' sells huge amounts of gold and gets China to flood the silver market. This could happen, and may, but I don't think the time is right for us 'bugs' to get slaughtered....we're not fat enough yet. If the prices continue to roll upward I'm pretty sure 'da boys' will be sharpening their knives.

So Elaine, where is the smart place to put your cash in the next year or two? Don't answer until you are in top form.

Hope you get well soon. Take a little honey and apple cider vinegar 3X per day. Trust me, it really helps. 1tbs honey, 3tbs vinegar, 1/2 cup warm water....whiskey is optional.

Elaine Supkis

I certainly had very odd dreams last night! But despite the technicolor funny stuff defying gravity, etc, I did get sleep which helps a ton.

About gold: when we look at the long, long history, we see several inflationary peaks in gold. Each one corresponds with wars.

The US gold/silver ratio see-saw of value always sees gold rising against silver during wars. The US has been in perpetual war which we call the Cold War and then when that ended, we went into a very hot series of wars with all of the Muslim world. Sure enough, the gold/silver ratios takes off and is heading towards 100/1 which is where the authorities must move to right things again.

They always do this in various brutal ways, of course. Right now, they are determined to have NO precious metals of any sort as 'money'. If the US could present our money as based on all things in the US as the above article from 1889 mentions, we will be swamped due to the fact that the dollar is the world currency.

Namely, our nation can't turn our 'paper' [it isn't paper at all, it is pure numbers on computers at banks!] into a surety based on our entire property and lands of the US due to the overhang being about $500 trillion phantom dollars. This sudden balloon of dollar derivatives has turned our money into an inflationary machine that is definitely a danger.

But gold can't inflate faster than this derivative bubble! Thus, I must warn everyone, government get VIOLENT. And steal stuff. The sole form of good wealth always lies in the Land and the People. All great leaders know this. They can dump a financial system---we call this 'revolution'--and start anew but this always involves a certain degree of disorder to put it mildly.

This is why sober assessment of values and relative prosperity is so important. The US wanted to run a very expensive imperial Cold War and then tragically, a series of hot imperial wars of conquest, all while ignoring the need to increase SAVINGS during wars!

The US saved money during WWI and WWII and became stronger. We spend money and ceased saving as the Cold War turned into the hot Middle Eastern wars. We save less and less now.

Putting savings into gold, like people did in the Civil War, ended badly for the people doing this because the government switched to silver. See? And enforced savings via turning paper money into war bonds. Why did they stop doing this and start inflating the currency?

Because after discharging the Civil War debts, we went to war with Spain over CUBA. And got bogged down in the Pacific trying to conquer Spanish territories over there. The financial costs created a huge row in the US. Huge. This is why we didn't want to go into WWI and had to be dragged into that mess. Ditto, WWII.


On the flipside of the money equation I have recently learned that my wonderful bank has a fantastic new anti-fraud system!

This system is so fantastic that it puts a hold on legitimate debit card transactions that occur outside my "home" area as defined by my bank! Thanks to this fantastic system, I recently learned that my cell phone provider does its billing in the great state of Kentucky!

This after my bank couldn't be bothered to send me a new debit card prior to the expiration of the old one and I had to call and REMIND them!

Isn't nude capitalism wonderful?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, I noticed this too. The government also wants to interfere and all this makes it harder and harder to access one's account while traveling! I remember when I could go far from home and not carry money. Who wants to do that while traveling?

My daughter had this happen recently, too. Last time I was in NYC, I brought cash. Like this is 1965 or something. What next, Traveler's Checks again?

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I get also amazed at 16/1 ratio of gold and silver.It means most of the investors invest in gold rather that silver.Am i right?

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