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The US government in its wisdom is aware of how close the guillotine is. Which wisdom partially explains the deal the US struck with Canada last week. US soldiers might, just might have qualms about killing their neighbours; but should have no qualms about killing evil canadian citizens, canadian soldiers might have qualms about taking up arms against their fellows but should not have many qualms about shooting rebellious americans.
It's what's known as a win win situation ( except for the dead and they don't vote ).


This is a bit off topic from today's excellent post, but I thought Elaine and the readers here would find this interesting. I had to find something else to read while waiting for this story to appear ;)

"Economy of the Occupation 10: Cheap Wars"



If each US citizen (let's say a nice round number of 300 million citizens) were given a gold coin how much gold would that take? I don't know the standard weight of a US gold coin.

I calculated that with a South African Kruger rand (at roughly 34 grams) it would take about 10200 metric tonnes of gold >_< (I know a Kruger rand is only 22 k though so that number is Kruger rand gold heh). I wonder if I calculated it correctly since it is so huge heh. But even a 102 metric ton gold hoard would make even a non-Chinese dragon proud I'm sure.


Oh, no! On a day where the former Fed chief advises OPEC members to diversify out of the dollar; the present Fed chief states that further interest rate cuts are in the offing; both IRX and TNX rates fall, indicating that no official defense of the buck is in effect; and the dollar index falls through prayed-for support and makes record lows against other major currencies -- it now seems likely that the dollar game is kaput. We are witnessing the untimely birthing process of the "Amero."

If exchange control soon comes into being, which I feel is now imminent, goldbugs will likely be demonized and a severe example will be made of these hapless speculators. If outward diversification is appropriate for OPEC, according to Mr. Greenspan, it is most certainly appropriate for all other dollar holders. Google "Swiss annuities" for (I believe) one effective alternative to the rapidly progressing dollar collapse.


Elaine Meinel Supkis

My family did this during the Bretton Woods II mess. Namely, we opened a Swiss account. This was due to them being overseas at the time and needing money before it vanished into thin air.

What a mess that was! And the IRS went after them because Nixon got mad at my dad. So he didn't tell the IRS that my dad needed to put money in Switzerland in order to do things in other nations.

Since then, the CIA has been more careful about how they pay during times the dollar is dying. Or they lose their people. This is where gold does come in: double dealers, traitors and mercenaries always want to be paid in gold that can't be traced. For obvious reasons.


Yes, money is magical, but now it is based 100% on debt and controlled by evil people who plan to starve and steal from real people.

"The Great Depression was stopped before it ran it's full course...The previous depressions were far worse events... All the authorities accomplished was a postponement of the inevitable...The Next Depression will be an extinction level economic event."


http://snipurl.com/20kfj [hypertiger_blogspot_com]

Elaine Meinel Supkis

China doesn't want that. They want the US to slowly and quietly go bankrupt. Bin Laden wants us to go insane and bankrupt and start WWIII.

And our rulers want us to go to hell but make them rich, first.


Let me ask this, how many of US would China really need? 300,000,000 of us, but how many of that 300,000,000 does it take to grow the food that china does want? How many to man the scrap metal plants and the animal hide operations and the coal mines.
Well, from that 300,000,000 subtract all the folks that receive governmental subsidies, pay, support. China doesn't need them, then subtract all the unemployed and underemployed, then subtract all the local service providers the ones who produce nothing exportable ( bartenders, doctors, nurses, plumbers, electricians, mortgage bankers, stock brokers, car dealers ). Back of the envelope calculations suggest that at most China might need 100,000,000 young, uneducated, serfs to work the farms and few factories and man the demolition industries and police the southern border.
Bankrupt and empty of most of the eaters is what china wants; punished crazy humiliated and bankrupt is what Bin Laden wants for the remnant.
Amazing how much hate a nation can bring upon itself in just 63 years or even 15 years.


"Even in ancient times, traders would make clay objects representing barter items like sheep skins, sheep, wheat [bread] or other objects."

See "Before Writing: from Counting to Cuneiform" by Denise Scmandt-Besserat. Discusses the use of clay tokes in the ancient Near East, together with an interesting section on the evolution of symbols, symbol systems, and writing.


(3-line URL)

"The Bryan/McKinley debate is important and I shall tackle that later. The 'Crown of Thorns' was a tremendously popular speech back then."

Wasn't that "Cross of Gold"? "You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold!"


"Let me ask this, how many of US would China really need?"

Reminds me of being in college in the 70s, when my lefty friends would try to decide who would be first up against the wall when the revolution came down. I used to tell 'em they would be - the revolution has no use for dilletante academics.


Before the revolution comes, the revolution always has use for dilletante academics. Fellow travellers, Useful Idiots. Once the revolution arrives, the necessities change.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, it was 'Crown of Gold'. It was a slip there.

And yes, intellectuals are always murdered in revolutions. This is why I warn the rulers about revolutions. In order to AVOID them. Not via hamfisted stupid tactics. By being smart! Happy peasants are far better than pissed off peasants, right? Right!

I don't want to be killed for being snarky.

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