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Greenpuke is right - the horses have left the barn. Time to get ready like Hu. Next year this time will probably be the first of the bad years...many might not make it especially in the cities.


WHen everyone matters equally, the ones who can produce stop. The "betters" have no need to produce more than necessary for their own well being. When the "betters" stop, the honest but not highly creative workers lose jobs and income. They move from the productive category to the "eaters" category. In that category they vote because their vote is exactly equal, each one to one "better." The productive are always outnumbered by the eaters. Democracy then rears its ugly head and the voters/eaters demand their imaginary right to food ( which farmer will you force to produce at gunpoint ), fuel ( which oilstate will you send eater/troops to to steal and loot and kill), healthcare ( which doctor will you point your gun at and tell him to do that operation? and how much use is your gun when you are under anaesthesia?), entertainment, or whatever momentary thing has inconvenienced the eaters?
Yeah I know it sounds like bad Ayn Rand. The productive don't go to some mystical valley in colorado and create utopia, the productive just cut back on their production. How many extra hours do you labour when the tax rate on your labour is 50%, 75%, 110%? The "betters" trade with each other, quietly; they putter around with their own gardens, sew their own clothes, add insulation, they do things that benefit themselves and don't exert to provide unearned benefits to the eaters.
Us versus them becomes the operative standard. Diversity, which only serves to segregate neighbourhoods and lower trust amongst the various diverse groups loses its "allure." Diversity provides things that are easily foregone when one needs to find food, find warmth, find potable water.
And that is the next thing that will become pricey. Water. It also explains why the Bush family has already bought a hacienda and huge ranch over the last reamining mostly untapped aquifer in South America.
IT isn't even new news, Lenin said the easiest way to ruin a nation was to debauch its currency, the Rothschilds have always known that it matters not what the form of government might be if you control the currency you control the people. What one can control one can destroy and when a nation of non productives elects non-productives to rule over them, destruction is what follows.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The 'eaters' turn into 'armies.' Note how this works. France built the biggest army in Europe right on the heels of the revolution. The Russian army ground down the army of German eaters, thus allowing us to invade Europe from the other side. The Chinese army of eaters flung the US all the way back to Seoul and beyond. Enmass. The Vietnamese eaters defeated the Americans.

Etc. Eaters who are passive are another story. Right now, America is amazingly passive. I have written with rather a great fury about this in the past. In Europe, they denude a union, there are still riots. Here, the workers tuck in their tails and slink home to get drunk and die.

Will they waken? So far, no. But if they do, watch out.

mad mike

food for thought. wheat prices double in u.s. trading. now aussie's potato farmers want in on the act. i expect food shortages and riots in the usa by election time. our dear leaders will sell our food to nations with SWF's, like....china. i predict an "irish potato famine" in the usa. citizens starve admidst plenty while corrupt gold man sackers sell to the highest bidder.

Potato growers warn of food shortages unless pay improves

Posted Mon Feb 25, 2008 2:16pm AEDT

The Potato Growers Association has warned there will be massive food shortages unless farmers get a bigger chunk of the percentage pie.

Last year, the red meat industry came under the spotlight when producers raised concerns that they were not being paid enough.

The chairman of the Potato Growers Association, Paul Tempra, says the problem is more widespread and all fresh produce is at risk.

He says consumers may soon be faced with imported fresh food because no one in Western Australia can afford to farm any more.

"I haven't spoken to one [farmer] yet that says it's not an issue," he said.

"Definitely as far as my area, I'm from the south-west, really good horticultural land [is] under pressure from prices from plantations, blue-gum plantations.

"It's just not attractive enough, you almost lose money."


The eaters can indeed be turned into an army. Sometimes it is the only thing to do with them, if they are not turned into an offensive army, they turn into cannibals and destroy the national infrastructure.
So Nappy's army swarmed Europe only to be defeated by General Cold, and General Mud.
The German army met those same generals and lost. The American military met those same generals in Korea in 48 and Russia in 18 and lost. And the Vietnamese were not the "eaters" in that war. The invaders were the army of slaves and "eaters." Once the invaders were sent packing, Vietnam embarked on a very successful restructuring. A restructuring that the USA had 0 part of.
America is mostly "passive eaters". It is what they are educated to be. Anaesthetized by the idiot box, traduced by their teachers, willingly flimflammed by their politicians at all levels. Fed a daily doze of fear and prozac. Obese, parasites sucking money from the government teat. As long as they have a Brittney to look down on, a Hillary to hate, a Farrakhan to fear, and some loon to tell them that "they're all right jack." They will stay passive and sedated.


"...every time Kucinich or Ron Paul did try to talk about the important things, the media shut them out."

But could you pick two worse messengers than a dwarf and a crank?

"We had no police, no fire department. The mayor refused to call the National Guard."

Who was the mayor? Sounds like Abe Beame.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

So, you are a tall wimp, Smith?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

And yes, it was Abe Beame me up, Scotty. I made fun of him in the news. As you can see. Heh. This is why I supported Koch. And we ended up dire enemies by 1989.


And to add to CK comment, lets not forget that Paraguay where GB has bought his ranch does not have an extradition treaty with the US, coincidence?? I think not!!JCC


Please Jean, there are NO conspiracies, just a marvelous set of interlocking co-incidences that no one could have forseen.


Oh and Jean, as the law stands at this moment, any US president can declare anyone anywhere in the world to be an enemy combattant and have them taken by american agents no matter where that enemy might be and have said enemy "renditioned" to anywhere that president might want. extradition treaties were rendered meaningless from the US point of view in one of the many gifts congress gave to the current president. Of course should some foreign government pass a similar law and execute it on American soil things might get a little hairy. So George is not necessarily safe in his hacienda anymore than you or I are on any street or in our homes or anywhere else in this world.


I heard a news story the other day that said that the cost of building roads and bridges in Maine has doubled within the last three years. I can't find the source, but you can get a feel for it here:


Our local governments are screwed.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Oh, the cost of pavement as well as steel has soared.


Uh, has anyone else noticed the US is being systematically de-industrialized?

1. Move all factories and capital to China.
2. Convince peasants Green is Good!
3. Let roads, power generation slowly rot.
4. Disassemble the golden goose of pensions.
5. Load every asset up with toxic debt.
6. Print money like crazy to devalue pay.
7. Ted Turner returns Midwest to grazing.

The current federal government wants to push all expensive responsibility down to this local level, like Vallejo, but keep all the money up at their level for war.

There is no money for Vallejo because the banks have loaded the peasants up with debt and are looting their labor, and the federal government has loaded up their children with 9 trillion of debt and looted their treasure as well.

Chapter 9 just lets them loot the peasants' retirement as well. Walmart needs lots of greeters for their China wares.

"The city of Vallejo is on the brink of becoming the first California city ever to declare bankruptcy, City Council members said Tuesday. Vallejo may run out of cash as early as March, council member Stephanie Gomes said.

Unions will not like this one bit but the decision is eventually going to come down to taking a shot at payouts in bankruptcy proceedings or dramatically reducing pay scales and pension benefits. Even if Vallejo avoids bankruptcy now, the issue is likely to resurface down the road, and not just at Vallejo, but across the nation.

Making matters worse are hundreds of underfunded pension plans, all with absurd assumptions about returns that will not be met. This recession is going to wreak havoc on those assumptions."


http://snipurl.com/20o4o [globaleconomicanalysis_blogspot_com]

Elaine Supkis

Bankupting the cops and firemen isn't a good game plan in the long run.

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