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maple syrup is great stuff. infinitely better than the cheap fake stuff found in supermarkets. a little more expensive but you get what you pay for. sounds like those people can take pride in what they do.

Elaine Supkis

I heartily recommend real maple syrup. It is cheap here in Berlin, by the way, relatively speaking.


Thank you for this Elaine.

All things made this way are a value no matter what they cost.

Wonderful pictures.

No chinese slaves crumped over assembly machines.


Well Elaine, Seein how the economy wont let me snort coke off a girls backside anymore, I guess I'll load my rifle and head to Berlin to plunder the good folks of their fine maple syrple.(Can you distill it?)ARR, Shiver Me Maple Timbers!


By the way, I love your site and your posts and your readers comments. Dont ever change.


Yes it can be distilled.
You might want to recalculate your intent re plan-o-plunder. You would not be the very first to think that maybe thar be plunderable types in them hills.

Elaine Supkis

The gun/human population ratio here in Berlin is about 10:1. And the number who hunt or shoot for fun is around 60%. We do have some non-hunters here. In good times, there isn't so much hunting. In bad times, it can sound like a war out here in hunting season.

This is not a good place to raid. Or be a government agent snooping around. I called this 'The Wild East' and was quite happy to find Berlin. No one messes with anyone else out here.


Nice article, Elaine! We have some businesses like that in Central Ohio - the countryside's a lot flatter here but people do the same sorts of things.

I used to work with a woman who has lots of maples on her property, and made "small batch" syrup in the spring (I think her production was ~ 30-50 gallons of finished product.) The first year she tried it, she boiled her sap in her kitchen. She ended up with maple syrup, but she took the wallpaper off doing it. Now she boils it in the garage.

Shagbark hickory syrup is also good; we have a small jug of it in the refrigerator now. It's similar to maple, but different.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Birch bark syrup can be good, too. But maple has the most sugar content potential, by far.


OK Elaine, I'm hooked for the Kent's maple syrup. In the fine ole' tradition of capitalism and supporting industry in the USA, do the Kent's have a website to purchase this spectacular maple syrup? As the saying goes, charity begins at home. And so does supporting homegrown industries.

Elaine Supkis

I should put the contact address for ordering this maple syrup up! Sorry.

Hewitt's Groceries email address is:



Ahh, birch syrple... from Alaska!


To support local business here in the Ottawa Valley, we joined the local food co-op. Local producers post available goods online, we check off the items we want, and pick them up at a central drop point once a month. We also joined a Community Supported Agriculture venture (CSA). We purchase shares in a local organic farm and for 16 weeks this summer-fall we receive a basket of fresh produce once a week. This share purchase allows the farmers to pay for seed and production without going into debt. They also get ~ 95% of every dollar earned on the farm compared to ~5% in a large, corporate contract type operation.


Great article, but the family name is not Kent. It's Goodermote. Kent Goodermote and Todd Hewitt operate the sugar house.

Brian G Donovan

Your syrup is great as it always as been, sweet as sweet of the mountains of the north lands could ever produce, But many families have left the area, like the Donovan famliy of southeast hollow road, where we too made and sold that sweet syrup. But like many properties the property taxes were too high,its great to own your property, not rent it from the state, here you own land in Arkansas .. check out the new berlin type area, low taxes and old home beliefs, with respect to God and country http://www.ozarkgetaways.com/things_to_do.html

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