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mad mike

i agree with you 100%. but it aint just control of the money supply.
by causing inflation in goods and deflation in wages and savings folks who are unrich, that is poor, will not consume anymore.
then those goods, such as oil and food, can be sold to other nations. i'll pull a name out of the hat, china. because they have a trillion dollars in forex reserves.
i predict that the (un)intended consequences of this is a famine. even here in the usa.
expect civil unrest and food riots.
expect massive arrests and martial law.
expect suffering on an untold scale.
expect rationing and black markets.
now folks are starving and being tortured everyday. uh-merikans chose to ignore this.
because times is good, for now. this will all change real soon. it will all become a matter of daily life. before 2012.
and all those gold man sackers and other pirates and hell hounds will make tons of money and tell the starving, freezing or
baking masses that it is good and desirable.
and dumb ass citizens will say, "what can you do?".


One of the goodthings© that will come from this farago of idiocy is the return of the Rubenesque female. Someone who can stand the 7 lean years. Jackie Gleason and Kate Smith will be the models for future perfection.

Elaine Supkis

Enforced diets.


In effect the Fed is leveraging the US itself without any fundamentals to do so.

It is a Pyramid scheme: "A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, usually without any product or service being delivered."

Up until now the product has been the dollar itself. But as the fiat dollar dies the 'service' is now a gun pointing to the head. Ask Iraq and Iran. Or the UAE. One day soon it will be the US citizens themselves.


... looking down the barrel of that gun.

Pat O'Meara

J,P, gets Bear for $2 on shares trading at $30. This was facilated by Chopper as the Fed took Bears toxic waste. This is beyond belief. The shareholder's of Bear should sue the Fed and their individual board members personally. Hopeflly Joe Lewis can lead this successfully.
This looks a lot more like the old Soviet way of doing business than capitalism. Where the hell is the mainstream media?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Not only lawsuits but other investigations. I want to know the truth and what went on in those weekend meetings. There is more to come, by the way, a lot more.


The MSM are laughing with Bush at luncheons...

I am beginning to think they are just milking the dollar for all it's worth now before they declare bankruptcy and switch to the amero. There is no way to introduce the amero without a resounding crash anyway so why not engineer and profit on the crash while you are at it. The Gulf nations are planning to introduce their own common currency by 2010. At the latest then the dollar is done as a world reserve currency as it loses it's 'petro' status.

Look at the deal Iraq made with Big Oil -Shell, BP, Exxon-Mobile, Chevron et al. Looks like they are going to let them develop fields for crude straight up as payment. That is simply barter, they don't even bother with dollars anymore.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Forbes magazine contacted me. They want to do a deal with my blog. Yikes! Will I be mainstreamed?


Good for Forbes! You should be mainstreamed ..your blog makes a lot better reading than anything in the NYT's thats for sure!


Good luck!

Will you get invited to presidential luncheons now?


Damn... Forbes already hooked my second favorite blogger. Now you? I say go for it.



Take the offer whilst it last: Get as many folks as possible to be aware of what's happening before it's too late!!

All the news on the net indicate window of opportunity to do so is closing fast!!

Once USD is toast as reserve dollar status, many will be cut off from the net due to financial circumstances!!


Read the fine print, someone at Forbes will be your editor, someone who has a vested interest in not having any serious boat rocking. Forbes believes in a different system of magic than you believe in, and a different set of older gods.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Correct. Thus, the negotiations. I am a tough nut to crack.


"the J.Pirate Morgan attempt at stealing the shareholder's value in Bears Stearn"

Amusing as usual, Elaine! WHAT shareholder value?

"Of course, he is suing. And he should."

It's the American Way! (Even if you're a Brit.) Didn't get what you want? Sue someone! You have a RIGHT to get what you want! It says so right there in the Constitution or the DofI or something!

"So I am betting this very rich man with very powerful lawyers will give the clowns who tried to pull this heist, a run for all their money and then some."

Could be. But the people at Morgan can negotiate also. I'd like to see what happens if they rescind the offer and let the market do what it wants with Bear Stearns. If it truly tanks, then the books get opened in the bankruptcy proceedings and we find out where the toxic waste is buried.

Which would be better for the market overall, even if poor Mr. Lewis winds up with -0-, instead of $2/share.

"This is what a bank looks like when it is crashing. Note how the stocks are in the single digits. Bear Stearns was NOT anywhere near this point on Friday."

But where would it be 15 minutes after the markets opened on Monday? Thanks to The Wonder of The Net, banks and companies can indeed tank over a weekend.

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