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haha, unbelieveable...some people are so stuck in their anti-regulation mindset that they can list "government oversight" as the #1 fuel of derivatives bubble.

Unless he means "oversight" as in, they totally overlooked what was staring them in the face.


If people really want to invest in their future, I think they should consider survivalistic investments. An ultra-gas-mising auto, for example. Probably a motorcycle with a little carrying rack would be very helpful.

Having a warm space in winter in temperate climates is essential. It has recently been discovered that the seasonal viruses are seasonal only because, outside the body, they cannot survive for more than minutes at temperatures above about 55 deg. F. so you can only stop them by having a warm space, and by wearing gloves when outdoors among other people. If fuel is limited, you might consider setting up just one or two rooms for heating, and letting the rest of your house stay cold (wear gloves that keep germs off your hands there). And don't forget that water-filled pipes burst when the temperate goes below freezing. Be ready for not having electric power, too.

Have extra food. I like black-eye "peas" and lentils, but they do require water and heat to cook. Cans of soup already have water, and do not need cooking. Probably a big bag of Wellness Core premium dog food would be better than what many people eat by far. Plus, it would probably be much less likely to be confiscated when the local militia visits your house!

Sounds bleak huh?


Hi Elaine,

Love your postings. Wish I could afford more.

Please check/respond to Magic Price Of Oil at following web page. Best, Phil


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Lyndon forgot to connect this to the Queen of England and the offshore pirate coves. Note that Iran Kitty is trying this scheme now.


The Derivative Beast is a Giant created by men. Moreover, it is a Money Giant born out of Greed. So it is a Greed Giant, a representation of one of the Deadly Sins.

Giants in human mythology are usually connected to the weather. There are Thunder Giants (bowling in the skies), Lightning Giants and Giants responsible for landslides and boulders and rocks falling from the mountainsides. When the Giantesses have washing day the entire countryside is covered in mist.

In Germanic mythology Giants are in-between figures between Gods and men.

In fairy tales Giants are infamous for two characteristics; their enormous strength and their outstanding stupidity.

It is silly of the bankers to claim that this Giant is only notional (and thus harmless). It is notional only because it is repressed and denied. It is too large and too destructive to be acknowledged directly.

Many things are notional, vague and undefined, like impulses of the psyche, but that does not prevent them from becoming real. That goes for both good and bad notions and there are many bad notions (ask Spitzer heh). Greed is one of the most famous of the evil notions.

Sooner or later this Greed Giant will enter the conscious realm, ie. the real economy, and start to push over boulders, create landslides and bowl with the world economies as pins.


Indeed you are correct in describing the current deflationary situation.

The "Austrian School" of economics defines "deflation" as decreasing money and credit and "inflation" as increasing money and credit. In this schema "inflation" does not mean "a rise in the general level of prices" and "deflation" does not mean "a decrease in the general level of prices".

From a political point of view the Austrian School is useless because the logic requires that artificially created below market clearing interest rates can have only bad long term effects, that is, "investments" that prove to be wasted money and effort. We are, of course, seeing this come true. And, since "money and credit" are aspects of the same thing, as bad financial obligations (credit) are written off money disappears.

The banking system would be exposed as insolvent without Fed "loans" against bogus "assets". A nasty situation that you describe accurately in my opinion.


Ludwig von Mises of the Austrian School said: "Depression is the aftermath of credit expansion."

Elaine Supkis

Revolution is the aftermath of both.


Then we shall have our revolution.

How does a young person evolve into a creative adult? By throwing off the old assumptions and habits of the older generation.

Our American history shows this in app. 30 year cycles. It seems we will be soon ready for another. A progressive cycle.

Enough of this deregulated capitalist bullshit. It only feeds the elite robber barons.


Please remember this: Cities, counties, etc. are going to go broke. Within a year. Expenses are rising. Incomes (tax receipts) are falling. Cities, States etc. are going to be taken over by their creditors. Good-bye democracy.



Which do u prefer: Communists or muzzies?

Forget about EU - Germany will have its hands full trying to save the France, UK, Spain and Italy.

Hell, they might be the first to sell US to the Communists in order to save themselves!!!


If the US economy turns completely pearshaped the Bush administration will attack Iran.

Elaine Supkis

This, under the cover of trying to prevent the spread of nukes! Talk about grotesque.



Don't know what "muzzles" are. Do you mean things which are placed over dogs jaws so that they can't bite folks?

Communism is the answer, of course.

More to the point. When that $80,000,000 bond issue your town issued can't be rolled over at an interest rate you can cover under existing cash flow the vulture/vampire capitalists will take over your town's assets seeking remedy. They will strip the copper, glass and other recyclables from your schools, libraries and from city hall, itself now without purpose. They will sell off the trucks, property etc.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

That is what the IMF does.

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