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How is europe doing? Do they have cash? I noticed on the news the other day they were opening air lanes from there over here. Maybe their our hopes of buying all of these empty houses?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Heh. We have some lovely houses in my village for sale. Cheap. Want to try some of them?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

After all, Renssalaer county was once owned by the Dutch. Settled by the Dutch. Many of the older families still here are descendants of the Dutch. Like the maple syrup people I wrote about. My next door neighbor was born in Amsterdam, even!


I wouldnt buy a house, even if I could. Id rather build it me self, ARRR. I have operated with cash most of me life matey!



I love reading your commentary but when it is lengthy and dispersed throughout Mike's post I find jumping back and forth between the two makes it difficult to follow his narrative.

I know your stuff is already in italics, however the material you usually have in italics is part of your narrative, just from another source. Any chance you could post it in a different color, or maybe place it at the end?

Maybe it's just me.


Gary Oppewall

Remember the restaurant in the movie,"Goodfellas". Remember how the boyz
racked up such a huge bar tab that they and
the owner both knew that if it didnt get paid the place would go belly up. Doing the only thing he could under the circumstances, the owner took on the "goodfellas" as "partners" Heh heh. From then on out, it was all downhill. The furniture,steaks,lobsters,liquor and cigarettes went in one door and out the other. This is what they called, "bustin' the
joint out".

How much different acting than this are our
own "goodfellas" on Wall St. and their enablers in the Fed Reserve,the Congress,and
last but not least, the executive branch ?

The last time the banksters went wild it was the S&L collapse, and that was in the billions.How are we to pick up this mess
with the numbers in the trillions? I think we're talking "real" money now.

Mike Whitney

Hi Elaine,
I don't mind if you rip my article apart, but can't I at least get a photo of one of your dogs in the heading instead of that lousy banking-vermin Bernanke.

You are still my mentor even if I am a poor student.

Pat O'Meara

When corporations, including the media, collude with the government to rob and suppress the people and have wars the people don't want, isn't that facism? They have the Patriot act and freshly built detention centres too. Just wondering.


Not to change the subject, but I thought this might be interesting. Especially since monsanto just bought deruiter seeds. www.financialsense.com/editorials/engdahl/2008/03331.html


Elaine, I mentioned this in an earlier post and maybe you can help or even one of the readers. Who and Why are all of these mining companies are getting bought up?


This failure is much bigger than any RTC-type fix the geniuses think they might have come up with. The Fed as hero isn't the coup it appears to be. There has been lots of outrage over the very thought of letting the crooks in on the solution. Not only were they invited to participate, they were deputized and put in charge of a fiasco.

All other things being equal, the simplest analysis is the best. I think this means we are truly in the end game and the big unwind is about to happen. The SEC is a joke. They looked the other way while corporate and financial market crimes were committed. This reorganization simply put them out of their misery.

The Fed is going down for all this. Simple human motives always come into play no matter how complex and sophisticated the players and institutions. At this juncture it’s about spinning a body of allegorical tales that the public can wrap their head around. This is about establishing the blame. No way are the politicians going to take the blame for this. They put the Fed in charge and now they’ll walk away. The US Treasury knows they will step back at some point to take over the nation’s finances without private banks running the country.

I just don’t buy the notion that this will be about twenty thousand marauders versus three-hundred million other Americans who are about to take it permanently on the chin. The cooperation of the country will be essential once the writers crank out the screenplay, a director is hired, and the actors are cast and learn their lines.


I disagree that the North American Union would be good for us. It will lower minimum wage to $4.00 hour and everyone would be on government aid. It also gives up sovereignty of this country.

Why don't you encourage readers instead to let their congressional leaders know where they stand, NO bailout of the banks!!!

Did you know the Senate approved Social Security benefits for illegal aliens to start in 2008??? Vote these idiots out!!!


"Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day."
Theodore Roosevelt, April 19, 1906

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Mike, I'm sorry! Next time, I will try to get Fluff and the dogs to do something interesting.

But I had to do the cartoon.

About the comments: usually, when I do an article from somewhere, I have comments in a slightly different format. In this case, I tried something different. Mike's article are published all over the web. But some readers asked me to make comments because they felt he wasn't aware of the darker, personal side of the bastards he writes about so well.

In other words, he underestimates their criminality. Which I understand. We are all supposed to think a bunch of vicious traitors and pirates are actually upright citizens.

They are NOT. Not even slightly. Can't help but talk about that.

Kah, you are right. And not only that, the SS for the illegals will be sent overseas. Just what we need: more money bleeding away like crazy.

Christian W

Mike, I like your work very much, keep it up! I've been reading your work ever since it started to be published on Informationclearinghouse. It was your interview with Elaine there that lead me to Elaine's work too.

I don't think the Bernanke beaver detracts from your work at all, Mike. In fact I had a good laugh at Elaine's cartoon. I thought it was the perfect cartoon animal for Bernanke. If Bush is a monkey surely Bernanke has a beaverish quality to him!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, I try to please everyone here. Impossible task since everyone is not only interesting but varied!

Don't hesitate to tell me what to do [except 'go to hell'---heh].

barbara hazleton

So where should we put our money during all this turmoil ? Any ideas would be much appreciated !

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