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Elaine Meinel Supkis


Royal Dutch

What if they held a depression and nobody knew it!

Sex Offender

Say, thats a nice pussy


China is definitely absorbing global liquidity excess.

Their rate of inflation climb coincide with banking meltdown. Around july last year.

It's pretty impressive they can hold it this long at double/triple the inflation rate.



I have to agree, sooner or later the chinese will play hardball, specially with that much reserve sitting idle.

On top of Tibet, I bet they are PO with Zimbabwe shenanigans too.

More importantly, the entire world needs to hedge against the possibility of Hillary's belligerent politics. So, all long term investment in Asia, US, Europe, and ME takes into consideration of potential clash between Israel and Iran.


Its all good, I sorted those buggers out with a swift bit of WTC 7 action, they wont be coming out to play anytime soon!!!!


Royal Dutch

With 25 dollar per ct. rice maybe this will be the hook for the dragon?

Royal Dutch

More importantly, the entire world needs to hedge against the possibility of Hillary's belligerent politics. So, all long term investment in Asia, US, Europe, and ME takes into consideration of potential clash between Israel and Iran

The israelis will not fight with Iran, the enemy in their gunsights is the syrians. Pipeline goes from iraq to syria to lebanon.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

All of you are correct. Yes, isn't this a lovely mess: starve humanity while whining about the need for more loans. Not a good plan for the US.


Great Blog Elaine. I would have to disagree with your "view" on the future of the gold price. As investors or traders we must keep an open mind on these things. In inflation adjusted terms its is nowhere near it prior spike high. With peak oil here the cost of mining inputs alone will guarantee a low move up. Gold has ben money for thousands of years for good reason. Technically is it very strong and you don't need to call tops to impress us with the quality of your analysis.


Everyone is sensing the end is near for current leader; all eyes are on contenders and self preservation.



I have to agree with your comments on global saving behavior changing to hoarding in order to survive the current flood of red ink generated by the Fed. I think it is a purely defensive act by other nations to look after their own interests.


Who is The Economic Ninja and were is his site?


What happened to the link to the "Bondholders Lucky" article?

Crimson Ghost

Meat -- the one commodity that so far has not surged higher -- may soon break free just like the grains.

Ranchers are reducing the size of their herds because of surging feed costs thus adding to the supply of meat reaching consumers.

But once this process ends -- probably by fall -- look for meat prices to skyrocket just like grains and gasoline.

Elaine Meinel Supkis


The Financial Ninja is a great, great site. Do visit him.

Yes, Crimson Ghost, you are 100% correct: we are all selling off our cattle, sheep, etc. The cost of feed and hay is through the roof. I had cows, sheep, etc. Not now. Can't afford them. If meat rises, then I might resume this business.

Farmers have to unload swiftly when things turn against them! I will note that due to dairy prices being low in the past, most of the dairy farmers here in the NE vanished in the last 20 years. But now they are slowly returning as organic dairy farmers due to good prices.


Great stuff Elaine. Discovered you about 2 months ago.
Have you noticed in the last couple days the Drumbeat has now shifted to the EVIL empire of Syria?
Spent last winter in Europe. Sure miss actual news of the world! I always knew our news here in USA was shrinking, but until going somewhere else, never really SAW how MUCH!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The USA is a news Sahara desert.


Here, the newspapers are silly rubbish.

Searching for cat care tip

Well, I've been taking care of a couple of cats lately, for about a couple of weeks. It was great fun, even having a cat jump up and down on me while I was trying to sleep. I found that to get the cats to behave I had to split my affections fairly equally, even though one of the two was much more aggressive in her demands for said affection. I won't miss trying to read my computer screen or pages of a book while trying to peer around a kitten's face. But the apartment feels a little emptier.

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