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Elaine, not two weeks ago, you disagreed when I called the Treasuries fake! You modifier was 'pickpockets'. The AAA of the Treasuries is as much of a joke as the AAA of Ambac. Don't laugh. Canada is the only G7 with fiscal surpluses. Hint. Though the brokeass mountain bankers with the bulge brackets and the hedgeswines will try to crash the loonie. Just a good old fuck you, you die too, and deserve has got nothing to do with it.

The Fed is the Treasuries lapdog, there to sniff around and take a lick at the turds of its masters. That's why they put in a bearded clam at the Fed, clams love to eat shit. I am amazed every time the Treasury announces a successful auction. I anticipate a catastrophic collapse at one of their auctions, then will find out for whom the bell tolls. Nomura just gave up it's primary dealer cachet. The biggest dealer of Hammerhead Hank's toilet tissue in the East. Of course this meant nothing to the marauding cows in the markets. Who is responsible for these successful auctions in that case, the insolvent piggies on Whore Street? The insolvent buying the debt of the broke. They are going to have to print to pay up at the auctions. The six hundred dollar print job is the first trial baloon.


Did you have a falling out with Mike Whitney? His excellent "US Fed to Blame for Global Food Crisis" is floating around on the internet, but not here. Hmmmm...perhaps he got peeved at the persist editoralizing.

Revolution is so close I can taste it. No one sees it yet, but food prices are the trigger. They always have been. They always will be. Watch for food prices to creep upwards... the poor to starve... and the bankers to run to Israel screaming in fear.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I had a problem with Mike's articles. He won't use a template for links. Most of the people who publish him publish people who can't figure out how to use links.

Most serious online writers use links properly. At first, I tried to put in links but since he often didn't give a clue where to find his quotes, I gave up. It really stressed me out, trying to turn his articles into proper postings.

But then, he is also published by the older online groups that seem hopelessly unable to put in charts, graphs, data or pictures. This is too pathetic.

I offer to teach any writer how to make a template and how to publish pictures! for example. Raimondo of Antiwar.com had a fight with me when he banished writes who didn't make links but I told him to publish pictures, etc and he refused.

Then, just about a month ago, he was forced to do this and acted like it was some great accomplishment. Gads. Some of us have been posting pictures online for YEARS. I am one of the earlier poster of pictures on a daily basis!

But due to telling the truth as I see it, I am not one of the 'big bloggers.' For example, I lost readers when the Democrats took the Senate and the House.

"Nothing will change. The war will get even more money and last longer, ' I wrote back then. Just like a good way to lose readers and be banned is to talk about Zionism.

Dan Scan

Your comment regarding the source for the Fed repo chart is inaccurate - it is not from the Department of Labor. It is compiled from NY Federal Reserve website data and converted into a bar graph by a private individual, who makes his work available to the public on his website:


Please correct your attribution.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I followed the links and that link got lost in the shuffle. Sorry. I have a very complex mess here sometimes and I try to keep links and their results lined up. In fact, the right link is in the coding here, it just didn't get the slot filled in.


The Russian video won't play for me from this page. Here's the URL to it, for anyone else who has the same problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdOWqQbdOR0

Royal Dutch

I was reading a post the other day and the fellow who wrote it was talking basically how the government was going to take over all of these properties and rent them out. He is right, and that is exactly what is going to happen. Welcome to Amerika comrades!


Indeed Bloomberg had picked up on the imminent failure of the Treasury auctions. Apparently, our good friends in the land of the White Chrysanthemum would rather own their own govt debt at half the yield of ours.



"Persistent". Sorry. My record of appalling typos is without peer.

You have sharp elbows. I hope Mike can see out of his black eye...

And don't worry about being banning anyone. The "fringe" guys on the outer always "lose", so they're never a real threat to anyone. You know that.


"it is all, virtually to the last item, all bad news."

There is no such thing as good news. Any news is bad news to someone.

Paul S

Does anyone on this forum have a sense of the tide turning? Is there ANY possibility that voters are getting angry enough that our politicians will HAVE to do their jobs and put Bernanke and his ilk in their place? (Which would be prison--long term--if I were in charge). Or will things just roll merrily along until Homeland Security enforces martial law? That's an agency that frightens me and it should frighten everybody IMHO.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Ron Paul voters are motivated but have been utterly crushed. Though a huge number did file a protest vote last week in Pennsylvania!

As for the left: it is utterly fractured as usual. But there is a warning shot: the truckers are very angry.


Calvino, I read that article - the Chinese and Koreans are dumping treasuries also.

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